A Seven Year Old's Review of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax


To say Addie was out of her mind with excitement to see The Lorax would be an understatement.

Just yesterday I wrote about how excited she was and when Cody got home from work she and I headed out on a lady date for milkshakes and an opening night viewing of The Lorax in Tree-D (I personally love 3-D movies, my husband? Not so much.)

I interviewed her afterwards to get her thoughts and feelings about the movie, I can tell you that I loved it. The fish were adorable, it wasn’t too long, there weren’t any slow parts and the best part? It made Addie giggle so hard she squeaked.

(Bonus? She’s missing four teeth in her interview, she’s nearly impossible to understand, it’s adorable.)


Pardon the red eye…it’s been her thing since birth, crazy red eye baby. And when she talks about the Lorax’s bum? See the movie, you’ll totally get it.

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