Adult Film Stars - Should They Be Banned from Schools?


There’s an uproar in a California town after parents found out that an actress, who has previously starred in adult films, was at an Elementary school and read to children as part of “Read Across America Day.” According to reports, some parents are “outraged” that she was allowed to be at the school and to interact with the children.

This poses an interesting question. Does a person’s (non-criminal) past have any bearing on their ability to be a positive role model for children? Should porn stars, strippers, or the like, be banned from schools?

I would have to imagine that the children had absolutely no idea who she was, and chances are small that they would ever even find out, if their parents didn’t tell them. From the photos I’ve seen, she wore jeans and a button down shirt, so she was dressed conservatively, and not in a scandalous  manner. She went to an Elementary School with the good intention of reading to children. And instead of being applauded for it, she’s being criticized and treated like a pedophile of sorts.

You can read more about the story here.

I personally think the entire uproar is ridiculous.  I think given the news of the past week, that we have bigger fish to fry. What if she was the mother of children at the school? Should she not be allowed to volunteer in the classroom or help with yard duty?

What are your thoughts? Should a person’s perfectly legal, if morally debatable, occupation have any bearing on their interaction with children?

Photo Credit: Flickr