10 Advanced Moves For Mothers of Boys

I’ve been raising kids for almost 15 years. I don’t think you ever go pro.

Keep ’em fed. Keep ’em safe–Some days that’s the best you can do. But occasionally you strive for more. Here are 10 advanced moves to whip out when you feel like showing off.

Parenting skills apply across the board so I think you’ll find a lot of these moves will work with your daughters, too.

  • Hem Jeans 1 of 10
    Hem Jeans
    Learning to hem jeans has changed my life! Even if you are just a beginner, I promise you can do this. I've hemmed mine, my husband's, and the kids'. And with this neat trick you can let the hem out as they grow.
  • Cut Hair 2 of 10
    Cut Hair
    Ocassional trips to the barbershop are fun, but I've been doing buzzes at home for years. They're easy for boys to take care of. (Read: Less sweaty.) The trick is to buzz all over the head in all different directions. Now I'm learning how to do a short haircuts. My boys don't--oh what's the phrase? Care much about their hair.
  • Make Pizza 3 of 10
    Make Pizza
    You'll still have your fair share delivered, but every now and then pull this trick out of the hat. It'll impress them and it's not hard.
  • Iron A Shirt the Right Way 4 of 10
    Iron A Shirt the Right Way
    No, you're not a slave. But you may as well be! Learn to do it right and then teach your son to iron his own dang shirts.
  • Know the Difference Between Marvel and DC 5 of 10
    Know the Difference Between Marvel and DC
    Ladies and gentlemen I implore you, learn the fundamentals of Marvel vs. DC. It will enrich your life and the lives of your children in so many unexpected ways.
  • Learn About Bikes 6 of 10
    Learn About Bikes
    My son has a mountain bike, an Schwinn he put a gas motor on, a BMX bike, a unicycle, and he just bought a fixie. Heads up: Those are all different kinds of bikes.
  • Set Up a Minecraft Server 7 of 10
    Set Up a Minecraft Server
    Figure out how to do this and you will become an instant hero. But, uh, your son might actually have to help you with it.
  • Spot a Liar 8 of 10
    Spot a Liar
    One time I accused my son of playing with matches. "How did you know?" he asked. I WILL ALWAYS KNOW," I replied. (I smelled matches.) Here are a few more tips for reading microexpressions on faces.
  • Make Copius Amounts of Laundry Detergent 9 of 10
    Make Copius Amounts of Laundry Detergent
    You can do it yourself for pennies at home. Trust me, you're going to need it. I've been using this recipe. It works!
  • Take Heart 10 of 10
    Take Heart
    If you are the mother of boys--or girls--it's time to "screw your courage to the sticking place." Hope for the best and try to do what's right for your kids.

Look at this hideous picture of my son’s broken arm.

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