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Alert the Presses: My Family Eats Fast Food

By Lori Garcia |

My family and I eat fast food. And we like it.

Alert the presses! This is shocking information!

Seriously, can we all just agree that the majority of us eat this stuff and move on already? I know all about the pink slime. I also know all about the sodium content. And yes, I obviously know about the childhood obesity epidemic. Guess what, we eat this stuff anyway.

Look, I’m a mom of moderation. My family doesn’t eat fast food every day. We don’t even eat it every week or every month either, necessarily. We eat it when we eat it, and when we do, we more than like it – we love it. We love it because it’s damn yummy.

Go ahead; tell me you’ve never introduced your child to McDonald’s. Tell me your kid loves nothing more than tofu and kale and I’ll tell you that my kids like Happy Meals – and that’s OK. We’re allowed to be different.

I cook balanced meals for my family 95% of the time with processed foods kept to a healthy minimum. My kids are at a healthy weight and fully understand that fast food is a treat, not a staple.

So how about we all stop pretending we don’t eat fast food, or worse yet, that we don’t enjoy it when we do. It’s no big deal in moderation, friends.

Does your family eat fast food?

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Lori Garcia

Lori Garcia is a writer and mother of two living and loving in Southern California. When she's not fussing with her bangs, you can find her shaking her groove thing on her personal blog, Mommyfriend where she almost never combines true tales of motherhood and mayhem with her degree in child development. Read bio and latest posts → Read Lori's latest posts →

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14 thoughts on “Alert the Presses: My Family Eats Fast Food

  1. We eat it too. I’m sure no one is surprised.

  2. dadcamp says:

    My 5 year old has never had McDoanlds. Has never drank Coke. Rebuttal to follow.

  3. Kacy Faulconer says:

    I always get the quarter pounder with cheese because–Big Mac? HELLO, CARBS!

  4. CDN Mummy says:

    We eat it, love it and are also very healthy the other 95% of the time.

  5. Danielle says:

    We eat fast food and I look at it the same way you do. We aren’t LIVING on it so there is no need to be concerned. If I was bringing everyone through the drive through for 3 meals a day – THEN we would have an issue!
    MODERATION is key, and unfortunately it is common sense that MANY Americans lack today!

  6. Lisa says:

    I knew a lady whose mom never let her have processed foods, fast food, not even the basic sweetened cereal.
    The lady went all out on the above once she grew up and moved out.

  7. SusanP says:

    We don’t eat at the typical burger and fries fast food places. We are a family of 6, kids are almost 8, 6, 3, and 2. If we do eat out it’s to places like Subway, Chipotle, Panera, Taco Cabana (Local chain that is way better than Bell) etc, and even then it’s rare – mainly on vacations. We are big pizza nuts and get it delivered about once every other week. On road trips (once or twice a year) we’ll take a break at DQ for ice cream. I don’t consider myself a smug healthy food nut …. my kids just don’t eat nuggets or burgers.

  8. lam says:

    Never, ever, not even one time for our kids. For us parents, it’s been more than 10 years. It’s a non-issue since they’ve never asked to go to any of those places.

  9. Momma J says:

    I’m a big believer in teaching children what’s good for them & what isn’t & letting them make their own choices. I have always kept junk food & healthy food in our house, never limiting either, but teaching them what was healthy & what was not. If you limit or ban any food it becomes forbidden, this makes obese adults. My kids are now teenagers who prefer fruit over candy, cut veggies over chips, etc. When I ask them if they want fruit snacks or rice crispie treats, they say “Ugh, no way I ate too many when I was little & now I hate them!”. Score one…make that two for mom. Everything in moderation.

  10. Julie says:

    If you are eating healthy 95% of the time a trip to the local fast food joint isn’t going to derail that. I myself like fast food every once in a while and my kids have been to mcdonalds and they do still eat tofu and kale at home. Moderation is key and if you present it as a treat and a special thing that they don’t always get it’s just fun. I don’t think i’m raising fast food junkies and I don’t think they’ll ever prefer the taste of fast food over real, whole foods.

  11. Catherine says:

    Once we cut out all processed foods, I now think fast food tastes bad. I’m not trying to pass judgement, sounds to me like you are doing a great job with moderation and I used to eat fast food all the time. But we did the GAPS diet for autism, which is no processed foods at all, everything cooked from scratch, no sugar, no grains. And since then, I want those healthy foods and so does my son. Neither one of us craves fast food, junk food, or processed foods anymore. He’s still young and I assume someday he will try those foods again (maybe at 10 like the other commenter), but we’ve had enough discussions about why we eat real food, I trust he will eat those foods in moderation, if at all.

  12. Marie says:

    And for those of you who say your kids never eat junk and never will: do you plan to let your kids out of your sight one day? Ever? I went to school with a family that ate no packaged food, only organic veggies, raw wholefood birthday cakes, tofu, etc. When we walked home from school (way back in the 80′s when 3rd graders walked home alone) the daughter would beg me to go into the corner store to buy candy for her every chance she got. I’m not saying you should stock up on the junk and let your kids go crazy, but the more “holier than thou” parents tend to be the more rebellious the kids are.

  13. Erin says:

    Back in the day, I’m talking when Mickey D’s was a new concept, people enjoyed havinf a burger, fries and a soda. It was special treat back then and no body looked down on you for enjoying a meal there. Fast forward to today, a lot of people eat fast food almost exclusively, mostly because no one seems to know how to cook anymore, and because we are living in an age where people are always on the go and need a quick easy dinner option. Is it health food? Heck no! If you want to have a burger and fries, eat a dang burger and fries. McDonald’s food doesnt make people fat, its people’s lack of self control that make them fat. Teaching you kids about healthy eating habits, such as when to stop eating, and not eating your feelings, will go a lot further than making fast food a taboo.

  14. Rollerdoll says:

    We don’t, but there aren’t a lot of fast food joints nearby anyway, just a million cheap Asian restaurants. If I did love McDonald’s, I wouldn’t stress about taking my kid there for a treat… any more than I would stress about taking her out for phad thai for a treat when she’s old enough to appreciate it.

    Everybody’s got different tastes in food. Some people genuinely do not like burgers and fries. My coworkers think I’m an alien because I don’t like pizza. Point is, I’m not depriving myself because of some Spartan health kick – I have eaten that stuff and simply don’t like it. Too salty to taste anything.

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