All Dolled Up for a Day at the Theater


My mom called me a few weeks ago and asked if I thought the boys would be interested in seeing the stage production of Peter Pan when we were going to be in town visiting her after Christmas. I didn’t really stop to think about it, because I’m a sucker for all things musical theater, so even if I thought they weren’t going to be interested, I was going to say yes.

Because I wanted to see it.

Luckily, at (almost) 8 and 5, I thought the boys would dig it.

I stopped in at Target when we got into town to pick up the boys some “theater appropriate” clothes. I knew I didn’t want, or need, anything super fancy, but I wanted them to have something nice(r than usual) to wear on our big day. I found a few sweaters that would fit the bill, and the fact that they were on sale sweetened the deal. After throwing them, and some cool new undies in my cart, I headed home.

The big day arrived today, and after getting all dolled up we left the 2-year-old with Grandpa and packed up the big kids and headed to downtown Sacramento to see the show. They boys were excited to see Peter Pan (in real life!) and I was excited for a cultural experience that involved brushing my teeth and wearing pants with a zipper.

It was mostly a great success. The show was fantastic and the boys loved it. Zach got a little antsy, but that’s to be expected with any 5-year-old at a 2+ hour show. It was pretty awesome to see Cathy Rigby play Peter Pan, even if it is a bit hard to suspend reality and  believe that a 60-year-old woman is a juvenile boy. But that’s another post for another time.

We all enjoyed it and our day, and the show, will be a nice memory for a long time to come.

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