Open Letter to Parents: Please Re-Prioritize This Important Lesson For Your Kids


Dear Lovely Fellow Parents;

This letter is addressing all my fellow parents who have have neuro-typical, able-bodied children who are over 2 years old. Think of it more as a plead for commonality — to get us on the same page for the sake of our kids (and ourselves). I don’t usually care how someone else parents their children as long as they do it with well intentions and love, I can recognize that we are all doing what we believe to be right.

There is one area of parenting that I personally have a hard time understanding how there could be so much difference when there doesn’t need to be. I worry that we have all become too busy or just don’t value this as a society as much as we used to, but I am here — begging that it is re-prioritized into each of our parenting lessons.

Please teach your kids how to eat with their mouth closed (& quietly)!

I mean maybe I am naive (and if I am, please tell me if I am), but I don’t think there is any culture, belief, religion etc where eating while making loud disgusting noises and showing the world your half-chewed food is looked positively upon.

It really grosses me out. I am pretty lenient when it comes to how children behave in public because I have children who sometimes let their sillies get the best of them. I understand the loudness that can happen, the not listening when they should, the not sure how to act, the crying and so on.

I don’t get how — something we do at least 3 times a day can be so overlooked when it comes to teaching proper etiquette. It’s not difficult — something most neuro-typical/able-bodied 2 year old’s can have mastered — and it will save me (and others I am sure) from almost puking up our lunch by listening to/watching a child eating theirs.

Thank you!


Devan (slightly-neurotic-about-food-and-icky-sounds)

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