An Open Letter to the Baseball Commissioner

Dear Mr. Selig,

I don’t know how baseball works.

Oh, I know about the bases and the innings and the pitches. My son has been playing Little League and like many moms in America I spent a lot of my time on the bleachers this summer, cheering him on.  And I loved it. I learned valuable lessons, lessons about teamwork and dedication and the love of the sport. I learned about the heartbreak when my son got the last out and his team lost the tournament and I know about the exhilaration of the perfect pitch.

I know these things and  I thank the gods for creating baseball and letting my son participate. Because it’s been an honor, truly.  And as much as I complain about the early Sunday morning games and the extra innings that crawl into the afternoon, my son loves baseball and I love it because he does.

It’s fantastic to see your child find what they love, what they truly love, that sets it apart from the things that they merely like a lot. Because my kid likes basketball a lot. But baseball, that’s the real thing. (For me it was collecting Tiger Beat clippings of Sean Cassidy. So, you know.)

But I don’t know how baseball works in the sense that I had to Google your name to figure out who to address this letter to. I don’t know the rules that govern the MLB and reason why some things happen.

So when my son told me that Melky Cabrera has been suspended for fifty games for failing a drug test, a suspension that will take him into the post-season, I tried to make it a teachable moment.  I told my kid that hopefully Mr. Cabrera would learn from his mistake.  And he responded “oh, he’s still the All-Star MVP.”


A player tests positive for testosterone and he is permitted to hold an All-Star MVP title? I don’t understand how that works.

Look, I understand that major league baseball is a big business and it’s about more than little boys who dream of making it big. I get it.

But it isn’t really.  Those boys in little league are the soul of the game and also its future, whether on the field or in the stands or listening on the radio.

Lance Armstrong was stripped of his Tour de France titles because of doping.

I know it’s different in baseball. I understand that the fans vote for the All-Star MVP.

But still. Is it different?

And don’t the kids deserve better?


Marinka, NYC

Photo source: Wiki

For more of Marinka, visit her personal blog Motherhood in NYC and The Mouthy Housewives, where she doles out advice as though it were candy. Mmm … candy. Also, follow her on Twitter, where she never refers to herself in the third person, but does have a potty mouth. Sorry!

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