Anders in Motion: My Favorite Video of 2011


Like Casey, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few days sifting through photos from this year, picking out my favorite snapshots to share with you here, and to make calendars for the grandparents, a gift I send them every year.

It’s kind of incredible to see how much a child changes from age four to age five. Flipping from January to December I watched Anders grow taller and his plump cheeks thin. With each photo he looked less like a baby and more like a big kid. 

I’m so grateful to be raising my children in a digital age. Instead of a handful of photos from their childhood, I will have thousands upon thousands, but even better than the photos are the videos I’ve captured. I never go anywhere without my iPhone and it’s so simple to take a quick video and upload it to YouTube to share with family and friends.

You get to read a lot about Anders here. I do my best to put him into words for you, to convey what it’s like to mother him on a daily basis, but sometimes it’s nice to see a ‘character’ come to life. I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite videos of Anders this year. In this one, he’s just come home from a birthday party where he had his face painted (batman, of course) and he’s singing the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Singing is one of Anders’ absolute favorite pastimes.



I’ve very much enjoyed sharing our story with you these last three months and I’m looking forward to sharing even more in 2012. Happy new year!

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