Another Reason Twitter Rocks: My 12 Favorite #ThingsEveryMomSays Tweets


#ThingsEveryMomSays - My 12 Favorite TweetsI am a big fan of Twitter! In no other application or point in life can you relate to so many people at one time. If you think you’re alone in whatever weird and random thing you’re dealing with, tweet it and you’ll be met with a “me too” more times than not.

I am also a huge fan of the hashtag. An easy way to search for similar topics and I believe Twitter was the first to utilize this feature. Today, one of the trending hashtags on Twitter is #ThingsEveryMomSays and it’s funny! People tweet the common phrases that they would hear their mom say growing up. Some are funny, some are weird and some well, I hope I don’t ever say to my kids, but I guess you never know.

It’s more proof that we all have a lot more in common than we realize, especially when it comes to parenting, raising kids and, well, being a kid ourselves!

Click through to read 12 funny (and true) tweets included in the #ThingsEveryMomSays search:

  • The Starving Kids 1 of 12
    The Starving Kids
    For the child who never wants to eat.
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  • The Threat 2 of 12
    The Threat
    A common threat parents make that hopefully they're bluffing on.
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  • It’s Serious 3 of 12
    It's Serious
    Even more intimidating for every extra name you have.
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  • My House 4 of 12
    My House
    Usually followed up with "when you have your own house, you can make new rules."
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  • I Said So 5 of 12
    I Said So
    One of my biggest peeve comments.
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  • Not Your Maid 6 of 12
    Not Your Maid
    I feel like it sometimes with my own kids.
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  • So Messy 7 of 12
    So Messy
    I do say this one... often.
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  • Threat 8 of 12
    Oh, so bad but kind of funny.
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  • Are You A Follower 9 of 12
    Are You A Follower
    Good point, mom.
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  • Worried Mom 10 of 12
    Worried Mom
    Truth. This one is said all the time!
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  • Over Cautious Mom 11 of 12
    Over Cautious Mom
    The questions, the worries, they never end.
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  • Mom, Money? 12 of 12
    Mom, Money?
    This one makes me laugh. So true.
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