Are E-Readers for Kids?

Would you ever buy your 7 year old an e-reader?  Actually, it wouldn’t be me buying it.  Let me start from the beginning.  Gomer is 7 and he’s in first grade.  He’s been saving every nickel and dime he can come across because he wants to buy himself the Lego Death Star.  You know, the $400 Lego set with about a billion pieces to lose?  He’s still a hundred bucks short and now that money is burning a hole in his pocket.

A few weeks ago he decided he didn’t want the Lego Death Star anymore.  He came to us with his newest idea.  He would like to spend his money on a Kindle Fire.  He made a fairly convincing argument.  He loves to read, he wouldn’t be “wasting” his money on more Legos when he already has buckets of them and he would only play games or watch videos when we said it was OK.  Hmmm…..

The Hubs and I started thinking and we came up with our pros and cons list.


1.  Makes it easy for him to read anywhere.

2.  Isn’t more Legos to step on.

3. Will keep him entertained, so less fighting with his sister.  (Oh crap, his sister.  She’s going to want one too – better add that to the cons.)

4.  Teaches him the value of his money when he has to purchase games/movies himself.

5.  Teaches him responsibility.  This is an expensive piece of equipment and he needs to take good care of it.



1.  We lose control over what he’s doing when he’s using it.

2.  Could be a “fad” item that he grows tired of and ends up being an expensive drink coaster.  (We could give it to Adolpha at that point I guess.)

3.  Easily lost and/or broken.

4.  Quickly becomes obsolete and then he wants the new/bigger/faster/better/etc. one.

5.  I don’t even have a tablet of any kind.  I will be jealous of my 7 year old’s technology!

Many of the kids in his school have an iTouch and iPods (which we don’t).  Is this just a more “educational” iTouch?

Tell me what you think.  Would you let your 7 year old kid buy an e-reader?

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