Are Structured Activities the Way to Go for Our Kids?


Are Structured Activities the Way to Go For Our Kids?My kids are now getting to the age where they are wondering about doing activities outside the home. Before this, I have always been more on the side of ‘free range‘ when it comes to activities. We are more of the go-with -the-flow and see where the day takes us kind of people and “free ranging” has worked well for us — so far.

I want my kids to find their interests though, so I am debating now the structured programs for my older two. One wants dance and the other wants karate — but neither has done a structured class in either.

I think that I err on the side of caution when it comes to structured activities because the last thing I want to do for my kids and our family as a whole is become so busy running from this activity to that activity and with three kids, I can see that happening pretty fast.

I want to hear YOUR thoughts: Are you more ‘Free Range’ when it comes to activities for your kids or do you believe that structured activities are the better way to go?