Are You for or Against Gun Ownership? Do You Keep a Gun in Your Home?


It seems like every time I tune into the news lately I hear another story about a tragedy caused by gun violence. It is almost enough to make me want to grab both of my children and hide under the bed until it is safe to come out … which I assume will be never.

We do not keep guns in our home. I’m not even entirely sure I believe in the second amendment. For people like my grandpa who live in the country and routinely hunt deer for food, I suppose I kind of understand the desire to own a gun, but I don’t believe that is the motive for most of those who own a firearm.

Before my children are allowed to spend time at a friend or family member’s home I always ask if they own a gun, and if so, what measures do they have in place to keep my children from gaining access to it.

I am curious. How many of you own a gun? Are you concerned about allowing your children to play at a friend’s house whose parents own a gun? Let’s discuss.

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