Are You Happy with Your Children's Schools?


A few weeks ago I wrote about the ways in which My Kids Are Succeeding in America’s Failing Schools. Our local public school is exceeding our expectations right now and my kids are thriving. However, if we had an issue with our public school or if it didn’t meet my children’s needs, I would absolutely consider other options. I know a lot of people who have left the public schools to attend charter schools. They usually cite school uniforms as the main reason to switch to a different school. That’s not a compelling enough reason for me at this time, but I know people who feel very strongly about it.

What do you think? How are your kids doing at school? What issues are affecting your kids? What does your school get right and how have they let you down?

We really want to be a place for conversation–Where parents can sound off and talk about ideas that matter.  I’d love to hear other parent’s ideas about our school system, whether  you are new to parenting or a wizened mother of teenagers. So tell me what you think in the comments!

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