Are You Watching the Olympics with Your Children?


Are you watching the olympics with your children this weekend? At the Doty household we are having a bit of a weekend stay-cation. We’ve spent the last couple of days in pajamas, lounging around the house with the air conditioner cranked up. Thanks to the heat and humidity the air outside is approximately the consistency of oatmeal so I have no desire to step outside. Instead I’ve been indoors trying to explain the whole concept of the olympics to Anders and Danica. So far they look at me with about as much interest as I give to my husband when he begins explaining the plots of video games to me which is not very much interest at all. Actually, it’s negative interest. 

It’s a constant battle for the television around here. I want to watch olympic volleyball and Anders wants to watch the Ice Age movies 1-3. I want to watch olympic swimming and Danica wants to watch Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer. Okay, I’m lying. We both want to watch Rainbow Brite.

Anyway, I’m trying to catch as much of the games as possible in between old episodes of Go! Diego, Go! Though my children aren’t that interested in the olympics this year, I can’t help but think about how different they might be the next time they roll around. Anders will almost be in double digits. Ten years old! (Remember what a big deal that was as a kid?) Danica will be seven.

I hope by then they’ll each be interested in athletics or, at the very least, appreciate the dedication and talent of the world’s best athletes enough to sit, share a bowl of popcorn, and watch a few of the events with me. Until then it’s sneaking a peek at sporting events in between episodes of Dora Explorer.

Are your children interested in watching the olympics this year? What games do they like best? Maybe I just haven’t found the right event yet.

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