We just landed on Mars–Science is totally in.

Graphic designer Thomas Ng was commissioned to explain new scientific discoveries through art for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Neat gig.


The image at left represents newly developed software that transfers patient information from the ambulance to the hospital, which minimizes human error and helps doctors provide better care.

“I wanted to show that when medical systems are better integrated, they allow rescue teams to share a common image of the patient every step of the way,” says Ng.

If your kids are visual learners, this could be a great way to get them engaged with science. Click through to see what it took to get 40,000 people interested in astronomy.

When viewers spotted Bobak Ferdowsi manning ground control for the Mars Curiosity Mission, 40,000 Twitter users got real interested in astronomy real quick. Like I said, some of us are visual learners.

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