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75 Cutest Baby Animal Photos to Look at with Your Kids

  • Siberian Tiger Cub 1 of 75
    Siberian Tiger Cub
    Dangerous but oh-so-darling.
  • Anteater 2 of 75
    Even cuter when snoozing.
  • Baby Emperor Tamarin 3 of 75
    Baby Emperor Tamarin
    You furry, tiny thing: Are you ADOPTABLE?
  • Black Bear Cub 4 of 75
    Black Bear Cub
    This little guy could probably destroy our campground, but with that face, we’d totally forgive him.
  • Bunny 5 of 75
    Tiny. Bunny. In. Winter. Hat. Need we say more?
  • Canadian Lynx 6 of 75
    Canadian Lynx
    Expression = priceless.
  • Cheetah Cub 7 of 75
    Cheetah Cub
    So stoic, yet so… snuggly-looking!
  • Chinchilla Kit 8 of 75
    Chinchilla Kit
    We’ll take 7 in a basket, thanks.
  • Chow-Chow Puppy 9 of 75
    Chow-Chow Puppy
    He looks blow-dryed!
  • Coati 10 of 75
    That tongue MAKES this photo.
  • Cow 11 of 75
    Moo-ey adorable.
  • Donkey Foal 12 of 75
    Donkey Foal
    Cheer up, lil’ dude!
  • Elephant 13 of 75
    Can you believe they start off so leeeeetle?
  • Emperor Penguin Chick 14 of 75
    Emperor Penguin Chick
    4 words: Real life stuffed animal.
  • European Wolf Pup 15 of 75
    European Wolf Pup
    The cocked ear is too much.
  • Fennec Fox 16 of 75
    Fennec Fox
    And speaking of ears…
  • Fox Pup 17 of 75
    Fox Pup
    Pup in headlights.
  • Giraffe Calf 18 of 75
    Giraffe Calf
    He looks like he’s smiling!
  • Goat Kid 19 of 75
    Goat Kid
    This, folks, is love.
  • Guinea Pigs 20 of 75
    Guinea Pigs
    Put anything tiny in a teacup… and it’s always 10x cuter.
  • Harbor Seal Pup 21 of 75
    Harbor Seal Pup
    Can we take you home and raise you in our bathtub?
  • Harp Seal Pup 22 of 75
    Harp Seal Pup
    Those EYES.
  • Hedgehogs 23 of 75
    Squeezing them would be so worth the pain.
  • Highland Cow Calf 24 of 75
    Highland Cow Calf
    Lovin’ the shaggy ’do, bud.
  • Hippo 25 of 75
    Serious mom/baby bonding.
  • Horse Foal 26 of 75
    Horse Foal
    The white forehead patch is our favorite part.
  • Koala 27 of 75
    Everything should be born with furry ears.
  • Lamb 28 of 75
    Ready for his close-up.
  • Lemur Pup 29 of 75
    Lemur Pup
    Anything named a “lemur pup” is required to be cute by law.
  • Lion Cubs 30 of 75
    Lion Cubs
    Cuter than kittens — and that’s saying a lot.
  • Llama 31 of 75
    Looks like he’s wearing a snazzy pair of white boots!
  • Meerkat 32 of 75
    Wonder what they’re staring so intently at?
  • Moose Calf 33 of 75
    Moose Calf
    Who knew baby moose were so darling?
  • Otter 34 of 75
    Soaking wet — still cute.
  • Panda 35 of 75
    Can we just hug this ball of fur for the rest of our life?
  • Persian Leopard Cub 36 of 75
    Persian Leopard Cub
    OMG PRECIOUS. (Sorry, that’s all we could utter.)
  • Piglet 37 of 75
    Hey, ya little oinker.
  • Polar Bear Cub 38 of 75
    Polar Bear Cub
  • Raccoon 39 of 75
    These are the stinkers that rifle through our garbage?
  • Rhino 40 of 75
    Cute… and he’s a rhino.
  • Scottish Fold Kitten 41 of 75
    Scottish Fold Kitten
    Those folded ears! The tiny paws! The curled tail!
  • Sea Lion Pup 42 of 75
    Sea Lion Pup
    All at once: Awwwww.
  • Skunk Kit 43 of 75
    Skunk Kit
    Hard to imagine something this sweet can smell SO. TERRIBLE.
  • Sloth 44 of 75
    Probably the slowest-moving baby you’ll ever encounter.
  • Squirrel 45 of 75
    Eek! Look at those teeny fingernails!
  • Tree Kangaroo Joey 46 of 75
    Tree Kangaroo Joey
    We want to put you in our pocket.
  • Turtle 47 of 75
    Come out and say hi, little guy!
  • Wallaby 48 of 75
    Can you imagine how adorbs he looks when he starts jumping around?
  • At attention! 49 of 75
    At attention!
    Those are his just-woke-up eyes.
  • Zebra 50 of 75
    Love the wobbly legs + Mohawk hair-do.
  • Brown Bear Cub 51 of 75
    Brown Bear Cub
    We know he could kill us, but it’s just so hard to believe, isn’t it?
  • Baby Orangutan 52 of 75
    Baby Orangutan
    Omg. The hair! (Is that fence electric?)
  • Fawn 53 of 75
    Spots and trots!
  • Peachick 54 of 75
    That thing turns into a peacock? Unbelievable!
  • Duckling 55 of 75
    Quack, quack, quack.
  • Beaver 56 of 75
    He’s got the Bradley Cooper slicked-back look going on.
  • Alpaca 57 of 75
    Can he see under that mop of fur?
  • Sandhill Crane Chick 58 of 75
    Sandhill Crane Chick
    If that beak didn’t look super-aggressive, we’d be all over petting this guy.
  • Bison Calf 59 of 75
    Bison Calf
    Don’t you just want to put a jacket on him?
  • Coyote Pup 60 of 75
    Coyote Pup
    On alert!
  • Terrier Puppy 61 of 75
    Terrier Puppy
    Everything with a wet nose is immediately 10x cuter.
  • Baby Boar 62 of 75
    Baby Boar
  • Baby Robin 63 of 75
    Baby Robin
    What a chest! Is he overcompensating for something?
  • Baby Prairie Dog 64 of 75
    Baby Prairie Dog
    Where are you going, little guy?
  • Goslings 65 of 75
    Even cuter than Ryan Gosling. And that’s saying a lot.
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Lamb 66 of 75
    Rocky Mountain Bighorn Lamb
    So stoic.
  • Ibex 67 of 75
    Ears AND horns.
  • Owlet 68 of 75
    If I owned him, I’d probably call him “crazy eyes.”
  • Frog 69 of 75
    Ribbit. Ribbit.
  • Emu Chick 70 of 75
    Emu Chick
    She looks like she’s wearing a fur hat!
  • Baby Marmot 71 of 75
    Baby Marmot
    Looks like he’s just waking up.
  • Young Squirrel Monkey 72 of 75
    Young Squirrel Monkey
    Engaged in an intense game of hide and seek.
  • Baby Camel 73 of 75
    Baby Camel
    Such a hot desert, yet this guy is all smiles.
  • Arctic White Wolf Puppy 74 of 75
    Arctic White Wolf Puppy
    It’s like a puppy…but much more dangerous.
  • Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy 75 of 75
    Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy
    Looks like someone had a long day…
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