Back to the Future Lego Sets Next Year!


Cool news via Mamapop: Instead of picking Lego Imperial V-Wing Fighter pieces out of your tender feet the day after Christmas, next year you’ll have Lego DeLorean pieces embedded in your feet!

Lego has announced that they’ll be releasing a set featuring the DeLorean from the Back to the Future movies in mid-2013.

Great Scott!

We are huge fans of all things Lego and my 9-year-old got a Star Wars set and Daniel Lipkowitz’s Lego Ideas Book. Legos are a major part of Christmas every year. They are pricey so they make a good Christmas-splurge and then the kids can spend the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve putting the blasted things together.

This new Back to the Future set is kind of special though. It was designed by fans and optioned by Lego. And the designers are donating all the proceeds they get from Lego to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Isn’t that great? It’s like we get to have our Back to the Future Cake and eat it with a a side of philanthropy, too. These Legos are already on my wish list for Christmas 2013.