Because Kids Sometimes Can't Appreciate 'Butter' as a Flavor


I remember being a kid. I remember seeing those giant tins of cookies at Christmas time thinking “Why would you want to eat a plain cookie?” I can remember walking down the cookie aisle believing the more chocolate, sprinkles, filling, and frosting the better. Shortbread sounded like the crap at the end of a junky loaf of bread and sugar cookies without frosting? Why? Honestly, just why?

Now that I’m older and grown I can appreciate a good shortbread. I know what a good sugar cookie should taste like without frosting. I know that the better the European butter you put into your “plain” cookies the more delicious and buttery they’re going to be when you eat them later with hot chocolate. Kids sometimes don’t understand that the more simple the cookie, the better it actually is so I have to fake them out every once in awhile.

My mom turned me on to the most deliciously simple coconut cookies back in April, and trying to convince Addie that these were fine dining was a bit of a struggle. “They’re so BOOORING!” I had flashbacks of my parents trying to get me to eat those butter cookies from the blue tin, “But they’re so boooring!” I cried. My guess is they were beyond thrilled that I didn’t want anything to do with their flaky, buttery cookies and sent me away with a heavy sigh.

In a stroke of genius I took my ordinary looking coconutty, buttery, crispy cookies and put a spoonful of COOL WHIP Whipped Topping between two of them and decorated the edges with sprinkles. It’s as if Addie’s cookie radar went off and she was over my shoulder begging if she could make one, eat one and make one for me.

Boom. Another dessert Addie can make that looks fancy, tastes delicious and requires no knife or cooking skills.


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