Beyond Because: Time Presents the X-Why-Z Book for Curious Kids


Beyond Because: - Time Presents the X-Why-Z Book for Curious Kids“Why do bees make honey?”

“Why are flamingos pink?”

“Why does kitty lick me?”

“Why does the wind blow?”

With a preschooler in our home, these and more questions are asked at any given time that they happen to pop into her head. Most are unanswerable to me. After all, I have no idea why the earth is round or why flowers smell good. It doesn’t ever really cross my mind to look these types of questions up, most of the time. “Because they are/do” is our go-to answer after she asks it a million times. Sometimes I’ll Google it if I remember.

I can’t be the only parent doing this.

Which is why I was so excited when I learned Time for Kids published the X-Why-Z book – and it has an answer to over 200 of these random questions. We were able to receive one of the new books.

Beautifully illustrated with gorgeous photos and bright colors, my daughter was instantly captivated by the X-Why-Z book. I loved that it was hardcover for her tough book love (it’s not adored till it’s falling apart here).

We were able to read through a few pages at a time, but it was also great to refer to when she had a question I wasn’t sure of. The book is divided into sections for easy reference.

Time Kids Book X WHY Z

She can’t read, but the pictures prompt her curiosity about other questions. It holds a special place on her nightstand as we read it together in the evenings. I’ve even learned a lot from it – who knew that flamingos were only pink because of the shrimp they eat? Sam and I were impressed to learn why exactly the earth is round – and the answer isn’t “because it is.”

You can purchase the hardcover X-Why-Z book on

Photo source: Time Magazine and my own

I received this book courtesy of TIME but all opinions and thoughts are my own. 


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