But It's Not Your Birthday


birthday candlesToday is my husband’s birthday.

And as birthdays go in our house, there’s more than a little excitement swirling around today.

Katie woke up this morning and ran, full tilt, to her father to wish him a happy birthday and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since.

When she and I began planning what we’d do for his special day, she had tons of exciting ideas…

…We could buy him some Legos!

…Oh…I know, I know, let’s get Daddy some Play-Doh!

…Maybe Daddy wants a puppy!

…We have to make sure we put rainbow sprinkles on his birthday cake!

…Daddy would LOVE some light blue balloons!

…We should make pancakes for his birthday dinner!

Yes, lots of great ideas.

For her.

So, we’ve compromised a bit and tweaked her ideas and I’m hoping to see two happy faces tonight when he gets home from work.

Do you have any great birthday stories to share? How do your kids handle birthdays that aren’t their own?

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