"But This Is So Old Mom!" 10 Classic Movies I'm Going to Force My Kids to Watch

The Neverending Story, one of the best kid movies!

As a kid I loved watching movies on the weekend with my brother and sister. We had our favorites that we would rewind (yes, talking VCR rewind) and watch over and over again. Many of those movies influenced something in my life and I am convinced they don’t make ‘em like they used to.

Movies these days (even the ones for kids) are so much more realistic then back in the day. Super awesome special effects, 3D cartoons and though the cheesy story lines may still apply, somehow they seem more realistic with the updated technology.

I don’t understand the movies my parents loved when they were younger — they seem so dated and hard to watch. As I get older and movies get more and more realistic, I am realizing just how dated my own childhood movies are. Despite that, I am still going to ‘force’ my kids to watch them because the movies of my childhood are way too cool to miss — cheesy graphics and all.

Click through to see the 10 movies I am going to ‘force’ my kids to watch and love whether they want to or not:

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  • The Neverending Story 1 of 10
    The Neverending Story
    One of my all-time favorites, I would watch this movie over and over again as a kid. I actually watched it last night and it was still awesome. I wonder if the kids will think it's corny though. "I need a name Bastian!"
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  • Fern Gully 2 of 10
    Fern Gully
    I have a soft spot for this green-friendly video. I would watch this one and sing along as a kid and just recently got a copy for my kids to watch.
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  • Aladdin 3 of 10
    I have memorized every song in this movie and growing up, I wanted to marry Aladdin myself. He's so dreeeamy. My kids are already forced to watch this awesome movie.
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  • GhostBusters 4 of 10
    This movie is still a little old for my kids to watch, but when the time comes I know the effects will be even more dated. I don't care, they need to know why I always shout "who you gonna call?"
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  • Short Circuit 5 of 10
    Short Circuit
    My kids are already a huge fan of Wall-E, so I know they won't hate this movie, once they look past the super cheesy special effects. This was a favorite of my husband's when we was young.
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  • Gremlins 6 of 10
    Who didn't love this movie as a kid? Again, a bit too old for my kids right now but, they love the Ewoks so they are sure to love the Gremlins.
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  • Pippi Longstocking 7 of 10
    Pippi Longstocking
    I LOOOOVED this movie and just recently picked it up hoping to convince my kids to be totally into it too. They aren't convinced yet, but I will 'force' the love of it into them.
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  • The Sandlot 8 of 10
    The Sandlot
    "For.Ev.Er" I say that all the time, do you remember it from the movie? It's already made it into my kids vocabulary, said the same way so they HAVE to watch it, right?
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  • An American Tail 9 of 10
    An American Tail
    I'll be honest, this movie scared me when I was a kid, but my brothers and sister loved it so I watched with them. I haven't watched it in a long time, but I am going to sit with my kids through this one. "Release the secret weapon!"
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  • The Goonies 10 of 10
    The Goonies
    A total classic from my childhood I can't imagine my kids not seeing this movie and either loving it completely or hating it. Seems to go either way with people.
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:: What movie are you hoping your kids are going to watch that you loved as a kid? ::

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