Capturing the Holiday Moments: Photos or Videos?


Christmas morning memoriesChristmas morning is one of my very favorite mornings of the whole year. Opening stockings, a delicious special breakfast, reading the Christmas Story, opening presents, playing with presents and then relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day.

And as much as I want to capture the memories of Christmas morning, it’s really one of the harder things for me to get right when it comes to photos and videos.

To begin with, pictures never seem to do the morning justice. I can’t get my kids to sit still long enough to take one decent photo. Everything seems to move at a racing pace, and before I know it all the presents are opened and I’ve only snapped a handful of pictures. The background of the pictures always look like total chaos. I’m happy to be behind the camera so that my bed head and smeared makeup from the night before are not caught on camera for eternity, but I also want my kids to remember that mom was there on Christmas morning too.

And then there’s taking videos. I love to hear the excitement in my kids voices, and watch as they unwrap their gifts. But how long of a video do you take? A super long video of the entire morning, or only opening one present? But then I inevitably miss catching the best reactions on video. And I actually want to watch my kids and be involved with the gift opening and not just the one behind the camera the whole time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just hire a professional to come in and take pictures and videos of your family’s Christmas morning, capturing all the memories in magazine worthy style? Yes, I do believe that is the answer to my dilemma this year!

Do you take more pictures or videos on Christmas morning? How do you balance capturing the memories, with being a part of the celebration?

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