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“Does My Three-Year-Old Have Race Issues?” An ugly statement gets to a complicated truth

An ugly statement gets to a complicated truth

By Franziska Green |

“I don’t like the brown children,” my three-year-old daughter told me one day. In shock, I asked her to repeat herself, convinced I’d misheard. I hadn’t.

I didn’t get it. Although I was aware that our neighborhood was far from multi-cultural – it’s unusual to see anyone who isn’t pasty white in our Western New York city suburb – we’d also spent plenty of time visiting my family in London, where hundreds of nationalities mix. My husband is South American too, and his nieces and nephews have brown skin. We had certainly never done anything to give her the impression that people with darker skin than ours would be any better or worse than people with lighter skin. As a child, my parents took me on anti-apartheid demonstrations, and I knew from an early age that prejudice based on skin color is inherently wrong. Yet here I was with a racist for a daughter. What had I done wrong?

When I asked her why she felt bad toward ‘the brown children,’ she told me they weren’t very nice, they didn’t ask to borrow, and they snatched. My three-year-old’s language is advanced for her age, so I told her that while she was right that that behavior wasn’t very nice, she shouldn’t connect this with someone’s skin color. Some people were good, kind, or funny, I said, and other people were bad, mean, or serious – it didn’t matter whether they were girls or boys, pretty or ugly, tall or short, fat or thin, or brown or white or any shade between, it was their actions that should be noticed, not the way they looked. “Do you understand?” I asked her. She nodded.

I wasn’t convinced my rather complicated explanation had made sense to her, so, knowing the profound effect books can have on a child, I went to the library. I borrowed picture books that featured children with a variety of skin colors (in one there was even a child with green skin!) and I ordered some books online. It was tougher than I expected to find picture books featuring brown-skinned kids doing normal, everyday things, but I got a handful I knew my daughter would enjoy. And I thought that along with my explanations, the stories would sort out the problem.

The following week, she repeated her brown-children comment. This time, it made me panic. Could it be that someone at her school was making racist comments, and she was parroting them? So I called the school. And that was when I got to the root of the problem.

My daughter’s regular class at nursery is by chance all Caucasian (this is not the case with the other classes at the school), but once a week a group of children from another part of town join them for gym. These kids have special needs and, unbeknown to me, most of them also happen to have brown skin. My daughter had noted that their behavior was different from that of her classmates, noted that they had different skin color and come up with what is actually a logical conclusion for a three-year-old: “I don’t like brown children.” Two plus two equals five.

Phew. My daughter wasn’t racist … at least not yet. I realized that despite the well-meaning intentions behind joining the special-needs class together with my daughter’s group, the integration wasn’t working quite as the teachers planned. I found out that other children had also responded negatively to the situation. Having their usual classmates around day-in day-out, then just one hour each week with the “other” group meant the kids weren’t getting a genuine chance to get to know each other or understand each other. Rather than seeing the special-needs children as individuals, they were grouped together as “the outsiders.” I can’t say how the weekly hour affected the special-needs children but I really hoped they got something positive out of it. If my child was coming home with negative feelings, it could well be that they were too.

To try and find out what other moms had done in similar situations, I asked around. Some people said what I was doing was just fine, others told me to move her to a different school, but a huge number told me to leave off. Their concern was that by specifically mentioning skin color, I would make her more aware of it. I would be creating a bigger issue. This added to my worries: Was I turning my child into a racist by talking to her about skin color?

Luckily for me, one wise friend lent me a book that showed me the “ignore it” logic was, like my daughter’s, flawed. In Nurture Shock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman, the authors describe a now well-known study by Dr. Brigitte Vitrup of Texas Woman’s University that showed how ignoring the issue of skin color or opting for vague comments like, ‘We’re all the same,” simply doesn’t work. What does work is introducing your child to multicultural situations, whether that be on TV or in a book, then actively discussing the issue of color with them.

In hindsight I’m glad my daughter made that comment. She wasn’t being racist; she was just being an observant child who made a mistake. But it gave me the opportunity to talk to her about skin color. Had I not had that and several other discussions with her, who knows what attitudes she would still have today?

Lili no longer says she doesn’t like “the brown children.” Instead, she points out the children whose behavior upsets her by name. But she’s not colorblind, by any means. Ask her what color her skin is, and she’ll tell you. Then she’ll add, “But that doesn’t make me good or bad, it just makes me pinky-beige.” Exactly right.

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Franziska Green

Franziska Green is an award-winning British journalist, writing for Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Men's Health. She and her family crossed the Atlantic three years ago, but although she can tell you the difference between pants and underpants, cookies and biscuits, and band-aids and plasters, she couldn't do an American accent if her life depended on it.

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335 thoughts on ““Does My Three-Year-Old Have Race Issues?” An ugly statement gets to a complicated truth

  1. KiddieAcademyMom says:

    This was a very interesting post that highlights a common situation. Children are learning about the world around them and they make all kinds of assumptions. For example, if one cat scratches me, then I should fear all cats. That doesn’t mean you ignore the fear of cats; rather, you take the opportunity to explain the reality. It can seem shocking to hear a child voice these types of thoughts or feelings, but reacting (not over-reacting) as you did will help us raise a community of tolerant, open-minded children.

  2. Rosavicious says:

    It’s so weird that, even at such a young age, children get these “knee jerk” reactions to things like this. It won’t help later in life when they start deciphering the juggernaut of scrambled social messages mixed with their own empirical observations. I commend the author for having the big heart and listening to her child. I was raised in Southern USA…let’s just say I’ve heard the “N” word a time or two. My daughter, who is my first, is two weeks old and I’m really glad that I read this. Spot on with love and compassion…what we all need anyway. Peace.

  3. Jessica Merrill says:

    some kids dont know saying that is being racist..maybe they are meaner than the other kids in her class..and thats the omly way to tell them apart from the others…just a thought…no one im around is racist my 3 yr old boy went up to a family friend and said “hey youre always brown im always white” was a shock to me but he just laughed..children just tell you what they know..he knows his colors…

  4. Devin Donbrosky says:

    I think it’s also important to make sure they understand that special needs children are just as important and special like anyone else. People don’t only judge based on color, but orientation and disibilities as well. It’s sad, but we can do everything we can to change the pattern. The more positive energy in the world, the better we all will be.

  5. Tony Medina says:

    Kids are not inherently racist. The child picked up on maybe the most distinguishing aspect of the non-white children which happens to be the pigmentation of their skin. It’s a ham handed approach but at that age, perfectly understandable.

    I think for a child to become a racist, it requires indoctrination where racist comments and ideology are a common day occurrence in the child’s environment.

    While I applaud the mother for being proactive with the child, I believe the child will be able in the future to make a more sophisticated observation on other children’s behavior as the social skills develop more.

  6. Rosemary Navarrete says:

    I read this article fully, and can see that the child is very sheltered from diversity. As the author and mother describes her nursery school class is all causcacian. Although her father is South American,she apparently doesn’t interact w/a diverse group on a very regular basis. Once a week isn’t enough. The author needs to become better versed in the language of race. She consistently uses the word “brown” to describe the other children,but that is a very vague and elementary word describe a myriad of people all whom may be from hundreds of different countries. Sounds like the author and mother of the young girl also had a lot of learning and awareness to do,and I hope she will continue to do well into the future.

  7. Lauren Law says:

    This is a heart-breaking story to me. As the grandmother of a “special needs” child, it hurts that a “normal” child has been allowed to have negative thoughts and is not taught to show compassion towards those who are not “typical”. This mother…this school…had the perfect “teachable moment” to help this child learn compassion and patience and understanding. I will say this…my 3-year-old “special needs” grandson would NEVER make such a statement about anyone because he’s been taught to love and respect everyone. Maybe the world needs more of these “special needs” children so that people can learn again to be decent, kind, patient and compassionate instead of looking out for themselves and their own belongings…materialism at its best. I’d be looking for stories abot special needs children to introduce her to…but you’ll have trouble finding them because people aren’t interested in reading about them. They seem to think that if they “ignore” them, they’ll go away. Those of us who are blessed to have these children in our lives will fight to the death to change wrong, poor, or ignorant attitudes regarding how precious and wonderful our atypical ones are. I have 4 wonderful grandsons and love them all equally…they all have something about them that makes them unique. Maybe if we started celebrating our “uniqueness” instead of trying to become clones of those who are popular and in, the world might also be a better place.

  8. Alicia Melton Rogers says:

    I’ve had to have talks about skin color with my 4 year old son, and I accidentally stumbled onto a way that has worked for helping him understand. I had gotten a few books from the kids section at the library about how our bodies work, and since the book itself featured pictures of all different kinds of kids, it made explaining to him how skin color is in fact only skin deep a bit easier for him. He saw that though some of the kids had different shades of skin, inside of our bodies we’re the same. I think it’s also helped that his whole life I’ve made it very clear that who he is is separate from his behaviors, so when I talk to him about a kid’s behavior being bad but the kid isn’t necessarily a bad person and how it’s not connected to his skin tone, it sinks in a bit better. I definitely believe that having an open dialogue with your kid about people and their different skin tones is the best approach to helping them understand that skin tone in no way affects who a person is; that it’s the person’s actions alone that speak for who the person is.

  9. Grace says:

    Interesting post. I think you dealt with the situation perfectly. I agree that ignoring a statement such as this is not the right thing to do. Children are very literal and she was using language that was appropriate for her age. As adults must teach them right from wrong and I applaud you for how you handled it.

  10. Michelle Peterson Oldson says:

    I have very mixed feelings about this…chldren r imressionable and at such a young age would only question this if they have had some sort of exposure by an adult….recently my son, who is bi racial was playing with a friend and his friend said that they (meaning him and my son) should not be friends with black people. this confused my son as he has been raised not to see color in people. I was put in the situation where, this child had no idea what he was even saying…he overheard adults talking about it. Needless to say because the child was innocent in it they still play but i did talk tohis parents and told them how and what they teach their child is not my business but what my son hears and is involved in is and another incident like that they will not be hanging out anymore…i have worked to hard teaching my some to respect all people to have bigits ruin that!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Muy buen articulo ! siempre tenemos que ser muy cuidadosos con los comentarios de nuestros hijos ; especialmente cuando nuestros hijos estan empezando a descubrir el mundo en que vivimos!

  12. Siski Green says:

    Lauren, I’m the author and it IS a heartbreaking story, I agree. The problem I see is that what really needs to happen at my daughter’s school is that children with different needs are fully integrated, rather than introduced to each other just once a week. Thing is, the children’s group is run by a charity who simply couldn’t afford to finance round-the-clock teacher support. As is so often the case, the problem here comes down to lack of funding. I have actually looked for books that include children with different abilities and needs, but as you say, they’re hard to come by. There are a handful that at least include children in wheelchairs but beyond that the pickings are pretty slim.

    Rosemary, I used the term ‘brown’ because that’s the way my daughter chose to define a group of kids who are actually of different nationalities – I couldn’t have used another term because these kids are not of one race or nationality.

    I feel very positive about the outcome of our experience but I must say I’m also looking forward to living in a more diverse area. It’s tough to teach a child to appreciate diversity when she can’t experience it for herself!

  13. Chantilly Patio says:

    I’m so glad that you brought up this topic. It’s a common misconception that talking about race will cause more confusion for children and create an atmosphere where they feel they’ll be constantly concerned with race. You hit the nail on the head though that multicultural learning and talking about race is exactly the way to ensure that our children grow up without biases towards one race or another. Stereotypes cause racism, but if we introduce our children to a variety of races, cultures, languages, etc., they are able to see that stereotypes are false. These experiences are crucial and I applaud you for recognizing this and sharing your insights with other parents.

  14. Eggy says:

    If you claim to be colour-blind (in a good way) and therefore don’t talk about race issues with your children, then you’re letting society teach them about race. And trust me, that’s not a good thing.

  15. sky says:

    this is more to a few of the commenters than abt the article itself, but it’s very possible for children to draw their own conclusions about other children or adults who are different from themselves. and i think that children are often underestimated. of course there are plenty of children who are influenced by their parents racist views, but it’s not always the case. when my son first entered kindergarten in the fall he told me about a new student in his class who’s in a wheelchair. i asked my son if he made friends with him and he said, “nope, i only play with people who can stand.” do you think we’re at home drilling in his head not to play with children in wheelchairs? absolutely not. he also told me he wasn’t friends with a hispanic girl in his class because he didn’t like spanish people and he couldn’t understand what she was saying. these were absolutely teachable moments and we had long discussions in both instances. my child is with my husband and i 95% of the time. he’s not hanging out with other family members, he doesn’t watch inappropriate shows on television, he drew these conclusions about these children who are different from himself on his own. by the way, i’m biracial (african-american and white) and my husband is african-american. and my son attended an at-home daycare that children of various races.

  16. Christina Kelbel says:

    Lauren Law is quite offensive to me! My almost 3 year old son has a speech-delay (making him special needs, he has been attending a PIES class for a few months now). I find it REALLY, REALLY, REALLY offensive to read that my son is not “normal” simply because he has a speech delay. The very definition of “normal” leaves it open to interpretation. WHAT EXACTLY IS NORMAL Lauren Law? impress me, please.

  17. cara in exile says:

    I completely agree with how you have approached this issue. My then 5 year old made a similar statement soon after she started Kindergarten, and I pointed out the people who she knows who are “brown”, who she likes and respects — her bff’s father, her pediatrician, etc. I take time to point out that skin color does not make someone a better or worse person, just a person. Talking about race is the first way to keep it from being a taboo subject.

  18. Starjack says:

    “My daughters regular class at nursery is by chance all Caucasian (this is not the case with the other classes at the school)” But I wonder what is the mix in the other classes.
    And does Ms. Green have “brown” friends with young children? My parents made sure I was always in integrated classes from pre-school on — and that was in the 1950′s. Maybe this should be a wake-up call that if she’s really concerned about racism she needs to take a more active role.

  19. AquariusMom says:

    I think you did a very good job, pretty much the best you can do. as another posted commented, the color blind approach is not the best approach..the truth is we are all different, we have different backgrounds and they should not be hidden behind a wall. The color blind approach is like a wall disallowing you or your kids from learning about the differences of other; differences that are unique and what makes our world beautiful and lively. The kids that are worse off are those that are ignorant of these differences (thanks to the parents)…so again, you did a wonderful job. Children are innocent, they pick up on the things they see, hear, and sometimes experience: so the sooner we can teach them the better and more versatility they will have interacting with different people as adults

  20. Flor Olivo says:

    This is a great post. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  21. HijabiGirl says:

    What I understand to be going on here is, the disabled kids are segregated. Unfortunately, children of color are disportportionately represented in so-called “special education” classes. Your ablebodied white child had no experience with an integrated classroom, where disabled kids are a part of the class, & not imported once a week.
    I would encourage you to advocate for a more inclusive envoronment in the school.

  22. Anonymous says:

    From HG’s partner, the chair of an English department in a university with lots of education majors: Don’t overestimate the teachers & administration of your daughter’s preschool. Some of our Edu students take a few classes in diversity, and learn only the phrase we’re all different and that’s okay! While well-meaning, they may not be thinking structurally about how importing kids with a variety of differences may lead to a 3-year-old generalizing that the highly visible color difference is the cause of the behavior difference.
    HG suggests advocacy, which can be a pain… after all, isn’t preschool in part about freeing up some of your time? Sadly, the problem has been around for a while. In 1925, Alain Lock in The New Negro wrote The fact is that [the races] have touched too closely at the unfavorable and too lightly at the favorable levels. ( That is, the structure of our society is contrived so that people of different races learn about each other and mingle only under the least auspicious circumstances. White people learn that black people steal, cheat, lie; black people learn that white people smell like wet dogs, don’t know how to clean up after themselves, and are full of hypocritical pretense.
    Your three year old doesn’t have a race problem. The rest of us do.

  23. 2FilAmKids says:

    I was a white kid in a poor neighborhood in Georgia, so you can probably guess what race the majority of my neighborhood was, as well as my elementary school. I never seemed to notice (and I remember quite vividly) if someone was a different race than I was, except to think how pretty that made them. I did, however, have a teacher who decided she didn’t like me because I didn’t look like her or the majority of the kids in my class. She was actually my first lesson in racism. What I learned: It hurts.

    Today, my husband is originally from the Phillipines, and (in my opinion) we have the two most beautiful children in the world. I do not feel that, as parents, we must work so hard to draw attention to the differences between races. They will see them, if out in the world. Heck, we take a trip to Wal-Mart and my kids see people from at least 5 different nationalities. What I feel is important is to expose them to different ways that those cultures are different… You know, something other than having mexican and chinese food.

    What about the other things that divide the world: Education, Income, Physical and mental capabilities/handicaps? I started teaching my oldest from the time I felt he could comprehend… “God loves her just the same as He loves you. She just uses her fingers to talk… or needs that doggie to help her see, or uses a wheel chair to go places, or talks differently…….”

    My point: don’t underestemate the natural ability of a toddler to see the world through the eyes of love that they see you/are seen through.

  24. MaureenEA says:

    Sounds to me like she needs a more integrated classroom with both children of other ethnic backgrounds and
    Varrying Capabilities. That’s your job as a parent if you want to raise a well rounded, culturally diverse and well informed child. Nothing annoys me more than the approach most parents take to saying “oh, but we’re not racist”
    yet do nothing to intergrate their children with other races and socioeconomic backgrounds. Saying and doing are two different things.

  25. Maryanna Price says:

    Maureen: I agree in principle, but it’s not always as easy as just “Go play with the other races.” Where I grew up, we had a handful of people who weren’t white (some adopted Asians, a few Black kids and that one family with the two Hispanic daughters who came in high school. And some people counted the few Jews we had, too). Finding somewhere “multicultural” would mean going far out of our way (forty-five minutes at least) to play with “different” children. That’s simply not feasible for a lot of families and turning it into a special event only highlights the “differentness” of it all.

  26. Isa Traverso-Burger says:

    My son’s best ‘girl’ friend in daycare is black and adorable. We were invited to her bday party and my son was the only white (although we are Hispanic, our skins are very white), it was a shock for all the people there to see my husband, my son and I attend the party in a side of town where no whites go. I did it because I want to show him we are all equal. The girl’s parents were super nice and made us feel welcome, and my son (also 3) didn’t see any difference or feel awkward being the only white kid. I think it helps when they are constantly in a surrounding with different races, because he doesn’t see the differences, at least not yet. Once he does I’ll preach my motto, ONE Love.

  27. MnK Mom says:

    So glad you wrote this article – it comes at a key time for me. While watching Invictus (about South African Rugby and Nelson Mandela) my 7 year son told me that he doesn’t like brown people. I was in shock- what have I done wrong??? I definitely learned useful advice from your experience to deal with this. thank you!

  28. Amber says:

    WOW! The reason she probably said that was because she heard someone else say it. Keep an eye out for who she hangs with.

  29. Carolyn says:

    My 3 year old made some similar comments yesterday about not liking the ‘brown friends’ in her daycare class and I’m not sure how well I handled it. I told her right away that it was not ok to talk like that – it’s ok if there are some people she doesn’t get along with but that doesn’t mean that she knows anything about other people who happen to look similar. I also asked her how she thought her teachers (whom she loves and who are both African American) would feel if they heard her talking like that and she made it clear that she wasn’t including teachers in her comment, only kids. Her class is maybe 40% African American so lack of diversity is not the issue here. I guess I’m going to talk to her teachers and see if they have any insight.

  30. Brynell says:

    I?m not wotrhy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

  31. Mumma Jen says:

    This is such a hard situation. We live in a rough part of the midwest where the segregation is horrible. I was raised to not see color, to see the person, but to explain that to small children is no easy task. When my littlest baby was 2.5y she was going down a slide and a few children of a different race climb up the slide stepping and crushing her. They continued to slander my daughter, telling her she was a “stupid blonde” and laughed as she cried. I was furious. for a whole year my daughter ran screaming from the playground when any race other than pastey came to play. I felt horrible and ashamed as the other parents of these Good Kids would look on shocked. I try to explain what happened to her, but its not an easy fix.

  32. SarahB says:

    Please don’t over react to this. To a three year old it’s the same as saying “I don’t like the girl with the pink bow in her hair.” It’s a physical characteristic that she noticed and called out. It doesn’t make her racist. Treating other people differently because of their skin color is. In 4th grade my best friend was black and we would always pal around at school, but I never got to spend the night at her house because I was white. Her parents were racists and it hurt. Until your daughter treats other ethnicities differently, don’t worry about it.

  33. Hitler says:

    Kids see things as they are, not how they want them to be. It is human nature to eradicate that which is different. Bring on the race war!

  34. Anon says:

    Don’t be so hasty and say that your child is a racist. I mean, it’s natural to have a tendency to favor ones own race over another. But really, do we have to result to calling everyone a racist now?

  35. Frost says:

    When my daughter said she didn’t like brown children, I asked her why and she said it was because brown children had more testosterone than white kids. Then she showed me this article from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute:

    That’s when I realized that my daughter wasn’t racist, she was gifted! So I told her, “you shouldn’t dislike brown children just because they have so much testosterone and, while we’re on the subject, boys don’t have cooties, either.” But I’m afraid she probably wouldn’t get along with your daughter. You see, unlike your child, my little girl is WHITE.

  36. Jillian Talley says:

    Well Frost you are surely mistaken because unlike her daughter yours will grow up to become a racist and hers will be a well educated adult going to a restaurant having you daughter asking her can i get your order.

  37. Allie says:

    It’s such a shame that white children tend to have their most unpleasant playmate experiences with a black child. Children are not yet effected by political correctness; they see the world AS IS. Most black children are spiteful, mean, and hateful, just like theri parents. Yes, that statement is “raysis” and politically incorrect, but at the same time, no one can deny that it’s JUST how it is. Black people destroy every city they engulf (Gary, Detroit, New Orleans), and black children hold white kids back from learning on a steady level. I KNOW it, because I LIVED it, and so have many, many other people; They just don’t have the balls to say it because we are fed so much white-hate and white-guilt propaganda in this “politically correct” nation. I was the rebel of my family, growing up around with typical redneck southerners, who I thought were “raysis”, so I moved to the West Coast to live in a more diverse area and get away from all the “hate”, but guess what? I found out my parents were right all along. Black people are lazy, cruel, and uncivilized. Ever notice how hate crimes against white people never make it to the news? Read about the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom case, and ask yourself if black people’s reputations are still worth defending and if our tax-dollars are still worth supporting all their welfare babies. To be politically correct about race is to deny what is before your VERY EYES. Don’t fool yourself, no matter what the government feeds you. Please, protect your daughter, black men like to “muh dik” and then kill young white women.

  38. Allie says:

    I wonder how much happier your little girl would have been if she was born in a time of segregation, and never had to worry about the mean brown people.

  39. Allie says:

    Ha, ha! Thanks for the thumbs, Frost. :) Some people… *shakes head*

  40. Allie says:

    By the way Jillian, just because someone is “raysis” doesn’t make them uneducated. I despise black and mexican “people”, and I’m a neurobiologist and a biochemist. Looks like you have some prejudice tendencies to sort out, yourself. Stop projecting. It makes you look insecure.

  41. Miba says:

    O.M.G. Is she for real? The child isn’t racist, she was using a method of description! For example, “I don’t like the red haired children because they’re mean and steal from me” or “I don’t like the boy with glasses because he’s mean and steals from me” or “I don’t like that blonde kid because she’s mean and steals from me”. Nothing racist at all, just an adjective to describe the child she feels is mean and a thief. What, you expect a 3-year-old to know the term “African American”?

  42. Anonymous says:

    because they are being mean to her…..period..get out of ur shell…brown people can be mean to blondes and red heads…i know it from experience…they want to ruin her self worth because she is different….but she is the most beautiful…..get it…..they hate her!!!! u just dont get it…

  43. Anonymous says:

    Is this a real story? I am confused! I was looking for news and I got this fluff!

    The problem with this child is that the parent is so liberal that she sees bigotry in her own child where ther is none.

    I suggest 1 asprin, a healthy dose of Rush Limbaugh, and, if that does not work, take poison and leave the child to a healthy, conservative, pair of parents that will not warp the child!

  44. Justin Thyme says:

    This is normal cognitive behavior. The mind looks for common connections, and extrapolates them out, which is and has been a handy survival mechanism. In other words, if you have many bad experiences with brown children, you will be wary of another brown child in the future – because statistically those are the odds based on your experiences thus far. Just as primitive man might have noticed that food which looked a certain way made him sick, so best to avoid any food that looks similar in future – just to be safe. If you want to educate your child, expose them to some brown children and other minorities who are well-behaved and friendly, then she will come to understand that skin color isn’t always a reliable predictor of someone’s behavior. Don’t give here a sanctimonious speech.

  45. areader says:

    you fair minded, well read, love everyone, thinking people would do very well to remember——stereotypes exist for a reason!

    sure, some do not fit, some overcome, we are all human and deserve a fair chance…………….but if your TODDLER senses a difference…..there IS a difference.

    many of you would do well to learn from your children

  46. Anonymous says:

    Dude the brain development of a child that age doesn’t have the capacity to be racist

  47. Target says:

    This article is filled with mainly ignorant responses, People, well in this case I guess I can say White people, need to stop trying to sound innocent with the “well black people are hateful…” blah blah blah I know plenty of white people who aren’t sh-t but hide behind the stereotype attributed to whites just so many people will think well of them or people feel that they are entitled to something just because they are white. Hello, look at the world’s history and the atrocities that have been committed in the past and even today…and guess who is responsible for pretty much all of them? White people. Greedy, manipulative, and decieving white people. So please stop projecting all of these negative attributes to Black Americans when white people are not innocent at all.

  48. Stanislaus says:

    Your child has simply run into many brown people whose behavior upset it. So have I!

  49. Alexandra says:

    Seems to me your daughter knows how to pick up on danger signs. There is nothing inherently wrong or evil about “racism.” The truth is, blacks are genetically predisposed to cause trouble–theft, rape, murder, etc.

    Let me put it this way: Racism comes from experience, not from ignorance. Skin color is a good indicator of content of character. And isn’t it funny how in the Emperor’s New Clothes, it was a CHILD that pointed out he had nothing on? Out of the mouths of babes.

    Stop trying to brainwash your daughter into thinking we’re all the same. WE ARE NOT.

  50. Allie says:

    Target, my guess is you are a 20-30 year old piece of fluff who obviously is a victim to the white hate/guilt trash in this country. Whites can not help that they are infinitely more intelligent and better armed than black people. Just look at Ancient Rome and compare it to Africa – TODAY’S Africa. Most of them are still living in mud and straw huts. South Africa is the only halfway decent place (notice how Africa gets lighter the further down you go) to live. All those African rebels would be nowhere without artillery (mmost of which are made by Caucasians in Caucasian countries) – oh, I forgot, they still are NOWHERE. No running water. Barely any food. Dependent upon the whites to “Save the Children”. They don’t even hunt. They just wait for fruit to fall on the ground (which is why they go APE-sh!t over koolaid). It’s no different here in America, where they steal our goods and leech off our tax dollars. Stop being a race-traitor. Be proud that whites are more advanced, rather than ashamed. Assuming you are white, that is. If not, go to hell. Black people are smelly, needy, violent, and stupid.

  51. Allie says:

    Racism comes from experience, not from Ignorance

    An excellent point, Alexandra. Of course, many people will say it comes from experience with racist parents. Not true. It comes from experience around BLACKS. I’d still be a racist even if I was an orphan.

    I’m fulfilling King’s wish, and judging his kind by their “content”; their evil, violent, lazy, soul-less content.

  52. Noelle says:

    wow, the comments of Ally the smart, but some how still so stupid, racist wonder are disgusting.

  53. Allie says:

    Noelle, grow up and stop living in denial.

  54. Rena says:

    I honestly think that people who believe in all of the white guilt nonsense must be in denial!

  55. Allie says:


    You mean people who know it is out there, or people who buy into it because it is all they have ever known?

  56. Rena says:

    Definitely, all of the people who buy into it and bend over backwards trying to not seem racist. I glad that I don’t buy into the lies anymore.

  57. Allie says:

    Glad to see I’m not alone, Rena. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. I remember, as a teen, hating being around my family because I thought they were “ignorant hillbillies”. I moved into an upper-crust yuppie area where the last thing anyone wants is to be thought of anything less than “intelligent” and a “forward thinker”… Why can’t people just see blacks for what they are, instead of what they wish they could be? How about we stop letting our civilizations being torn down by them? Want to filth up a city? Add blacks. Want to dumb down the education systems? Add blacks. Want to ruin a good, fun, family festival? Add blacks. Want to see a jogger raped and brutally murdered in that beautiful park that your parents say “used to be so nice”? JUST. ADD. BLACKS. I hope segregation returns. Everyone was happier then. EVERYTHING was better segregated. How’s that for forward thinking?

  58. smartestonehere says:

    i hope you’re not all adults, and if you are, you just ruined a 17 year old’s outlook on this world for good. fucking morons.

  59. Allie says:


    Sometimes it hurts to have your eyes opened. I just graduated college; I was 17 not too long ago, you know. Your perspectives will change all throughout your life. When I was 17, I would have found this talk to be just as disgusting as you do – it’s why I left my family at age 17, all on my own. Keep an open mind, and always look for the truth, even if it hurts. Having an open mind doesn’t always mean you have to agree or like everything. I hate black people because they have never improved any one’s life, situation, or environment. They can’t even run a McDonald’s correctly. They just go back to their primitive, violent roots. They don’t belong in white civilizations, because they degrade and destroy them. They belong in African civilizations, where hopefully they can advance beyond mud homes, build their own hospitals, stop mooching off the US (ON or OFF our grounds) and practice civility and diplomacy rather than beheading/hacking off the limbs of their adversaries. They are lazy, cruel and ungrateful. We should have just left them to their cannibalism, slave trade, and 35-year life spans.

  60. 4xtra says:

    You sound like a redneck…COLLEGE EDUCATION OR NOT…… SHUT UP
    Let me tell you something ..from a black guy
    I am so sick and tired of hearing people complaining ALL DAY LONG on these websites about some incident they had with a few black people, or what they seen on the news in regards to a black male did this or that…well,
    What about all the black people who walk past you everyday quietly minding their own business?? (Like my self?)
    When a black person goes to church, volunteers, works EVERYDAY, goes to school (or went to school) and stays out they way YOU NEVER HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE ON THE 11oclock news.
    But you allow “Pookie and Leon” to be the official spokesperson of the entire black race.
    Well trust me on this ……Many blacks including myself HATE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR MORE THAN YOU DO 1000x fold because it embarrasses all blacks.
    Stop being so stupid because Allie, despite your alleged college education, you sound like you are nothing more than dressed up white trash.

  61. Allie says:

    In other words, just always, always, ALWAYS be honest. Be honest with yourself and others. If you are constantly lying to yourself about your feelings, you will never be happy. I found that I wasn’t happy when I kept thinking to myself, “not all black people are bad! give them a chance! don’t be racist!”. It felt so much better to be honest with myself and say “blacks have piss-poor attitudes, black have poor work ethic, blacks hate “whitey” yet live off of “whiteys” tax dollars, the jails are full of blacks because they will rape and murder people without batting an eyelash, and blacks ruin everything”. It was like a weight off of my shoulders to finally admit what I had known all along. Just be honest with yourself. It will make you happier.

  62. Becca says:

    Wow! That’s really rich Allie. I was convinced I was reading a statement from the 1950s until I saw the date and time stamp next to your post; Jul 1, 4:33am. Words fail me right now as I begin to think that in the 21st century you think and write like that? You need prayers and strong divine intervention my dear. I will pray for you.

  63. Allie says:


    It’s a shame that one person can’t change a multitude. It would be great if all blacks just screwed off and minded their own black business, like you, preferably in their own black country. Unfortunately, they’re still here and probably won’t leave in my lifetime. Blacks can’t change, no even you, because of their inherent roots; it’s only a matter of time before a black slights someone with their shenanigans. No matter how educated a black woman is, once you get her excited or angry, she will resort right back to her loud, violent, ghetto black roots.
    I’m not talking about “incidents” with “a few african americans”. Every. Single. Black person I have crossed paths with, or have even seen in my peripheral vision, have behaved in a deplorable manner, have smelled of squalor and FEMA checks, and have spoken in gangsta slave speak. Those may seem like small, ineffective offenses, but because those offenses, because BLACKS even exist, the wealth and beauty that my ancestors worked so hard to build for my generation is being destroyed – this country is NOT for your kind, yet your kind is destroying civilization. That’s reason enough for me to hate blacks, even the “smart ones”, the “white ones”, the “educated ones”. I hate them for even existing in this country. And what’s great is they hate “whitey” who supports them, too!! So let me tell YOU something, 4xtra, there is nothing you can say or do that will shame or obligate me into opening my heart to your kind. Everything I loved about my neighborhood, my school, my culture, my country, is DEAD because blacks ruined it.

  64. chuck says:

    life would be great if there was segregation from my experience black and mexican are mean and want more than thay deserve and love to blame whites for there stupidity and every thing bad in there lives thay should blame there selfs and stop crying poor me boo fucking who

  65. Allie says:

    @Becca That’s really rich Becca, I thought I was reading a statement from the Dark Ages! It’s hard to believe there are still people who need religion in this age of science and answers. Tell me, do you still think the world is flat? I’m an Atheist and I don’t need your silly little prayers. There’s nobody up there, by the way. Sorry, honey. Santa’s not real. It’s impossible for me to feel offended by someone who believes the Earth is only a couple thousand years old, someone who believes in imaginary friends, someone takes Jewish mythology as reality – from someone who feels obligated to be a do-gooder because there is a giant spy-cam in the sky threatening them with eternal damnation should they fail to spread “the good news” that an Arab named jeezis plans to smite people like me. You. Are. Laughable.

  66. chuck says:

    becca ur stupid blacks are a drain on this country and libtards like u should open ur eyes

  67. Allie says:

    High-five, chuck. So glad people are catching on.

  68. LeQuesha Jenkins says:

    Allie, Blacks aint going nowhere no time soon, if y’all aint like us, y’all shoulda left our Black behinds in Africa in the first place. Y y’all came looking? Y’all brought us here now deal with it. It aint like y’all can live on ur own in the first place, needin’ slaves and all. Depending on foreign oil, foreign labor from Mexico and India, out-sources, everything in America is made in China (maybe except u of course because u were made in an Alley aint I right? And yo mama named u after where she made u) anyways…y’all can’t stand on ur own is why y’all needed slaves aint it? BAM!! DEAL WITH IT BABY DEAL WITH IT. we aint going no where. Even without Blacks, y’all still would be racist against urselves. Think about that.

  69. Experience says:

    Your child was speaking from experience, and you tried to change her views. Let the kid learn herself.

  70. chuck says:

    no blacks was slaves becouse thay spears just wasnt good protection for them so go build a mud hut and shut up

  71. Becca says:

    @Allie: Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you, and I will be a father to you, and you shall be sons and daughters to me, says the Lord Almighty. – 2 Corinthians 6:14-18

    God bless you Allie, it is okay, you are not defined by your hatred of Blacks or religion. You are more than all of that. God will show you the way. Amen.

  72. Jesus says:

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to fill you in that you’re all wrong. Yes, some blacks are criminals. Yes, the media doesn’t cover it. Yes, some whites are A-holes. Yes, the media doesn’t cover their crimes.(mostly crimes oversees)
    But have faith in this: truth be told, god hates you all the same, and you all should be preparing for hell.
    I only ask that you all learn to keep your mouth shut, accept Christ, and hopefully through virtue you may learn to not be walking feces machines. Thank you, good luck, and don’t forget to pay your parking tickets. (Sorry, only racist thing I’ve said.. That was directed towards the Mexicans.)

  73. chuck says:

    becca do u realise the bible is bunch of made up storys over hundreds of years and the different authors keep contradicting every other one get a clue if not real

  74. Allie says:

    Just look at that black talk. SO trashy and unsophisticated. No wonder children are becoming more and more illiterate. Graduating with 4th grade reading levels. Thank you for contributing to the destruction of modern civilization, Sherangutan *oops, I mean LUH-KWEEESH-AH* Good luck finding a decent career with that Apefrican name your Welfare Queen mother bestowed so kindly upon you. Sorry to break it to you, but African leaders sold their own people to the whites, for money, clothing and food (none of which they had. Too dumb to create currency, to savage to cloth themselves, to lazy to hunt). Betrayed by your own race. Surprised? I don’t see how you could be – you “pop” each other off every 20 seconds, for no good reasons. That’s why jails are called “n!gger zoos”.

  75. LeQuesha Jenkins says:

    Chuck, u spell worse than I do. I might only have a GED but I know the spelling of “because” is “because” and not BECOUSE. #FAIL-Boy, get it right and shut up.

  76. tyrone leroy johnson says:

    congratulations franziska, your daughter gets it. she didn’t even have to venture outside of your “pasty white suburb” to figure it out either.

  77. chuck says:

    lacreatcha i do have a masters degree and i spell just fine i made errors but i can say ask in stead of axe so u can shut ur black hole of an ape mouth and go learn to talk correctly if thats possible for ur kind to do

  78. Anonymous says:

    @allie WTF!! are you talking about and no you’re not ignorant, your surpass that more like mental retarded. the last time i check afrcia was and still is the rich country in the world until greedy soul less white men came and destroyed it. so if you want to talk about mean and evil you should take a look in the mirror. oh and let talk about tax dollars last i check everyone paid taxes. how about you go kill yourself like many whites do when the going gets to tough or because mommy and daddy works to hard to pay attention… if you want to talk about the weakier racist. we were kings and queens in our homeland taken to become less than a slave decades ago and still we rise.. our prresident black.. yes BLACK married to a strong black woman with beautiful kids. Yeah i have encounted blacks with piss poor attitude upset for no reason, bad work ethic but i have also meet lazy white shit with a stink ass attitudes as well with no freaking sense. The reason the economy is in such a shit. I could go on for days but i’m leave it as that. And i’m not racist just annoyed by them.

  79. Allie says:


    Hasn’t anyone told you it’s useless to quote the Bible at an Atheist? That’s like the gutter helmet man coming to my door, then explaining all the wonderful things it does after I say:


    Quoting verses in your silly book does not make them anymore true. I could place my hand on the Bible and say “I believe” all day long, yet never mean it. Your superstitions do not scare me. They are meaningless to someone who knows they are not true. Using the words of the Bible does not verify or bring truth to it’s content, anymore than saying a forged signature on a forged $9 bill makes it genuine. There are no “gods”, therefore no books can be written by a “god”. I happen to know when the Bible was written, but more importantly, I know WHY it was written. Quoting your silly book at me is simply making you appear to be stupid, too stupid to understand what you are debating, too stupid to be taken seriously. I don’t want to spend all night debating with a stupid person.

  80. LeQuesha Jenkins says:

    Allie it don’t matter who sold whom or whatever, the fact that y’all came looking proves that y’all aint right to start with, y’all went around the world looking for slaves not just Africa. Y’all was in Australia, y’all was in India, Canada, dang y’all was everywhere. All my life I’ve been told that my kind aint worth nothing. So I look to the Whites for inspiration and try be like the ones that’s worth something but I aint see nothing worth it in y’all neither. Y’all just like everybody else. Y’all commit crimes just like Blacks, y’all rape too, y’all steal, y’all shoplift, y’all serial kill, y’all on welfare too. Bernie Maddoff aint Black last I checked, yet he the mastermind behind the greatest ponzie scheme in the history of America. Aint none of us perfect child. Diss my English all u want it don’t mean jack. U just like me, it takes one to know one.

  81. Allie says:

    Sherangutan, you’re weak attack towards chuck spelling “because” wrong is just as pointless as all those morons who have nothing better to say other than “do your research” and “get an education”. Oh, oh, I have one! “Get a McJob, you drop-out niglet, and stop eating up my hard-earned income”! :D

  82. chuck says:

    black president because people want the word to like the u.s.a. better not because its right obama shouldn’t be and blacks voted for him just to have a brutha in office thats the truth like it or not good nite dumb asses

  83. Allie says:

    “Ya’ll”, “Ya’ll”, “Ya’ll”, “Ya’ll”, “Ya’ll” this, “Ya’ll that”


    That’s all I heard. Learn to speak.

  84. Allie says:

    Oh…. I’ve said too much. I fear I’ve rattled some brains. Goodnight “ya’ll”! CHUCK, keep fighting the good fight. People need the truth.

  85. 4xtra says:

    Allie …
    Let me stress..
    I cant even get upset for what you are saying because ALL of my friends and many of my family members all have college, are extremely peaceful (getting upset or violent just doesn’t happen at all) , go to church, work, and I am in Grad school (Computer Information Systems major).
    You sound so brain washed you sound like you literally have PTSD simply because you encountered a “few” bad actors. (KEEP IN MIND …I DO NOT KNOW THESE PEOPLE..they so not represent me or anyone I know)
    you said something about “slave speak”?
    ARE YOU SERIOUS? People have told me REPEATEDLY 1000′s of times that I sound like a news reporter on TV.
    That saggy pant look should be a FELONY!!!!! I hate that stuff with a passion!!
    Gangsta talk? Come on now…I hate that phony act more than you do 1000x fold.
    Most of them are chumps putting on an act because they are scared…..
    and you guys keep talking about “our culture was violated and stolen ” and “this is our country, ” well if the American Indians had immigration reform YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE.
    You also said “blacks cant change..not even you”
    Well that is the problem..I AM OK trust me ….
    White people want EVERYBODY ELSE TO do the changing..
    Because you are just SO “flawless” and do no wrong…

    You are from and lived in a “rural” setting ..right?? aka backwoods??
    It is NO secret that incest is in near epidemic proportions in a rural setting.
    YES YES this is true and I have had done some research on this VERY EXTENSIVELY
    when I was an undergrad.
    I have proof of this and the REALLY bad thing about this is, is that 95% is NOT REPORTED.
    I lived in a all white neighborhood in another state and INCEST was REAL COMMON in my neighborhood and HIGH SCHOOL. The H.S. was 95% white.
    I had a neighbors daughter come over to my home at 3AM SCREAMING AND SCARED TO DEATH because the father was touching her inappropriately. (She told me that her father was grinding up against her in the nude and moaning….I AM DEAD SERIOUS, she was too scared to file charges, but I told the father that if she comes over again I was going to BURY HIM IN MY BACK YARD)
    So your community has some issues as well.

    Incest actually was very common in Germany many years and years ago.
    The vast majority of whites in the US population are of ….GERMAN DESCENT.

    I am not just saying this to counter your statements with “vile” or revenge, this is a fact that you will NEVER EVER SEE “online” on some yahoo blog or whatever.
    Incest/Rape is perhaps THE WORST TYPE OF CRIME TO COMMIT.
    I have more respect for a murderer that a rapist.

    As a matter of fact the typical pedophile incarcerated in the US is:
    White male
    45+ yr old
    above average educated
    First time offender

    Victim avg age 11 65% female 35% male
    So before you start going on about blacks are doing this or that
    you need to look at you own.
    Incest is a crime that is usually committed behind the walls of peoples homes and VERY rarely reported. They do not ride around in a white van and look spooky, they are the nice people who live down the street who volunteer to take the kids out to the mall or whatever when you need someone to watch them while you are out…..

  86. LeQuesha Jenkins says:

    y’all aint right chuck and alley, y’all need to hook up, y’all sound like a couple, goodnight y’all. WHITE POWER!! ;-)

  87. chuck says:

    ya white power

  88. chuck says:

    thay do my kids wont be around no fucking apes and thay wont need government coon money for college thay will earn it the white way …

  89. chuck says:

    sorry i dont like non-humans like spooks,wabs and im from la not the backwoods i know how it is i get jumped by 5-10 coons at a time so fuck u and them

  90. Anonymous says:

    Obama won because he was the better candidate… simple as that not because we wanted a “brutha” in office. And many whites voted for Obama as well you. It would take more that just blacks to get him into office. And @Allie the word nigger doesn’t affect me at all. I’m Black BEAUTIFUL, PROUD. So if throwing around the word nigger make you feel a little bigger go ahead. You need it.

  91. chuck says:

    since no one is talking i shall go where people like me can talk freely and not listen to crap

  92. chuck says:

    i know whites did the brain washed idiots and libtards

  93. sachpat says:

    Franziska Green,
    I think root cause of problem is not with your daughter but with your self In Britain I know how big problem is here! particularly with brown people, In London we make up nearly 40%,
    you people just go annoyed to see us even when guy is decent, highly educated, talented, productive living there for 3 generations etc etc! I think your problem is your narcissism! stop spreading it around the world! on back of your innocent daughter! little one are always angles they don’t see any wrong anywhere, Scientifically proven it is true that they can’t differentiate people on colours. But they do all the time watch parent, their expression, behaviour, and they always try to imitate it in some way! e.g. my daughter sees her mum cooking in kitchen she tries to imitate same thing while playing in bedroom using her imaginary utensils or Some times she talks and repeats same sentences and tones etc. my wife uses while we discuss some thing.
    So in short what I mean to say think over before you are writing! get some scientific explanations from experts, Get your head checked!
    You guys cannot even go along with scotish and french people, and brown people way long way!

  94. Darwin says:

    @Jesus, your so-called “white crime overseas” that the media doesn’t cover bothers me too, but I think you should learn to distinguish between whites and Jews. Sorry, but, you’re not one of us. Jews don’t suddenly become “whites” just because they commit genocide.

    And, speaking of, “Green” is a very Jewish name in America, and New York City is the most Jew-friendly place on Earth. This author IS the anti-white media. The more Franziska Green writes BS like this, the more her family thrives in the lap of luxury at the expense of true white people. By “true white people”, I mean the children who will lose teeth this year in the Appalachian Hills because their parents can’t afford milk. I mean the whites who are being slaughtered in Africa as we speak: the “black-on-white” genocide that the media never reports. I mean the Swedish teen girls in Stockholm who have to create their own chastity belts to prevent their own rapes by Muslims. It is the rape capital of the European world. For the past 3 years, all rapes committed in Oslo, Norway were also by Arabs (on whites). So, Jesus, exactly what were you referring to?

  95. Umlungu says:

    Hell, don’t you think that if your 3 year old can even see it it’s time for you to put aside this fairytale pc garbage and see “brown” people for what they are?
    I live in a country where I’m outnumbered by them by almost 10 to 1 and I was a deluded libtard just like you until I was old enough to realise that every single racial stereotype about our black brethren is true. Inconvenient, but true nonetheless.

    Statistics, facts, science and the evidence right in front of you right now ie. AFRICA is all the proof you need that races aren’t the same.
    A pitbull and a labrador may both be dogs and they may even be able to breed but if you had to which one would YOU put in a room with your daughter?

  96. Darwin says:

    @Franziska Green, if you truly are sincere and not trying to promote your family at the expense of white America, then your problem is easy enough to solve – just enroll your daughter in a preschool that has some black and mestizo kids. Ought to be easy enough in New York City. Nobody said your daughter had to be in an all-white preschool except you, and your complaints that you can’t solve the problem with imaginary black characters is laughable. Why must she meet only IMAGINARY black people who are nice?

  97. Steve says:

    Perhaps the school is unintentionally promoting racial division by having the “Brown children” present for only one hour or so a week.? Did school officials try to explain to the kids that the visitors were special needs children and therefore needed some patience and understanding? As for those who have posted hateful comments back and forth, That poison you are carrying in you is going to kill you. We all have shortcomings, no matter the color of the skin. As a white male I can say that I prefer to not be around the “gangsta” culture because it simply does not appeal to me. I also understand that this is an expression of their youth and the vast majority of them will grow out of it much as we grew out of the trend of long hair when we were kids. My parents hated my music and clothing styles and slang, and their parents hated theirs. Chuck and Ally and Lequesha, none of you is any better or worse than the other because of your skin color or dialect. Only each persons actions should be the guideline to judging their worth.

  98. Jick Rames says:

    “When I asked her why she felt bad toward the brown children, she told me they werent very nice, they didnt ask to borrow, and they snatched.”

    Ever stop to think your daughter has a point? Today’s media tries ever so hard to hide the facts about black violence. It is everywhere, not just in the US & UK. Interpol studies mirror the US’s FBI statistics about black on white violence and crimes. You should be delighted your daughter, at such a young age, she has already seen true black nature first hand. I wouldn’t try to blame someone, don’t even try to change her thinking. Doing so will only ensure her to grow up thinking diversity is golden like Elin Krantz did. Look her up and read what happened to her way of thinking blacks were equal.

    Even scientific studies have proven blacks are not equal; in mind, IQ, behavior, or even plain being civilized.

    “People who scream racism can’t confront the truth or handle reality”

  99. Anonymous says:

    Um I found this article very interesting and I loved how the author solved the problem with her child. However, upon reading the many comments made on this article I became very morose because there were so many racist, hateful, and ignorant statements made. I don’t know if many of you read the whole article but the “brown skinned children” that her daughter was referring to were special needs. That means they had some type of disability yes? Special needs children do not act the same as other children. I would know. My older sister is special needs. And as someone mentioned did the school make an effort to tell the other kids that kids that were being integrated into the school for playtime were special needs? And to the racist people you do know that not every black person is ignorant, mean, spiteful, and violent? You shouldn’t rely on the media (which it seems you are doing) to get a clear picture of a whole race. And also yeah you may live in a predominately black area but look at where you live. You can’t stay in one town your whole life and then judge black people ALL OVER AMERICA AND THE WORLD based upon these experiences or observations. There are all types of black people just like there are all types of white people and asian and so forth. Oh and actually there are more white people on wellfare than black people but the media likes to show black people as being the poorest As a teenage I find it extremely sad to see that there is still so much blatant racism in the year 2011. Though this article was very interesting and possibly helpful for when I (many years from now) become a mother and possibly face a similar situation reading these comments has also made me realize that it’s a sad world we live in. I didn’t know that we still lived in the 60s. I thought that now… there was change from what used to be but there’s not and I am extremely sad. This is from an African American teenager.

  100. Jick Rames says:

    @ Anonymous – I don’t get my info from the media. The media does very well at hiding the facts about black crime. If all black crime was to be reported in the media Jessie Jackson & the NAACP would be having a field day with lawsuits. Something whites, Asians, or Hispanics can never do without being called racist. True, more whites by % of welfare numbers are on welfare, but you need to consider the fact that there are more whites by number in total population. So 1/3 the black population is on welfare, and 1/10 the white population is on welfare. Facts are facts. Just like prison populations, black represent over 60% of the prisons in the US… yet they are only 12-13% the US population.

  101. s says:

    You should also be questioning why all the “special needs” children had brown skin or for that matter why everyone in your neighborhood is white. This story shows how racisim prepetuates itself – especially if one is not conscious of it and doesn’t fight back against it

  102. Better Than You says:

    Franziska, it sounds like you need to take your daughter on a playdate or to a playschool where children of diverse cultures integrate. If the only time she sees children of other races is when she sees the “special needs” children, then of course she is going to come to the conclusion that all children darker than herself must be “special needs”.
    Allie and Chuck, you two sound just as ignorant as the African American people that you are claiming are more ignorant than yourselves. If you were to actually step outside of your ghetto you would see that there are very educated people of every race in the communities much better than your own. What is your Master’s Degree in Chuck? basket weaving? My neighbor’s first grade boy have better spelling, punctuation, and grammer skills than you do. Your ideology and education are a joke, just like you.

  103. Chay Rarles says:

    Even I can see what’s going on with black on white violence and crime in western civilization:

    It’s out of control.

    It’s covered up by the media.

    It’s excused away by the media as part of “black culcha”, or “racist oppression” when it can not be swept under the rug.

    It’s justified by percieved past injustices like slavery segregation and jim crowe.

    It’s encouraged through “hate” crimes legislation, which is seldom if not never leveled against ‘minorities’.

    It is met with no resistance from indigenous Whites for fear of “hate” crimes legislation, which is used exclusely against heterosexual White Males.

    It’s getting worse…

  104. Mr Peacock says:

    Sounds like you have a very smart child there! She hasn’t been brainwashed to compromise her own well being yet. The truth is blacks are ungrateful, sullen, violent, irresponsible people best avoided. The statistics point this out but liberals always make excuses for it and say you’re “ignorant” for stating facts even a toddler can regognize. the truth is they are the ignorant ones for falling for 40yrs of liberal left-wing propaganda and in the process compromising the safety of themselves and their families. for 200 years your ancestors sought to segregate and control these animals. were they really ignorant or bad people? or did they just accept the facts about blacks as they saw them without making excuses for them and looking at things bass ackwards through liberal rose colored glasses. blacks have destroyed entire swaths of civilization: neighborhoods, shopping malls, public education etc…etc…and they are getting worse. they are not like you, they do not want the same things for their children. they do not share you values. the sooner you realize this the better off you’ll be.

  105. Leesa says:

    Are you really on a website about childcare and parenting throwing raciest slurs around? Your character is no better then that of the people you seem to be condemning. Good people and bad people come in every hue. The article referred to “Brown” children, which could be many, many different races. I didn’t think that was a pass to attack all Blacks or African Americans because the reference was “brown”. I do agree that their are some people who always seem to be in the news regarding poor behavior but that applies to all groups. In the end you hold yourself back stereotyping a entire group of people.

  106. Adolf Hitler says:

    This proves we are born knowing the truth about N|GGERS, and it takes re-education to buy into the equality lie

  107. Jessie Jackson says:

    This goes to show you that racism doesn’t have to be taught or passed down. Children can sense evil. You are doing your daughter a disservice by covering up the evil blacks do…I’m not saying go out of your way to bash them…just don’t be PC and ignore the problems. And when she gets older…Please advise her about the dangers of large black crowds as well as dating black men.

  108. African American 17 Year Old says:

    I have never met such racist white people. Jick James had 17 likes on such ignorant racist comments. It makes me wonder if the feeling towards blacks or any other race beside your own is how most whites feels. I have a share of white and black friends/ associates and they both have their good and bad qualities. But I have notice that whites are known to be fake and conniving and blacks tend to be more in your face disrespectful. So is that fake and conniving behavior is because they really don’t care for any other race but themselves?

  109. Allie says:

    @ AA 17-yr-old That fake/conniving behavior is a result of white civilization – we solve our issues through courtesy and diplomacy, when we feel we have been disrespected. Where-as in your home country, limbs are chopped of with machetes and people are beheaded when someone feels they have been “dissed”. You people brought those violent tendencies over here in my country, and will now rape, savage, sodomize,burn, or bet to death anyone who dares to “diss” them. So call our way of solving disputes “fake”, doesn’t hurt us one bit. We prefer not to hurt others, where-as blacks, with their souless eyes sparkling, will delight in seeing others in pain. Tell me, 17-year-old, when there is a fight at your school, do all the blacks gather around to watch, in a crowd ooking and eeking like apes ? “aaaawww sheeeit!” The US is NOT for blacks. They will never be welcome here because they do not have the capacity to understand our laws and morals nor the decency to adhere to them. That’s what we have jails for – NIGGER ZOOS.

  110. Allie says:

    Granted, I am “raaaysis”, but my hatred and disdain for the nigger’s shitty behavior has nothing to do with my racism or their own skin color. It has every thing to do with the nigger’s shitty behavior. Case closed.

  111. haha says:

    look at the million nigger march, if whites had one it would be considered racist. those baboons would go nuts

  112. African American 17 Year Old says:

    Wow. I didn’t mean to hurt or bring down any other race. It was just what i have observed in black and white people i have met or befriend. And when a fight breaks out i dont be looking at how many white or black around was fighting or standing around. Mainly because i don’t head towards fights or any type of argument for that matter. And you said we brought that behavior your country but we were the ones enslaved and the indians was kicked off their land. I dont understand how someone could have so much hatred for someone you never met or know of.

  113. George Wallace says:

    to the author: your self rightousness is very humorous and illustrates YOUR ignorance. how many times were you sure to say you were “shocked” at your childs natural reaction to monkeyshines. your toddler is more street smart than you! LOL i love some of the solutions proffered by your libtard compadres. need more exposure to diversity. yeah good idea i’m sure your child will a fun filled day then. keep on with your apologist, i’m a hip upper middle-class author BS all the way until your daughter, one day after she’s grown comes home knocked up by an aspiring rapper or bakkaball star—and you’ll be to blame. thank god i was raised in the deep south where we knew and know the truth. we did everything we could to hold on to segregation only to have these people forced on us. look and compare society and the school system circa 1964 to today. who was right? Libtards will blame the decline in education and our culture on everything but the obvious truth and you are the cause of it all.

  114. reality says:

    There were 4 times as many white slaves as there were black slaves.Black slaves were paid more for their work than white slaves.Black slaves were treated much better than white slaves.75% of jews owned slaves, 35% of blacks owned slaves, only 2.5% of whites owned slaves.The father of slavery was a black man named john casor.Together jews and blacks owned the majority of slaves.jewish asiatics owned 11 out of the 12 major slave boats.

    This idiot author is setting up her poor child to become a victim of black crime.Whites being the ones who are most likely to be a victim of interacial crimes.hell this author should be teaching her white daughter about the dangers of blacks and browns that they pose .37000 white women raped by blacks,browns annually , something this idiot author should be making aware to her daughter so she does not 1 day become a victim of these rapes.The author is so worried about being a racist that she wilfully puts her daughters life in danger.what an idiot, what a damn fool.Who knows she may 1 day become a victim like this poor white girl.
    Fourteen Year Old Gang-Raped by Africans in Norway


    (Article reprinted with permission.)

    Fourteen Year Old Gang-Raped by Africans in Norway

    The girl then kills herself.

    This is not an isolated incident either.It happens every single day.

  115. reality says:

    To the idiot Author, race is more than skin deep you damn fool.We are not all equal.
    This idiot needs to come out of her gated community and go live in detroit.

  116. Random guy says:

    Wow,I like how so many of you hate black people.I find it amazing how everyone you managed to meet every black person in the world to be saying that they are all the same.I love just how idiotic and delusional you all are.Thank you for being stupid racist!

  117. reality says:

    Hey to the idiot author who wilfully puts her daughters life in danger because she is more worried about being called a racist.

    If its only about skin colour then why do we have different brain sizes, different skeletal structures etc etc the list is endless.

    The human race does not exist the human races do.That is why i can tell you what colour the different human races are but you cannot tell me what colour the human race is.

    I cannot believe how stupid some people are, fair dinkum

  118. reality says:

    racist, smacist, we do not care for your racist accusations, a term coined by the way by a gentile hating jewish communist, leon trotsky.

    I find it amazing that every single place blacks exist is filled with hunger, crime, sexual diseases.

    Hows that for a reality.

    Look at detroit when majority white, a good place, now filled with blacks its a no go zone.Says much about the character of blacks everywhere because everywhere blacks exist is like detroit.

    What about the mixed races of the earth, is it funny that the middle east, mexico, brazil are third world tosspits?

  119. Allie says:

    Random guy you are a nigger lover, and it will only be a matter of time before you are slighted by one. I hope you survive when it happens, so you will know better. Thank you, reality for the facts. Everyone needs to see them. Just so you guys know, this is what happens to women who “see the good” in niggers.
    Such a shame. she was a beautiful woman.
    Hopefully the author notices before it’s too late.

  120. reality says:

    Hey random guy are you talking about these racists?

    Black racist flash mobs – another elephant in the living room


    (Article reprinted with permission.)

    Black Racist Flash Mobs –Another Elephant in the Living Room

    by Jeff Davis

    Racially motivated attacks on White people are yet another elephant in this countrys living room that no one is allowed to talk about in polite society. Well, this website values free speech and protecting White people above being polite so were going to talk about it here.

  121. reality says:


    Oakland’s Third World police department finds out about incident thanks to the internet

    A horrifying video highlighted

    The video depicts an apparently White young woman being savagely beaten by a mob of Blacks in Oakland, California.

    The link is old but you can still find it on the net

  122. reality says:

    “Man scans with scrupulous care the character and pedigree of his horses, cattle, and dogs before he matches them; but when he comes to his own marriage he rarely, or never, takes any such care.” – Charles Darwin (The Descent of Man).

  123. reality says:

    maybe random guy means these racists.


    Scary black conference on CSPAN says Whites need to be exterminated.
    He actually said it and said it loud and proud and the whole place applauded him.

    This was on CSPAN. National TV my friends. I just about wanted to destroy my television. I had visions of my children being slaughtered by blacks.

    I couldn’t believe it…. this is MAINSTREAM BLACK TALK, not some underground local cable tv show. Did ANYONE happen to watch this garbage?

    The event takes place at the Howard Univ. School of Law, in Washington, DC.
    10/14/2005: WASHINGTON, DC: 4 hr.

    The time is actually 3 hours 33 minutes, the actual call for extermination comes at 3:41:33.

    They also said they invited guests to join them

    GUESS,,,not very hard,,,give up,

    The womens movement.

    Oh yeah, nothing like having a bunch of white hoes wanting to prove their non racial as you scream Kill Whitey.

    Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

  124. reality says:

    Jews think the white race should be destroyed as well..

    Noel Ignatiev (white Harvard professor and editor of “Race Traitor” magazine) — “Keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.” [Robert Boatman, "Trent Lott's of the Left," (online), January 3, 2003.] (added 2/05/03)


  125. reality says:


    Could French-Style Riots Happen Here?

    Aztlan leader warns of anti-White bloodbath

    While Many Americans are watching the chaos unfold following 12 nights of mayhem by largely Muslim immigrants in the streets of France, a leader of the separatist Aztlan movement in the U.S. says it’s only a matter of time before worse unrest hits the streets of America.

    “Can a similar insurrection occur in the USA?” asks Ernesto Cienfuegos of La Voz de Aztlan.

    Yes, he concludes.

  126. reality says:


    George P. Bush (son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife Columba, and nephew of the President speaking to a gathering of Hispanics) — “. . . we have to fight for our race, we have to find the leaders who represent us.”[Reuters, Aug. 2, 2000.] (added 2/05/03)


  127. reality says:


    Haunani-Kay Trask (Professor of Hawaiian Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and author of the following poem)

    Racist White Woman,I could kick Your face, puncture Both eyes.

    You deserve this kind Of violence.

    No more vicious Tongues, obscene Lies.

    Just a knife Slitting your tight Little heart.

    For all my people Under your feet
    For all those years Lived smug and wealthy Off our land
    Parasite arrogant,A fist In your painted Mouth, thick
    With money And piety

    [Ryan O'Donnell, "Hate America Professor,", June 25, 2003.]

  128. reality says:


  129. reality says:

    Samuel Lin (Asian student at the University of California at Berkeley on what should be done about white men who date Asian women) – “I think we should f—in’ kill them all. Get your own ladies. Stick to your own flavor.” [Carrie Chang, "White Light," Monolid Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 1.](added 4/10/03)
    Carrie Chang (writer for Monolid Magazine on an Asian friend who dated white men) – “Suffice it to say, she was not the only Asian woman I had met with a hankering for Mr. Mayonnaise or marshmallow face.” [Carrie Chang, "White Light," Monolid Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 1.] (added 4/10/03)



  130. reality says:


  131. reality says:

    Civil War in Europe?

    In fact, to have a true Civil war you have to have a fight between two sections of the same population – Catholics and Protestants, or Monarchists and Republicans, or slave owners and non slave owners.

    What is happening in Europe is just the first chapter of what has been termed The Eurabian War between Muslims and Europeans.

    The fight has already spread far from the suburbs of Paris and now over 300 cities and villages in France are experiencing Muslims rampaging in their streets.

    Worse, the fight has spread over the border to Belgium and Germany. Other European countries will not be far behind.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer says William Pfaff, the best informed of American commentators, no longer believes that people of profoundly different traditions can live side by side in the same country.

    From Toledo, Ohio,New Oleans, Belgium,Denmark,Redfern(Aus), WA (Australia) , Cronulla,Mourabra,(nsw Aus),NT(Aus), Queensland (Aus),Spain,Portugal,Birmingham to Toulouse in France the sparks have been lit in an inter-racial and inter-cultural war that will burn for years.

    Philadelphia Inquirer

    A light hearted opinion piece can be round at:

    Daily Telegraph, London;jsessionid=521BZK2VDJPW5QFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/opinion/2005/11/08/do0802.xml&sSheet=/opinion/2005/11/08/ixopinion.html

  132. reality says:

    No stupid impersonator, i pull truths out which can be backed up by the right sources.

    Thats why empty heads like you have nothing.Now go away you idiot.

  133. reality says:

    Reality 101
    -One big happy human family?
    - Race 101 –
    Race vs species
    - Species 101

    Modern education – Equipping the next generation or just plain brainwashing?
    Schools are NOT in the business of teaching you to think for yourself!
    History is in the eye of the beholder
    . And he who defines, controls.

    OK, so if this is really about hate, then what is hate?
    And if thats hate, then I guess the whole world is just one big bunch of happy haters!
    Not to mention discriminators too!

    If you’ve ever been sold the notion that “violence never solved anything” – then I suggest you demand a refund!
    So rise and shine, white folks – theres gonna be interesting times ahead.*tless.htm

    And when you are on the bottom, your first task is to look up.

    White autonomy
    Politically Incorrect Science by leading Scientists? Surely not?

  134. reality says:

    K. R. McKilliam B.A. Hons

    Slavery Today!
    K. R. McKilliam B.A. Hons.
    The white Caucasoid race especially that section settled in North West Europe are the most intelligent of the races. Their intelligence, skills and energy have created the whole of modern technology. They are the producers of real wealth from raw materials. Ever since the times of William III aliens settling in the British Isles have used this creativity of our race to gather to themselves the profit by USURY, the lending of purchasing power credit money at compound interest. We are now in debt to international bankers and financiers to the tune of billions of pounds and never will be able to pay back the principal together with the interest and as a result the value of our currency continually diminishes.



  135. reality says:

    Take up the White Man’s burden -
    The savage wars of peace –
    Fill full the mouth of Famine,
    And bid the sickness cease;
    And when your goal is nearest
    (The end for others sought)
    Watch sloth and heathen folly
    Bring all your hope to nought.

    -Rudyard Kipling (1899)
    “The new tolerance is a virtue of men who believe in nothing and those who cry the loudest for this tolerance believe in their own “ideals” of tolerance the least of all.

    Real tolerance is not assimilating others’ beliefs, but it is respecting those beliefs if they are worthy of respect.

    Only the West, and especially European culture, is worthy of such great respect.”
    “Dream Places”, in this country or anywhere else, do not just happen.

    They are the products of a particular culture, people, and heritage, and replacing the culture, people, and heritage that created them with others will only eradicate them more quickly”-Sam Francis

  136. reality says:


  137. reality says:



  138. reality says:

    To my impersonator, you are an unoriginal ,brainless,pathetic moron.

  139. white educated 30 something says:

    Ms. Green, i hope im alive the day you blog about your daughter coming home from the hospital after going through a rape kit so the police can get some DNA to track the nigger(s) down who raped your daughter (who by the way you are using as a pawn in your liberal agenda to not only appease the niggers to bring you more fame, which i am sure you lust after like a vampire lusts for blood, but also to help spread not only your liberal ideology but also you feminist multicultural communist propaganda as well) and you can then blog to us about how you are so sorry for telling the world that to naturally dislike a nigger is wrong and how you had failed your daughter by filling her head with the lib-speak of today.

    i can only hope that you have to spend years paying hand over foot by the hour for your daughters psychologist visits because of the mental trauma she will have after being savagely beaten and raped by one of your so loving magical niggers.

    and then when you are old and grey, i hope you only have your daughter left to take care of you. because that is when she will enact her revenge on you.

    she will wait till you can no longer take care of your self and she will place you in the worst nursing home, in the worst ghetto america will at that time have to offer, run by the most savage jungle violent niggers you will ever have seen in your entire life.

    and she will only come visit on sundays so she can watch as you scream and wail about how the nigger bucks that work in the nursing home beat and rape you, and how the she-boon attendants smack you around and steal from you.

    and she will look at you, and smile a huge sadistic smile of vengeance and tell you that “she is SHOCKED” to hear you say such things. and that “you are not being nice by being racist”.

    and then she will get up and leave, go out to her car and drive off, knowing that for all the years of mental and physical trauma and abuse that she had to suffer with to make you love her that now you are getting a nice taste of your own medicine.

    so, keep making your daughter love niggers even though she can not stand them…because in the end she will teach you a thing or two.

  140. reality says:


  141. reality says:

    Oh and ps ,how sad that i do not find happiness in my peoples genocide.Such is the liberal multicults insane pshyche.

    Multicult think

    white genocide = good, double plus good.

    black,asian,jewish,indian,whale,girraffe,cat,dog genocide = bad, very bad, minus a zillion bad.

  142. reality says:

    If you all would just wise up and vote for Palin – Beck in 2012, this world would be a much better place.

  143. reality says:

    Black crime rate-The facts.


    Major Findings of The Color of Crime — Second, Expanded Edition (2005)

    Crime Rates

    Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
    When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
    Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
    The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

    Interracial Crime

    Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
    Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
    Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
    Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.


    Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
    Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.


    Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.
    Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.

  144. reality says:

    palin,beck are traitors to America.

    Nothing more than ass kissers of the jews who control them like puppets,just like they control that other puppet, mr teleprompter reader barry obama.

  145. reality says:

    look how the american congress(repubs,demorats) kiss israels ass.They know whos boss.

  146. reality says:

    Typical brainless impersonator fromn the looney left making fun of those who cannot defend themselves, like those with down syndrome.

    See white folks how deranged these scumbags from the looney left truelly are.They are piss weak.

  147. reality says:

    Don’t even get me started on Obama. The Jews paid for his education, then wrote his speeches for him, elected him, and now he’s paying them all back by pushing this healthcare reform through to give all the blacks coverage so they can have more babies who will then elect more black people who the jews will get more money from so they can finally buy up all the debt in africa so all the black people in the world will owe them money, then they can synthesize the AIDS virus and give it to the whites!

  148. white educated 30 something says:

    I am a 30 something year old and I am a sick pervert who visualizes and wishes rape on someone because I am evil pervert. I’m also a rapist thats why I could give such details on what is going to happen to your daughter.

  149. reality says:

    See what these looney lefters will have you believe? All they want is for everyone to get along and be happy. THIS ISN’T POSSIBLE PEOPLE. Some people are just better than others. You think whites would have trouble crawling out of hundreds of years of institutionalized discrimination? Nope! The master race would have just ran away and build monuments and made art and money out of nothing, becuase we’re just better.

    The looney left wants you to believe that everyone is equal, and deserves a fair chance in life… Disgusting.

  150. reality says:

    Black children don’t want to be better! Remember in elementary schools when the teacher would ask what you wanted to be when you grew up? The white kids would all say: “teachers, doctors, lawyers, or astronauts” and the black kids would all say: “I’m gonna grow up and have lots of kids, commit crimes, and be on welfare!” You remember how all the black kids said that? Why are we even surprised!

  151. reality says:

    typical impersonator trying to make a joke out of my completely reasonable and sane views… WAKE UP FAGGGGG

  152. Count Yob says:

    The most important thing you can teach your kid is to think for herself, not to try and force her into a politically correct form of doublethink concerning race that will lower her awareness and defense against attacks by criminal predators who, more often than not, are organized along racial lines. Also, the “special needs” label too often boils down to special excuses for failure and misbehavior. True compassion for these “special needs” kids would include expectations and discipline when they violate boundaries and misbehave. If they can’t conform to the minimal expectations for good behavior then they should be isolated for the sake of the other students.

  153. reality says:

    to my impersonator, the looney left do not want everybody to be happy.If you agree with their idealogies your ok if you do not they want to throw you in gaol.The looney left are idiots with idiot idealogies.They support the genocide of the very diversity they claim to embrace.They are liars, fascists and hypocrits.Communist,marxist scumbags who brainwash our children with cultural marxism, they are terrorists.obama a favourite of the looney left best mate is bill ayers a terrorist looney leftist.jarod loughner another looney left nutcase.nelson mandela is a looney leftists who is another terrorist(who i believe is still on the fbis terrorist list)who sings kill all the white folks with his jewish handler.obamas wife just visited mandela the racist terrorist.

    institutionalised racism..pmsl…what about in black countries ,why cant black achieve anything in africa?

    More whites have been slaves then blacks but we managed to overcome it.why cant blacks?

    when haiti,SA,Zimbabwe were run by whites they were the bread baskets of the world.Now run by blacks they are basket cases, whats your excuse for this looney lefties?

  154. Ahmed says:

    I am a Syrian Arab studying in the United States, and let me tell you, I feel way more comfortable around other Syrians that white Americans. It is not because Americans are racist, actually quite the contrary – I have been treated very warmly wherever I go, rather, it is because of the cultural difference and my own desire to be around other people like me. Is that really wrong?

  155. reality says:

    how come i can show you looney lefties talking about killing white people but you cannot show me a white person saying kill all the black people?You will notice thatn any white who has said that is now in gaol on hate crime charges yet these very influential asian,black,jewish leftists are not.looney lefties are deraanged communist scumbags.

  156. reality says:

    ahmed, according to the looney leftists who support white genocide that is wrong.

    they want everybody the same colour, same culture, blah blah they do not understand reality.

  157. person says:

    I think reality should be quiet.

  158. reality says:

    Why do people fear the truth?

  159. Dominique Austin says:

    Hey um did anybody notice that the author of this article never said that the “brown skinned children” were African American? The special needs children could have been Latino, African American, Asian, etc. It’s funny how it was assumed that these children were African American. Just a thought.

  160. reality says:

    stupid people like the person are the reason over 20,000 Europeans are sitting in gaol simply for having a differing opinion on history.

    The reason over 500,000 white European women are being enslaved in the sex trade industry by jews.

    The reason why 100% of rapes in sweden,norway,denmark are against white women and by black men doing the raping.

    but hey lets all keep quiet on this very reality.

  161. my story says:

    Some things never change. this was my introduction to race, just the highlights and important points.

    i grew up in the south. integration though passed as law was not accepted locally and the school board fought tooth and claw to prevent it. years went by and it happened that my kindergarten class was the first to be integrated.

    up until i statred school i had very limited contact with negroes, only ones that worked for us. anyway on that first day of integrated school, there were no problems at all from either the parents or kids. they were a curiousity nothing more. my first impression as a 5yr old was they had bad hygiene, used poor grammer and were difficult to teach. the class moved a little slower as they were always the ones who had difficulty with new concepts.

    as the years went own, with roughly the same student ratio of 80% white 20% colored we learned to coexist with each other. they kept to their own and so did we. we mixed in school and on the playground but not socially. it would never even enter my mind to have one to my house or invite one to a party etc…but neither did we give them a hard time.

    by my 7th grade year we went to a new junior high school built just across the color line on the black side of town. now the mix was roughly 60% black 40% white. on the very first day of school a black kid i had known since kindergarten came up to me and said “you’re on out turf now whitey you better watch your back” this despite none of the black children were ever harrassed when they were a much bigger minority at our old school. there were fights, my locker was broken into and my new coat stolen. white kids previously wearing lacoste shirts to school were now wearing army fatigues and work boots. we fought back and it eventually became a stalemate. a long siege lasting two years until we finished there. i learned at 13 you must stand up to the tyrannical negro. you cannot reason with them or appease them.

    previous to any of this i had led a sheltered life. i got my education early. it was the blacks who tought me first hand about violence and crime. to watch your back and not be a victim. it was more important than any science, math or english learned in those two years. what is sad is that it must be learned at all. our leaders failed us, enrolling us unwillingly in a grand social experiment. what suprises me are the liberals who drink the kool-aid. i think they comprise two types those elite sheltered ones who actually believe all this diversity garbage through lack of life experience and the liberals who know the truth but won’t say it to further their own aims or are too cowardly to say anything for fear of offending someone.

    in any event the time for all this liberal crap has passed. the plain truth is blacks become aggresive when they have superior numbers or detect white fear. recent news events in Chicago, Peoria, Philly, Cleveland, DC, St Louis of “flash mobs” of “youth” show this to be true, despite media attempts to cover it up.

  162. reality says:

    Doesnt matter whether they are asian, negro, middle eastern,mexican the same rule applies.

  163. reality says:

    I don’t understand why you people don’t get this. CRAZY PEOPLE ARE CRAZY. If one black person says kill all whiteys at any point in any context, then every person who has ever agreed with them about anything thinks white people should die! How hard is that to understand. All lefties are communist fascists! I don’t care if those ideologies intersect in ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING WAY AND ARE ACTUALLY ON OPPOSITE ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM, it’s just what they are because they are two polysyllabic words that have negative connotations so i attach them to people i disagree with in order to disparage them!

  164. reality says:

    You are correct mystory.

    The sad part is that this idiot liberal author would prefer to set her child amongst the rabble because she is to worried about being called a name.The dreaded racist ….lmfao…It is beyond pathetic.

    This Author is not fit to be a parent.She endangers her childs life by being politically correct and naive.

    Her daughter shows a very natural and healthy dislike of those that are not like her and she tries and take away this natural biasm of her daughters preferences pover those that are not like her.

  165. reality says:

    communism,cultural marxism,are ideals of the looney left, there is no denying this.

  166. reality says:

    jew george soros funds the looney leftists.Another communist scumbag out to destroy good white nations through multiculturalism cult which is in reality a white genocide policy.

    communism,cultural marxism which are leftists ideals have killed over 160million people world wide.A wicked, insane ideaology fully supported by looney leftists.They are responsible for more deaths than religion.

    They are basically a cult.

  167. Paragon says:

    Your daughter is more intelligent than you it seems. Pattern recognition is a very basic past-time for children. She recognized the patterns of more black or brown kids being mean to her.

    You as a mother should encourage such intelligence, it would save her from hanging around stupid places when she’s older, and getting raped because of it. But if she thinks no one can possibly mean her harm because THE WORLD IS SUNSHINE AND RAINBOWS, she won’t understand cautiousness.

    In short, your inability to nurture that aspect of your child is borderline child abuse.

  168. Jessica says:

    I understand what this child was going through.I went through it too but sadly with my own race back in elementary school.They would always pick at and make fun of me because I was of a lighter shade of skin-brownish yellow..And my nose was almost pointy.My best friend had lighter skin than me and she too was very disliked by the black children.We were both outcast.We did not behave nor speak in a manner in which they did.Their childhood conduct to me was ridiculously mean,rude and immoral for any child to behave in such a way.As I grew older I grew almost apart from my own race.Till this day,I still feel that childhood disheartened feeling towards them.I am almost prejudice against them In my opinion Ghetto blacks=creative niggas ignorance badly expressed and hip hop blacks=trouble making niggas reaching for a goal that is too far out of reach.I am okay with intelligent well behaved blacks that are accepting of me and the people I am fond of such as friends and family.Even so,I am slow to approach any black person outside my family..I refuse to date and marry any black man.I blame BET and any other channel or station that promotes ignorance for blacks.I say its okaying immorally wrong behavior for many of them.

  169. tayquanda says:

    who u be comin on hear an sayin bad things bout black folks! u just be jelous cause black iz beeutiful. black kids be stornger and better at sports an u white folks kno it too. no wonder they domminat the while chidrens cause they be stronger so there! u need to think b4 u be hatin yall is just jelous. we be presdent now an we takin over so get over it!

  170. tayquanda says:

    thats wut i thout bitch ass u kno it be tru so yall need 2 stop making theese racist comments. yall be racist an jelous cause we be finally getin wat be ritefully ours. u cant keep tha black man no mo an u be scared

  171. reality says:


    White people dominate most sports.Whites dominate the world strongman competitions as well as majority of olympic sports.Hate to burst your bubble.

    What is rightfully yours?White people worked hard to build America only to have their hard earned tax dollars go towards welfare for you lazy6 blacks

  172. Jessica says:

    Tayquanda..With you typing in slang and misspelled words doesn’t help anything with defending blacks..YOU MAKE THEM LOOK MORE IGNORANT..!people like you should shut up and spell correctly then type your statement.

  173. reality says:

    Aghh yes the American president, who needs a teleprompter just to talk..typical puppet.

  174. reality says:

    Whites are not going around singing kill all the black people , blacks are going around singing kill all the white people.

    Who did you say the real racists were again…

  175. White christain female says:

    @reality u disgust me
    honestly i wud perfer it if u drop dead

  176. reality says:

    white christian females disgust me even more than the non whites.They are usually the victims of black on white crimes.They follow a jewish religion and a false god.Jesus was not jewish.matter of fact jesus never existed.The white man jews stole the idea of jesus from APPOLONIUS A ACTUALLY DID EXIST.Now go follow your false prophet..oh and ps what does the bible say about jews?They are the sons of satan…lol

    Now go away you disgusting creature.

    Your real name should be an idiot white female christian who supports white genocide.Such is your blatant idiocy.

  177. reality says:

    Where are all the contributions to science and technology from the negros ,mexicans, arabs,asians?pmsl….

    We should take away white technology from the libtards…..

    I hear they still build a mean mud hut in africa, perhaps you white christian females would prefer to live they are raping you white christian females in huge numbers in africa as well.All these stupid brainwashed white girls going over africa to feed them..loll..only to end up dead or raped.This is what will happen to this authpors daughter because she is an idiot who doesnt teach her daughter correctly.

  178. reality says:

    Correction on my typos…That would be jews not white man jews as white jews do not exist.They are asiatics according to their dna.

  179. reality says:

    jewish communists killed over 60million white christians and idiots like white christian females follow the jews like lambs to the slaughter..

  180. reality says:

    3-Year-Olds Prefer Their Own Ethnic Group……who knew?


    Even in multicultural settings, preschool children may gravitate toward playing with kids of their own ethnicity, a new study finds.
    But when kids do engage with playmates of another ethnicity, they show signs of adjusting their play style to match their partner’s, researchers reported in June in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology.

  181. tayquanda says:

    tha blacks be dommnatin in sports axcept mabe nascar or hockey so get over it! az fo who be da racis yall tha 1 talkin shit bout black folks not tha otter way arond.i am sick of al da jelousy cause da black man thru his chains off an made something of hisself. yall are haters an jelous i feel sorry 4 jus cant be axceptin that u dont domnate no mo. o well keep on ahtin an showing ur ingnorance. az to tha ladie that be wrote the artickle bout her chile, u jus needs to akwaint her with black folks most dees haters do so out of ingnorance cause dey dont take time to get to kno any. most blacks are freindly axcept to raciss folks.

  182. tayquanda says:

    anuther thing altho it be makin me mad those that be makin raciss commnets i aint gonna be cussin at u. folks be sayin that blacks dont kno how ro act or beehave. yall da ones talkin all ugly an i be merelly statin fax an proving u haters wrong an showing tha error of u ways. u cant arguw tha fax u be sick wit raycism an not be thinkin str8t. oh well

  183. Jessica says:

    Most of many blacks assume that white people are racist.. When in some cases they are not..However some blacks are friendly but,can be back stabbing in a nature that is sometimes subtle..This is partly why I keep my distance from them.Most of them are purposefully mean.

  184. Jazzy says:

    There are blacks and there are niggers, you know the ones like @tayquanda. With a retarted ghetto name, can’t spell, clearly uneducated, and rambling about blacks like they didn’t come to america which was founded by the white man and run it down. Niggers are disgusting and ignorant, and are invading our once beautiful country like fuck1ng rats.
    @reality- you seriously need to get a fuck1ng life. Your a loser, say what you need to say and move on with your life. Also, your ignorant ramblings sound like you pulled them out of your @ss.

  185. tayquanda says:

    mutha fukker u dont knoe me. i finished scool an got a semmester of jc so u can kiss my black ass u cleerly r a raciss. i kno alot of nice whit peeple but they sum raciss 1′s here. sayin that junk bhind a compooter u beez reel brave an shit r’nt ya.

  186. Jessica says:

    Tayquanda..Do you realize how bad and ignorant you’re making blacks look?LEARN HOW TO SPELL CORRECTLY!I too am black-half black..I don’t even spell like a sh!t head.

  187. reality says:

    Whites dominate sports,not blacks.blacks dominate running that is all.Whites dominate strongmen comps, heavyweight boxing,most boxing,martial arts titles.currently in football and basketball we have a caste systems where the better white players are overlooked for the lesser black sports stars.The olympic results since they started prove whites are better sportsmen.

    You cannot handle the truth about your negro inferiority.

    You blame the white man for all your failures.

    blacks cannot build or sustain decent,law abiding communities.

  188. reality says:

    hey jazzy i can back up what i say with evidence, can you ,you ignorant fool?

    Everything i have stated are facts, not something i have pulled out of my ass but factual history which can be backed up by cold hard evidence.

    Thus is the difference between a true ignoramous like you and a truth teller like me.

    I love pointing out the idiocy of those who thinks race is just the colour of your skin.We are not all equal, your cultural marxist teachers lied to you.

  189. tayquanda says:

    i aint evun gone be studyin yall. im chillin wit my homeboy an my kids we grillin sum ribs an watching madea an i been checkin in but it be spiolim ny mood. see u l8ter raciss it be 1st o da munth an i be livin large. yall reely need to get sum help for ur hatred an jelousy. peace

  190. reality says:

    Why would we be jealous of blacks, what have they achieved?

  191. reality says:

    Without the white man you blacks wpouldnt have ribs nor tv.

  192. tayquanda says:

    we bilt tha pyramids we discovred math an science. we wur tha original kings an queens until tha white devils took us from our home. all civlizayshun begins wit us. we be the original people. u be knowin u jelous an u afrayd of us case r time has come tha black man has arrived.

  193. tayquanda says:

    white man didnt invint no pig fool! we don need u for no ribs.

  194. Jessica says:

    Tayquanda do you not see what I have typed toward you..You are embarrassing the name of black people by spelling like a no wit-fool.

  195. tayquanda says:

    i cunfess im not a reel good speller but its wut i say thatis impotant not tha spellin. lots of folks dont spell good but they still be havin there say iaint gonna sit here an lssen to theese raciss comments an not be sayin wut i gots to say.

  196. tayquande says:

    if thoose folks not be commentin i wuldnt have nothing to say back to. it bees my duty to stand up to it an say my say. holla

  197. tayquanda says:

    oops i ment to put tayquanda i gets to typin to fast an be hittin the rong key

  198. Breanna says:

    Just to clear the air America was NOT founded by caucasians!!! You cant “discover” a country that’s already being inhabited i.e Native Americans. Just reading alot of these racist comments makes me realize why this world is and will always be screwed up! Race has nothing to do with how a person acts. It all comes down to your own morals and social standards that you choose to live by. Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian or whatever no one race is any better than the other! Among each group you have your good and your bad! So stop looking at a persons’ skin color for insight as to who they are as an INDIVIDUAL!

  199. tayquanda says:

    i herd that sista they be wantin to sterotype blacks n shit dont even b takin tha time to get to kno us. to all u haters get yoself sum help

  200. Breanna says:

    @tayquanda…I never once said that I was a woman of color…I actually would prefer to not disclose my race so that you wont be biased and judge be my skin rather the words that I speak.

  201. tayquanda says:

    why u gotta be black to b a sista. thats raciss

  202. Jessie Jackson says:

    The biggest deceit that the Liberals have put on white america is the title “racist” white people are so afraid to be called a racist that they rather suffer having to lose jobs to affirmative action, live next to niggers, be victims of crime because they are afraid to be called racist. Who cares if you are called names by the libtard left or by even worthless niggers? I would rather live in a secure neighborhood, work nigger free, and not have my children become victims of niggers. Call me racist all you want…how does it go?? “Sticks and stones…

  203. Breanna says:

    Not racist at all…just saying…take it and interpret what I say however you choose. But please do yourself a favor and learn how to spell correctly. There are a plethora of online dictionaries and thesauruses available for your use…Just a suggestion.

  204. Breanna says:

    @Jessie you say you dont want your children to become victims of “niggers”! From reading what you typed the only NIGGER your children will be fallen victim to is you! Last time I checked white people lie, cheat , steal, kill, and pretty much break every law just like every other race of people. Like I said you have the good and the bad…

  205. Jessie Jackson says:

    @Breanna you are soooo naive…lets not look at the U.S. then…can you explain the genocide that is happening to whites in South Africa? Can you tell me why Zimbabwe ran out all the whites in their country to their own demise and have 100% unemployment and starve? Why the original man that has been on the earth 6000 years in the Sahara has no written language, mathematics, calendar, time, or medicine? They still live in mud huts that are less durable then beavers can build?

  206. tayquanda says:

    Jesse that be a dam lie black folk invinted math an science we invint houses it all be comin from us white devils stole our invinshuns an took credik for it. u jus another raciss blamin us for what u do. u need to tends ur own bidness an we be worryin bout ours

  207. Jessie Jackson says:

    Are you kidding me??? Invented math, Science??? you’re going to tell me you invented spelling…go to sleep will ya!

  208. tayquanda says:

    raciss we were kings an queens till tha white devil come. but we comin back now. it took a long time but we presdent now! our time is here

  209. tayquanda says:

    if you dont beleeve me go watch roots it be tellin tha truth bout tha hole thing. thats proof bout what im sayin is tru watch roots devil ansee what yall did and why we r owed reparayshuns for what was dun to us

  210. Jessie Jackson says:

    slavery was the best thing that could have happened for you…maybe your ancestors got a bad deal, but without slavery the’re wouldn’t be no rims, grills, KFC..etc. you would be in africa starving just like the rest of them.

  211. Allie says:

    watch “roots”? tayquanda, you are such a NIGGER. we already give you “reparayshuns”. it’s called WELFARE, you stupid black bitch.

  212. Breanna says:

    @Jessie it has nothing to do w/being naive its about not becoming ignorant in beleiving that depending on what color of skin I was born w/will make me any more or less of a person. Its obvious that you have some serious deep rooted issues that you seriously need to talk to a therapist about. It cant be healthy to have so much anger and hatred inside of you. You are a poor misguided soul. It’s just sad that you dont seem to realize it.

  213. tayquanda says:

    allie mo whites get welfare than anybody els plus it be to help a brutha who be needin help. gorge bush put a lot of folks on welfare thats why they need help reparayshuns r owed us for takin us from r homeland and slavery—be workin witout pay—steelin by the whites jus wut u be accusin us of all tha time pluss we wur promissed 40 akers and a mule where that be at huh? thats wut i thoght i wonder what the intress be on 40 akers an a mule all theese yeers. i wodnt even gone get into all that jus tellin bout the raycism here but it was menshuned.

  214. Breanna says:

    Ms Tayquanda…please just stop talking you are making the situation worse..your lack of proper or better yet even understandable grammer is making it difficult for anyone to even take you seriously. You’re making yourself look very illiterate and uneducated.

  215. Jessie Jackson says:’re right it’s not the color of skin..most east Indians are the same color as african americans however, they are way different in moral character..need I say more? And thanks for your diagnoses but I’m fine, just stating the obvious. So I don’t really have to dig deep or soul search for my responses. On the flip side instead of trashing me for speaking the truth, why don’t you, who seems to be one of the decent black people speak out about the violence and crime that goes on in your community? I would be outraged if I had to be discriminated against for what others do. Do you blame whites for being victimized 10 to 1 on interracial crime? out of the 1m interracial crimes committed annually 900k are black perps on white victims. Tell me who’s hating who?

  216. tayquanda says:

    who u be to tell me i caint be talkin u juss as raciss as theese other folks juss be sayin it in a diffrent way. u talkin down on black folk i gonna say back if i feel like it

  217. reality says:

    DNA confirms whites were the original Egyptians.I find it hard to believe blacks invented maths based on the fact they had no written language and had not even invented the wheel until white man introduced it to them.tayquanda and her afrocentric nonsense,lmwao…

  218. reality says:

    There were more white slaves than blacks slaves and they were treated much better than white slaves.Between blacks and jews they owned the MAJORITY of slaves so if you want reparations see the jews and the father of slavery a black negro man named john casor.Also see your black negro capturers who sold you to the jews to bring to the Americas.White people had very little to do with black slavery.Its a copout and allows blacks to feel sorry for themselves.Blacks still enslave other blacks today as we speak, asians,jews, muslims still practise slavery, it took the white man to outlaw it.Be grateful to the white man we gave you everything tayquanda.

  219. reality says:

    roots is a crock of shit put out by jewish owned and controllled hollywood to make black people hate white people and to make white people feel sorry for the blacks for what their ancestors did to the blacks.

    that type of movie like malcom x,roots, missisippi burning etc have had a great affect on stupid white liberal people, just take the idiot author who wrote this as an example.

  220. Breanna says:

    @Jessie I based my judgment upon you based on the things you said not on your race? How can you judge a whole group of people based on their skin color..oh yeah Im sorry their ancestrial background..So just b/c you throw out a bunch of diluted statistics that makes what you’re saying true? Yeah there’s crime in the african american community as well as the white community…a lot of the statistics out here are biased and full of crap…If I chose to do as you do and judge everyone based on their race I would never talk to another white person again b/c clearly after speaking w/u u seem to be a very ignorant person.

  221. tayquanda says:

    jesse u is an ignorant punk ass raciss

  222. Breanna says:

    @reality your even more ignorant than Jessie…wow I’m just going to go ahead and logout b/c I seem to be getting even more dumb just reading the garbage some of you people are spewing. I wish you all the best and I just hope that one day some of you will open your eyes and learn not to harvest so much hatred in your hearts for people you clearly know nothing about.

  223. Jessie Jackson says:

    I quoted Larry Elder for the crime stats…Here’s another quote…”There is nothing more painful to me at this stage of my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery—then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” —Reverend Jesse Jackson, speaking at the PUSH convention in 1993. And I believe I called you decent.

  224. Nighaven says:

    Franziska Green is an imbecile. I hope somebody teaches her daughter the truth about niggers before they find the poor girl in a dumpster someday. Reality is reality, and in a sane world, sick pigs like Franziska would face child neglect charges for not warning their children about the danger of the vicious, depraved,
    nigger beast.

  225. gigihern says:

    nighaven you frighten me you racist pig…. you are what happens when 2 cousins marry I bet your eyes are very close together right? oh but at least you are white lol what an idiot !!

  226. Nighaven says:

    @ Tayquanda: If it wasn’t for the tax dollars from all of us ‘raycisses’ you’d be living in a mud-hut eating bugs. The only words I want to hear out of your grotesquely protruding, sheboon lips are ‘thank-you’, or, in words you may be able to comprehend, wup tup boota tup u biddo tubbil bup bipa bix nood muh fugga.

  227. Nighaven says:

    @ gigihern: I love all human beings. White, Hispanic, Arabic, Indian, Oriental. it doesn’t matter to me. Niggers are not human beings. I don’t blame them, they are born that way. I blame the ignorant, degenerate, sick, race-traitor pigs like you for the ruination of this country. You are a disgrace to mankind.

  228. Chosen One says:

    I must say I am disappointed by all of the disobedient goys I see on this board. Bad Whitey! Bad! Bad! Bad! Unfortunately, until I get a global IP identification system going for the internet, I will be unable to whack you with my rolled up newspaper. We are working steadily on removing all internet anonymity in the US, as we have in most other European countries, so we know which thought criminals to punish. Your whole “free speech” concept is tricky to obtain long jail penalties, but we can ensure white people who squawk too loud under pressure never gain employment, a penal indigence that alone has kept American whites silent for more than half a century. However, Ms. Green, your work pleases me. I think I see your angle – since your daughter will be a hated minority in this country in adulthood and is already a hated minority in New York City, you hope that an article this masochistic might spare her life until she reaches adulthood. It’s true most whites murdered by non-whites are shrugged off as deserving, but we’ll see if you keep up the good work. Your 3-year-old daughter might not deserve to be slaughtered. Just keep betraying the poor whites of this country, the one who actually have to live in racially diverse neighborhoods ;-) !

  229. HereHappily says:

    For anyone taking “Tayqaunda” seriously.. That’s just someone trying to be funny by being the stereotypical black person. That’s not a real name (at least not that person’s real name) and they do not speak like that. Someone just finds it fun to get a response from you all.

  230. Jacqueline Carpenter says:

    The sad reality of anonymity is that people will say things online that they wouldn’t dare say in person for fear of appearing uncivilized. Do us all a favor…if you can’t say it out loud, don’t post it. It’s garbage.

  231. Joshua Phillip Johnson says:

    Your child was acknowledging reality, and it offended you. Maybe you should spend less time being politically correct and more time in the real world.

  232. whtshedvl says:

    OMG! This country is never gonna get over the fact that 400+ years ago, white people forced the African people to come to this country against their will. I had nothing to do with it and none of my ancestors did either. Nobody related to me was even in this country 400 years ago. And neither was Tayquanda. And has she REALLY checked her family tree? Or is she just using it as an excuse to be angry at the white people. Not all white people are evil! Jesus, get over it all ready! And, Tayquanda, I’d also like to point out that our current president is also half white so, while he mas have brown skin, he was raised by a white woman so please stop throwing that in there. And learn to spell. You’re giving people ammo to talk sh**!

  233. Nighaven says:

    The beauty of anonymity is that people can say what’s on their mind, without fear of violent retaliation from the nigger beasts, who, as a protected species, say anything they want, anytime they want. You see, Jacky, your fondness for these feral animals is evidence that you’ve never had to live among them, nor suffer the atrocities that they commit against human beings on a daily basis, most of which go unreported by the national media., in an attempt to cover up their true nature. Hell, even niggers will tell you ‘dat b dey culcha’. The portrayal of the savages as amiable, humorous people that you watch on the idiot box, is absurdly fictitious. In fact, many of the ‘actors’ who play these roles, have committed rape, murder and various other TNB. Stop living in an illusion, Jacky. It’s time to face the facts. They hate you with a vicious passion, and you love them at your own peril.

  234. k says:

    You people have all been massively trolled. Congratulations for falling for it. I found it quite amusing.

  235. Nighaven says:

    Am upset because a nigger beat me up and robbed me and took my girlfriend from me. All they do is take things that not theirs. So don’t tell me not to have hatred in my heart for these niggers.

  236. Realist says:

    why dont you take all that hate you have and direct it at the animals of your race who 400+ years ago raided Africa. And killed off the South American Indians and Native American Indians. If your ancestors hadnt uprooted blacks from their country where they belong you wouldn’t have the problem you have today. You people hate blacks so much and your ancestors and yourself consider them less than human yet you had sex with them no wait you RAPED them. What do you call someone who has sex with animals huh? Blacks cant have human rights but you can put your members into their women? Your people are MASS MURDERERS and should be tried for crimes against humanity. YOU should have stayed in Europe where you belong!!!!!! No hate buddy just reality.

  237. realitycheck says:

    Do your daughter a favor and give her up for adoption. Someone like you will endanger her safety with your thought process. I only hope she doesn’t get harmed while you plant your liberal lips on darkie’s backside after you get assulted by a flash mob.

    “When I asked her why she felt bad toward the brown children, she told me they werent very nice, they didnt ask to borrow, and they snatched.”

    How does it feel to have a 3 year old child that’s vastly more intellegent than yourself? The kid knows that darkie is a rude, smelly, violent thief. Figure it out for yourself.

  238. Realist says:

    people of all races do bad things not just blacks and other race seems to know how to weild cruelty like yours check your history book buddy. There are uneducated people of every race, there are Caucasians have lived in mud huts too. What is the typical profile for a serial killer. Puhlease Most modern socities in the western world have been built off the BLood SWEAt and TEARS and HUMILIATION of blacks. Without black peopleyou couldnt enjoy the luxury you do today. Blacks were brought their to build and works cause others couldnt handle the heat and stress. Please my brother Puhlease.

  239. realitycheck says:

    TO REALIST: Of course people of all races do bad things, but take an honest look at the numbers. How can 10% of the population be responsible for over 50% of all crime? And of course people of all cultures lived in mud huts once upon a time, but take a good look which cultures are building skyscrapers in 2011 and who is still building mud huts. Look at rape statistics. Look at the “flash mobs”. The flash mobs aren’t a bunch of hispanic, jewish, or even middle eastern teens. They are all darkies. I defy you to show one example of a non-black flash mob committing a crime. Just one.

  240. She Ne Ne says:

    those statistice lie. they make them up to make black people look bad. you can’t trust any data the white man puts out.

  241. realitycheck says:

    Google search Reginald and Johnathan Carr. Jason Befort was one of my best friends. He was brutally raped and murdered by two apes along with 4 of his friends…only his girlfriend survived after being shot execution style in the back of the head and left for dead… naked in sub-freezing snow, her body run over by her dead boyfriend’s vehicle. Now tell me why I shouldn’t hate darkie.

  242. tayquanda says:

    that bees tha truth. you caint trust raciss statistics

  243. realitycheck says:

    TO SHE NE NE: Statistics don’t make black people look bad, black people do. Statistics didn’t steal my car. Statistics didn’t assult my kid at school. Slavery ended almost 250 years ago… there’s no excuse for TNB.

  244. The Real Nighaven says:

    @ Reality challenged Realist: Stop believing in fairy tales.Niggers held their own kind as slaves (and still do) in Apefrica, long before humans ever did. The ‘ancestor’ nonsense is a fallacy, as the average yardape’s ancestors were far more likely to have held slaves than the average person. As for the Indians, they are wonderful human beings, and what happened to them is atrocious. However, as progress goes, you snooze, you lose. Had they invented medicine, gunpowder and navigation first, they may well have
    conquered new lands. Don’t you dare put them in the same category as niggers. Equating the plight of native Americans with the centuries old legacy of nigger failure is true racism, and you should be ashamed of yourself. They live in abject poverty, because the libtard government wastes all the resources on incorrigable shit-skins.Furthermore, any human who committed bestiality should have been immediately executed. I don’t know for the life of me how any man can even touch a filthy, STD ridden she-boon, let alone lay down with one.In conclusion, if you are a human, you are a particularly imbecilic individual. If you are a nigger, it’s just par for the course.

  245. Thank You says:

    @realitycheck just because you have nothing to do with your time but to dig up every last crime done by a black person doesn’t mean it’s the majority. I could do the same but i rather not because there are better things in life to do. You sit at your computer pulling percentage out of your ass. Shut the fuck up and find something to do with your time. Thank You ; )

  246. realitycheck says:

    Um, sure I just pulled that out of my ass. If you want more graphic details I was at the trial. I can tell you Jason was going to propose to his girlfriend that night. I can tell you the filthy beasts raped both the men and women. I can tell you they also forced them to all engage in forcable sodomy. Tell ya what tuffguy, take a walk down MLK Bvd after sundown and prove me wrong.

  247. Thank You says:

    @The Real Nighaven: The slavery that went on in Africa amongst themselves was different from the evil shit the white men did. First of all the slavery was at free will to provide for their families and they wasn’t treated like animals. So stop digging up shit and picking out what you want to turn it into something that is not true.

  248. Thank You says:

    @realitycheck did you read what I said “percentage” not details asshole there’s a difference. And sure you was at the trail. StFu i don’t give a shit. You want me to give details on the white pedophiles molesting little kids including their own. Like I said find something to do with your time and move the fuck on. Everybody commits crime. Whites, blacks, asians, men and women, the old… the young. Get over it.

  249. realitycheck says:

    Wow… slavery in Africa was different than slavery in America. The only difference I see is the shipping charge.

  250. realitycheck says:

    I can’t believe there’s a dipshit defending nigger crime. It’s all the fault of modern white men, who by the way couldn’t have possibly owned a slave EVER. I SHOULD BLAME MY FRIEND FOR HIS OWN DEATH BECAUSE HE AND HIS FRIENDS HAD JOBS, THEREFORE MAKING THEMSELVES TARGETS FOR ROBBERY, MURDER, AND RAPE. FUCKING DIE YOU PIECE OF SHIT.

  251. realitycheck says:


  252. Thank You says:

    @realitycheck: Obviously you have nothing else to say but nonsense. Your fight to carry on a senseless debate is becoming pathetic. So do yourself and everybody a favor and power down. Thank You :)

  253. Nighaven says:

    @ Thank you: Is that the best you can come up with? It’s hard to believe, but you may be an even bigger moron than Realist. When a human commits pedophilia it’s an extemely rare, sick crime, and should be punishable by death. When niggers do it, it’s a far more common occurance. It’s just another form of TNB.
    dey juss beez gittin dey freek awn, yome sayin?

  254. She Ne Ne says:

    wow i sure see now how a lot of whites feel about african-americans and you should be ashamed. we have contributed a lot, given you two great leaders (MLK & Obama) and in the last two decades we have carried this culture most of the singers, actors etc.that people like are black! if a black man can fight for this country he should be excepted.

  255. Nighaven says:

    Yeah sure. She Ne Ne. MLK was nothing but a john for white prostitutes, and a drug addict criminal. BHO is another drug addict, and doesn’t even have enough human DNA to grasp the language of the Marxist agenda that his trainers are teaching him to mimic. Niggers have offered nothing but trash culture, which is only popular because of the massive liberal marketing campaign. Even the only quality nigger actor, Morgan Freeman, had an affair with his step-grandaughter, fifty years younger than him.
    Niggers in the service are just as worthless as their civilian counterparts. They are fucking lazy shirkers,
    and any pay they get is just another hand out. They will side with whomever offers the most gibs-muh-dats.

  256. Thank You says:

    There you go again make up shit. When you can show me link to this evidence of your so called truth. QUOTE When niggers do it, it’s a far more common occurance. ENDING QUOTE. Then we could have a debate that you desperately need. Arguing with a moron just makes you a moron. Therefore, you shall hear no more for me. Have A Great Day. ; )

  257. Jessica says:

    Jessie Jackson,is that really your name..?Because mine is actually Jessica Jackson..If that really is your name then what a strange similarity.(:

  258. She Ne Ne says:

    if MLK was all those bad things you claim, why the man got a federal holiday? you are just a cracker lying racist hater. you must be jealous of black men to hate them so bad. cause they bigger than you hehehe get over it we are equal. and everyone but the ignorant know it too!

  259. Anonymous says:

    If Martin Luther King had known blacks, as a whole, were going to turn out this way, he never would have marched.

  260. tayquanda says:

    yall needs tobe takin thay raciss shit on otta here this artikle was about proper chile raisin an teachun them to not be raciss. so they bwont grow up ta be like u all h8tin an sick

  261. Jessica says:

    Anonymous, I agree with you on that…If he was aware of their usual today conduct and careless bad mouth, he wouldn’t have lift a damn foot in that march..To all of you trouble making,lazy ass up to no good blacks..You denounce what Martin Luther king had stood up for…The man stood for you till his end and this is how you people-niggas of today show your condolences..You niggas should be very ashamed of yourselves..Niggas are contributing more ignorance on television and the radio and in my honest opinion it is corrupting the black race..I feel bad for the black youths of today.

  262. Nighaven says:

    @ She Ne Ne: It has a federal holiday because of your liberal enablers, without whom you would descend into cannibalism within months. It was only a matter of time before you chimped out, and your coon-versation degenerated to the level of genetalia comments. I’ve grown bored with destroying each and every feeble argument that you niggers and nigger lovers can come up with. It’s like swatting flies. I’d just like to conclude by saying that I’ve never done anything to harm niggers. First of all, I vehemently oppose animal cruelty, and secondly, I could never cause you as much harm as you cause yourselves. Without humans you would have TNB’d yourselves into extinction long ago. Deep down in the stinking bowels of your primitive, simian mind, you know that you are, and will always be, inferior to humans. You are a nigger. Know your role!

  263. tayquanda says:

    she jus be statin fax thas prolly where all that hate an envy comes from jelousy pure an simple

  264. Lessons in History says:

    Murders, Thieves Liar and cheats exist in all societies but “WHITE” people have taken these things to a whole new level. Which world do you live in that you can say slavery is over @Nighaven – “You are an uneducated idiot”, your words have proven this calling a black person a nigger doesn’t dispute the fact that I probably know a 3 year old with a higher IQ than you. @Nighaven – “IF WHITE RASICST BIGGOTS LIKE YOU” were to live on an island some where by yourselves see how happy you would be (I would be happy). Something would still be wrong somebody wouldn’t be white enough or their hair wouldn’t be straight enough.

    P.S.- @Nighaven I “DARE” “YOU” to name anything that a “WHITE” person hasn’t stolen if you can find something guess what I know better “YOU’RE A DAMN LIAR”

  265. Realist says:

    @Nigahaven and all the hatin crackers on here. None of you have addressed the issue that your forefathers RAPED black women who you consider lower than animals and they did too. Who has sex with their animals? What are you people in the habit of having sex with your sheep and goats when the mood strikes you? You RAPED black people who you consider APES you know what that makes you APEf@#$s! No matter what you say your people are MASS MURDERERS. If you had stayed in Europe the world would be better off. You hate blacks so much you should have stayed in EUROPE. To the person who says that whites are building sky scrapers, you probably copied that from some body like you always do, wait o sorry i mean stole that. Who built the pyramids in Egypt and South America not a white man. Up to now ya’ll cant figure out how they did that. Where are your pyramids and feats of engineering? Why do white people have so many genetic defects and disorders. Did you know Nighaven that people of European descent have a higher probability of developing mental retardation than any other race? If your forefathers had kept their ‘members’ to themselves you wouldn’t have compromised the genetics of the other races. Who are the serial killers? Who are the rednecks? You think a white man never stole a car or killed someone you’re living in dream world. You people have perfected the art of cruelty, its in your genetics. You even turn on your own, look at the bullying in your schools. You probably have a inferiority complex wired in your genetics too somewhere. research should be done to see if ‘whiteness’ and inferiority are linked. The need to put down others is in your blood. Superior race my foot you guys have the weakest gene pool on earth.

    P.S. You guys are nasty as hell. ya’ll dont like to bathe ya’ll could’ve saved a whole bunch of ya’ll people if you would just learn proper hygiene, ever heard of the ‘bubonic plague’

  266. Realist says:

    If blacks had the same opportunities as whites their crimes would not be anymore than the whites own. You oppress and suppress the people and back them into a corner with no options. That’s where the negative behavior comes from.Despite the hell you’ve put them through they still get educated and get good jobs. Despite the fact that you keep putting them down. If that does not make black people strong i do not know what does. Superior race my foot.

  267. Allie says:

    Niggers are not human. They have not evolved to the Caucasian’s level. Ancient Rome had beautiful sculptures, magnificent architecture, hospitals, and aqueducts. Around the exact same time period, niggers were living in mud domes, did not hunt (but rather waited for fruit to fall on the ground, which is why they go APE shit over Kool-aid), they had no healthcare, and did not have an education system. Caucasian civilization has come so far. Africa has not changed one bit. In America, disputes are settled through negotiation and diplomacy, where-as in Africa, people are hacked alive, limb by limb, then beheaded should the nigger feel “dissed”. Africa somehow got a hold of guns, but other than that, NOTHING has changed. This is why anytime an American city is over-run by niggers, it becomes a filthy, squalor, raping warzone (Detroit, Gary, New Orleans). Niggers cannot live on the level of white civilization because they are still so many centuries behind in every way! This is why white children are held back from learning in public schools; niggers are centuries behind in education! They have no sense of empathy, which is why they can rape/sodomize others (even their own kind), and beat them to death without batting an eye. They don’t understand pain, because they are under-developed. There is not one single business environment that has improved by adding niggers. There is not one school that has improved by adding niggers. There is not one park that has become safer by adding niggers. ETC! ETC! ETC! NIGGERS RUIN EVERYTHING. Niggers do not have the mental capacity to uphold modern civilization! That is why they destroy everything they touch! They are uncivilized, violent, smelly, and stupid. They all belong in jail – NIGGER ZOO.

  268. Allie says:

    EGYPTIANS WERE NOT/ARE NOT NIGGERS. Niggers did not build the pyramids. If niggers DID build them, which you so desperately believe, then WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!?!? Why have niggers shot the education system to shit? Why is the average nigger IQ that of a mentally disabled person? Why have they not since built anything of similar significance? Why don’t niggers know anything ABOUT the pyramids when asked? IF NIGGERS WERE SOOOO SMART, please explain to me the process of devolution that turned them into the useless, worthless piles of smelly shit they are now.

  269. Jessica says:

    Allie, what about the well behaved blacks that are not trouble makers and problems to society..?How do you feel about them..?I am half black and I do not cause any one harm nor do I contribute BS in the world..I am a harmless individual…Do you feel I and some other innocent blacks should be in jail?):

  270. to Allie says:

    It’s because the ‘wite debbils’ stole their magic, flying Egyptian juju. Otherwise, ‘dey b flyin round in eejip rite nah biltin mo uh dem cot tam peermids’. The average nigger IQ is 85, barely higher than that of a chimpanzee. I say this with an apology to chimps, who behave, smell and care for their young better than niggers ever will. The average non-nigger IQ is 105, with Asians being slightly higher.Always remember to ridicule and humiliate niggers at every opportunity. They have an evolutionary need for subjugation.

  271. Allie says:

    To the half-breed down there, keep behaving the way you do. Don’t let the monkey blood get the better of you. Learn from other nigger’s mistakes. And maybe… just MAYBE… you won’t end up in the nigger zoo.

  272. I will take this one Allie says:

    @ Jessicoon: The inner shit-beast is always skulking beneath the surface, waiting for any opportunity to perpetrate untold, heinous crimes upon humanity. There’s no such thing as a magic nigger.

  273. Jessica says:

    LOL..Its funny how you mentioned monkey..Ha ha… I’m born in the year of the monkey-1992-Water monkey.

  274. Lessons in History says:

    Well @ Allie they weren’t built by “WHITE CRACKERS” either. Just goes to show… Whites will always be what they always have been.

  275. Lessons in History says:

    So much hate and who keeps it going “WHITES”

  276. Jessica says:

    Hey now, I was not the one who typed by the user name “to Allie”That was clearly someone else..I do not type like a sh!t head like the user”to Allie”.

  277. tayquanda says:

    u think u funny makin fun but we kno what we mean isnt tha the point. u jus white an dont talk street egyptshuns were black black men who travelled that way. im glad u r willin to admit white devils stole our tecknology. we were kings an queens in our own land until white devils stole us away. we didnt ax to come here. its jus r time now an u caint stand it what u oghta be doin is payin us back for what u stole—reparayshuns an anuther thing y did the govt apalogise for slavery —offically if they didnt be knowin it was wrong an shit an kno they still ow us. pay what u ow! so now

  278. Lessons in History says:

    Social and economic factors, are some of the main causes which led to criminal behavior, regardless of race.

  279. 0 likes I like this Lessons in says:

    William Du Bois wrote – “There are no reliable statistics to which one can safely appeal to measure exactly the growth of crime among the emancipated slaves. About seventy per cent of all prisoners in the South are black; this, however, is in part explained by the fact that accused Negroes are still easily convicted and get long sentences, while whites still continue to escape the penalty of many crimes even among themselves.”

  280. Kameesha says:

    if white people are all that, why is a brother pres?

  281. Realist says:

    None of the ignorant whites here have faced up to the real issues. No matter how much hot air you blow. You are still MASS MURDERERS! If blacks are apes your men are still APEF@#$s. Who RAPED black women. These same apes breast fed and raised your children. Your men snuck out to the slave quarters to RAPE the black woman and still came home to the white women and used the same ‘member’. You claim that blacks are so stupid but they still have education and rival the most intelligent of ‘white men’. No other race hates on another race like whites. Those of you who hate are insecure. Notice the most derogatory comments on here were made by white people. White = inferiority complex.

  282. My BLACK is BEAUTIFUL says:

    Not going to even waist my breath trying to argue back and forth w/ these ignorant tyrants! What for? Racism is never going to die…I used to get upset when I heard people talk about my people the way they do but I have come to realize, that in order to care about what someone says about you you have to respect their opinion. Which I dont! I know who I am and I am proud of it! Just going to continue to live my wonderful life smiling every step of the way! Opinions are like assholes…everyone has one and they’re usually full of shit!

  283. White and immature says:

    Hi there,I have nothing else to do-and so I’m here.Now as you know I am White and immature.And at that a racist man-white man.I hate niggers because I fuck’n refuse to grow up in life.I have a high ego-a very high ego that is strong-very strong but is some how easily broken.Thus brings all kinds of insecurities to me and my white hand pride.So with that I will bring down any other race that’s better than me.And as you can see I am a coward ass man-White man that talks shit over the internet without a profile picture because in real life I can not back my shit up.HA HA I am white and a woundedly proud snake out of my ass.There’s nothing you niggers and other races can do about it.SO THERE!

  284. Allie says:

    Don’t ever forget what the great white race is capable of doing to mass populations they dislike. We kept you all in your place then, and we WILL do it again.

  285. Allie says:

    We WILL do it again and I mean we WILL DO IT AGAIN..I’M a guy with stale panties on and do shit in them and WILL do it again.I WILL shit on every population I dislike.I WILL keep you in place(under my ass).Its where I shit out the color of niggers!I WILL do do it again.

  286. Super White Genius Man says:

    2+2 is to who are you? and 5+5 is to who am I?I’m a Super White Genius Man and you are just…. well..Black people..Who’s skin is far more healthier than mine.You people have natural vitamin D while us whites get rickets because our skin is naturally inferior to the sun. That is why me and my white bitch girl friend spend so much time and money on getting a tan.You know what they say, the darker the berry the sweeter the juice..Hopefully our rickets go away soon with our knew awesome as hell tans.

  287. Your Mother says:

    “Lessons In History”, honey, you and your friend “Realist” are WAY underqualified for those aliases. Time to stop playing and wash up for dinner.

  288. Lessons in History says:

    But mother me and Realist are bored and want to stay filthy with racism.We are hungry for more arguments not food.Can’t we stay here on the internet like cowards and talk crap about niggers and other races?PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE mommy dearest?

  289. RealityCheck says:

    I’m the one who needs the real reality check.Lets see,I’m a gay fag,I’m racist(which does make me immature in life)and I’m insecure about myself and my white pride.I also have nothing better to do with my time.There are too many blacks to count and I hate that!I think I need some kind of therapy.Sometimes I wish I were dead.I write racist poetry and slit my wrists and eat my favorite cookies and cry myself to sleep.Again I wish I were dead.

  290. tayquanda says:

    lawds we don ran tha white devils off this here place they caint take da truth

  291. The Devil Himself says:

    Oh they’ll be back, they’re only on time out here in hell.

  292. Realist says:

    Face your history
    @your mother Colonial laws regarding statutory rape were not applied to Blacks and Indians. Indians and Blacks, as well as their children, were prohibited by law from defending themselves against abuse, sexual and otherwise, at the hands of Whites. A slave who defended herself against the attack of a White person was subject to cruel beatings by either the master or mistress. Liaisons between Whites and Blacks or Indians were illegal. The females of color received the harshest punishment if discovered in a liaison with a White male. Females of color, regardless of their young age, were viewed as seducers of White men. Pregnancy became the evidence of the illegal liaison. A mulatto baby the indicator of the race of the father – White male. The child, by statute took the status of the mother and is thus born into slavery. The full benefit of the relationship and the off-spring enured to the White male. Under English precedent, the status of children was determined by the father. The colonists changed the law to increase the wealth and domination of the White master who had eliminated certain costs of purchasing human labor by becoming “a breeder of slaves.” The Black female, woman or child, was forced into sexual relationships for the White slave masters pleasure and profit.

    White and African abolitionists condemned slavery but often for very different reasons. White abolitionists in Massachusetts in 1712 condemned slavery, not for its diabolical construct, but because the Certain Whites argued for the importation of more White servants and an end to slavery because African slaves were having a negative effect on White servants. The plight of Black and Indian girls sexually abused by their White Masters was a known “secret” of slavery. The girls, their plight ignored, unprotected by law or policy, persevered in silence. Even if the girls acquiesced, consent assumes a right of refusal. Although the institution of slavery remained, the 1807 Foreign Slave Trade Bill proposed the ending of the trafficking of African human deeming it to be “contrary to the principles of justice humanity and sound policy.” It was not a decision based solely on altruism. The drastic drop in profits, a surplus supply of sugar, a fear of continued slave rebellions, in addition to the pressure of abolitionists, led England to abolish its role in the slave trade.
    Gloria J. Browne-Marshall, Failing Our Black Children: Statutory Rape Laws, Moral Reform and the Hypocrisy of Denial (2002)
    enough said.

  293. Nighaven says:

    @ tayqunda and She Ne Ne: You know, I have to admit it, your comments really opened my eyes. I mean, until today I thought that nigger bucks were even more stupid than the sows, but you two have changed my mind. There is no creature on Earth more ignorant, vile, loathesome and disgusting than the she-boon.Even your own males prefer human women, but of course they’ll rape anything that moves, if there’s nothing else available. What a repulsive and despicable species you are.

  294. Your Mother says:

    @Realist, the colonial laws referred to SLAVES, not blacks. Slaves were not referred to by color, because there were 4 white slaves for every black 1 in the American colonies. “They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America” by Michael A. Hoffman II;
    “White Cargo: The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America” by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh;
    “Eighteenth-Century White Slaves: Fugitive Notices; Volume I, Pennsylvania, 1729-1760 (Documentary Reference Collections)” by Daniel Meaders;

    And a black author – Nell Irvin Painter of Princeton University – “The History of White People” published just last year, 2010.

    Even the Cherokee enslaved the Negro extensively – “Red Over Black” by Halliburton.

    And African pirates enslaved over a million Europeans in pirate raids off the Barbary Coast during this same period. They forcibly made eunichs of the European males so they couldn’t reproduce, and many white male slaves died from this force castration – “Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800 (Early Modern History)” by Robert C. Davis;
    “White Slaves, African Masters: An Anthology of American Barbary Captivity Narratives” by Paul Baepler

    The word “slave” comes from the word “Slav”, a group of whites more enslaved throughout history than any other people – The Dictionary.

    Like I mentioned, you are just way underqualified to be teaching history, kiddo. Give the computer toy a rest.

  295. Three year old says:

    It sounds like your daughter is smarter than you think. Let her choose her own road, you are just making things worse.

  296. white and opinionated says:

    @Nighaven, lets be honest white women are not the best lookers either.In fact they look like other white men and if there are any white women that are lookers they are mixed with something else-perhaps Latina etc.Most white women put on make up all the time to cover up their boyish manly looks.They are fucking chuck full of insecurities.These reasons are why they are an inferior bunch of sad news bitches and are not fucking date-able.At that they are a bunch of fake bitches.The non mixed white women(full blood white women) are slightly-ugly in my opinion.They are man-ish in the face and I don’t like that at all.I’m a white man and I DO NOT AND WILL NOT date any white woman that is not mixed with some other race.I like exotic beauty.That’s way better to love and look upon.Its totally date-able.Most white women think their better when they are clearly not-they are disgusting and at most times racist bitches.

  297. Nighaven says:

    Every race has attractive and unattractive women. I’ve always preferred Italian women, but there sure are some gorgeous Latinas and Asians. However, negresses do not belong to any race. They are hideous, skulking animals. The stench alone is enough to trigger the gag reflex in most humans. She-boons are also violent and unpredictable. Throw the STD’s into the mix, and you are playing Russian roulette merely associating with them. The herpes rate is nearly 50%, but I’m sure that the libturds could find a way to blame whitey, rather than the slovenliness of the nigger-sow. I’ve never had any problems with white women (or any other women) being particularly ‘bitchy’ to me. I don’t know exactly what to attribute your troubles to, but perhaps you should consider the possibility that you’re an asshole.

  298. white and opinionated says:

    I’m not an ass hole..I’m just opinionated.Perhaps you are an insecure douche bag that really likes white racist women.However I’m not fond of most black women either(ghetto black women)..I do not like those kind of black women-they are the kind that do disgust me.I do like the black women that are beautifully mixed and kind with gentle delicate innocence.Ones that are smart minded and not a she-boon smart ass.The she-boons are different from some other nice and gentle hearted women of color-She-boons are not nice and are very bad tempered.

  299. Nighaven says:

    Well, I’m glad we could find some common ground. It’s been a pleasure exchanging unnecessary insults with you.

  300. white and opinionated says:

    Yes,it has been a pleasure and please do excuse me of my rudeness..Its like I said, I’m just opinionated.

  301. Jessica says:

    @Nighaven I’m half black and I’m not bad tempered nor am I an intentionally mean smart ass.Do you assume all women of color are the same?I’m a light brownish yellow young women-19 and do not have any STD-I’m still a virgin.I’m not slutty and ghetto.How do you feel about me and other innocent black or half black women..?Do you see us as She-boon vile creatures?):

  302. Jessica says:

    Sorry for the typo…I meant to type woman-19..not women.

  303. Nighaven says:

    Q: How do you feel about me and other innocent black or half black women..?

    A: Innocent of what?

    Q: Do you see us as She-boon vile creatures?):

    A: Yes, I do.

    To your white side: It’s a shame you have to suffer the indignity of having a shit-skin as a parent.

    To your black side: Fuck off, nigger!

  304. Nigtacular says:

    Actually your kid is right on the money, they must be a genius.

  305. Jessica says:

    @Nighaven,I am very sorry to you that some people half of what I am has showed you wrong in them-blacks or niggers,niggas,negro,coons,She-boon beasts…Which ever name you prefer or perhaps all of the listed names.I am an innocent individual:I do not hurt any one in life nor do I oppress any others.I’m just gun shy to be around other black people and are fearful of the bad behavior of other black people.I assure you that if you knew me in person you would slowly change your mind and point of hatred view toward me..Why not stay peaceful and be friendly to one another?My name is Jessica Jackson..What is your name?

  306. Nighaven says:

    I don’t hate you, Jessica. It’s not your fault your half nigger. Keep letting your human half be your guide, because the inner-chimp is always lurking. As I previously stated, I’ve never caused any harm to niggers, however, I do revel in their self destruction. A word to the wise: Don’t EVER post your real name on the internet. There are a lot of psychos in this world, and you never know if one of them lives near you. Avoid niggers at all times, and don’t ever let your guard down. They have a word for innocent, young, mulatto girls in the niggerhood, and that word is victim. You don’t want to end up outlined in chalk. Just understand that if you do, it’s no skin off my ass

  307. Jessica says:

    Thanks…(: I’ll always keep what you say in mind..Of coarse in a positive way-I’ll stay void of niggativity(negativity).Thanks again Nighaven on the internet.(:

  308. Nighaven says:

    Well, in a human family I’m more than old enough to be your father, but in ‘da culcha’ I’m old enough to be your great grandfather. Heh, heh…

  309. therealrealityaussieblokewhowrot says:

    I see this has degenerated into posts by jewish marxists to try and discredit what truths have actually been told.

    I think everybody should read those stories by yourmother.

  310. DeMessiah says:

    Stop brain washing your child you evil woman, it is perfectly natural for all of us to be uncomfortable around people of a different colour & even more so when they are Black, it’s called self preservation.
    Do you really want your daughter raped & murdered by some filthy dark skinned animal? that is exactly what will happen if you continue to warp your poor child’s mind with this PC multi-culti rubbish.

    WE are NOT all the same, history & the daily news full of violence, murder & rape by Blacks proves it without a shadow of a doubt.

  311. Anonymous says:

    So you try and tell your son lies instead of the truth? Open your eyes, the majority of blacks are dangerous and untrustworthy people!

    Maybe it’ll take you seeing others “encounters” with them, or maybe it’ll take you encountering one… but we are right

  312. Blackness says:

    You crackers are thieves, rapist and murderers, always with your name calling and labelling. Maybe you’re getting what you deserve from hundreds of years of slavery and conquest of the New World. After all your ancestors did rape, murder, plunder and thieve their way into wealth, you spread like a virus from Europe and infected the whole world with your diseases, greed,hate, and flawed genetics. You’re insecure about you’re tanslucency and weakness. When somebody commits a crime you dont say well that PERSON was a bad person especially if they were black you blame it on color. When one of your people commits a crime you dont go on ranting about their whiteness. There are just as many white skinned animals out there, all the serial killers etc but you dont comment on that which means, you only target black people cause it makes you feel better about yourself seeing as how you’re so weak, in mind and in body. Think about it, if your ancestors were not so weak and lazy and the sun didnt turn their skin to boiled meat you could have built your civilizatiion with all whites. Look at all the major continents you have infected South and North America, Africa.On the other hand you could have contained the virus that is yourselves in Europe. You wouldnt have killed millions with your small pox and God knows what other dirty things you have and when you look around all you would see is the whiteness. Black people didnt call you, you came running. You should have left them in Africa. But greed wouldnt let you you wanted their gold and riches. No matter how many names you use to attempt to demean them,you are what you are, and just cant deal with it. Thats how you always try to justify your cruelty, by dehumanization. Now all you do is moan and complain about how these ‘animals’ are bothering you. You guys are sick in the head. YOU SHALL REAP WHAT YOU SOW. So buckle up and take it like the white scum you are. Blame your ancestors. Maybe since youre so smart you can get a message to the past. ‘Leave them niggers alone, they’re eating us alive back here’ LOL. Plus you’re so busy looking at blacks that the hispanics snuck up on you. You WILL be a minority. Who knows maybe you will eventually fade away. (feeding on your paranoia here, LOL) Good riddance to bad rubbish. Whatever you get you deserve you white pigs.

  313. Nighaven says:

    Hispanics are humans, and they hate niggers too.The only history you know is nigger history. Misguided humans have given you every opportunity to improve yourself, but you’re still just an ignorant, thieving, HIV ridden, rape-ape. We even give you and your down-low buck cellmate internet access, and you use it to bite the hand that feeds you. Have a little gratitude, or go back to the AIDS infested nigger shit-hole you call ‘da muthaland’. All we’d have to do is leave Apefrica completely alone, and you would rape, kill, cannibalize, and infect each other into self genocide. You are a parasitic species, and without humans you would be extinct in a few years. Why don’t you just go shit in your own drinking water, and die of cholera like a good nigger.

  314. Jessica says:

    Hi Nighaven,how are you?(:

  315. Blackness says:

    Like it or not Nighaven. You and your thieving genetically inferior white virus will fade away your too weak to keep up. The time of the white man is OVER. The lie you tell yourselves is that blacks needed you. Do your research and you’ll see that kingdoms existed before your filthy people set foot on Africa. They didn’t need you but your greed wouldn’t let you stay away. All you have in your arsenal is meaningless insults that prove how ignorant and uneducated you are. Look at what you write just a bunch of racial slurs. You can’t even write proper sentence without them. You have no facts. All you do is spew a bunch of meaningless insults. Sticks and stones fool. Shoot, I didn’t know they had internet in hill billie land.Why dont you go back to the Caucasus mountains. I’m sure there aint a black man in sight. The time of the white man is OVER.FADE AWAY WHITE SCUM FADE AWAY. Just go lie down in the sun and evaporate LOL. If your ancestors had left africa alone you wouldnt have the problem you have. Whatever you get you deserve. You know what they say about PAYBACK.Squirm in the misery you and your people have created for yourself, white pig.LOL. Squirm white scum squirm. No matter how much hate and insults you spew, black people aint going nowhere. We were here before and we’ll be here long after you’re gone, LOL. REAP what your forefathers have sown, white pig. REAP and WEEP you sorry little white devil. LOL.

  316. Auntie Black says:

    The simple fact is that the negro is a social parasite, and one who gets worse every day.
    They will continue to abuse innocent whites until the white people rise up and slaughter them in mass.
    Don’t think it isn’t coming.
    Don’t think it won’t be soon.

  317. Blackness says:

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  318. Nighaven says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t understand a word. I don’t speak nigger-babble.

  319. Heres some blackness for you says:|head

    If anyone but a nigger did this, we’d all be shocked, but it happens every day in ‘da hood’. Dat beez dey culcha, yome sain?

  320. B says:

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  321. Right back at cha pig says:

    Check out your pathetic family members.
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  322. Anonymous says:

    We’re white because we were smart enough to seek shelter from the sun rather than burn like idiots 100k years ago. The problem is Shaquita, that you’re bringing up very rare cases. You’re right. There are sick white dudes that travel to Thailand to touch little boys. For every Thailand traveling perv, there are tens/hundreds of thousands of brutal rapes and murders committed by your fellow blacks.

    It’s amazing to me that blacks are still the only race yet to establish successful cities and neighborhoods. Every city that is highly black has 2-3x the avg unemployment rate, 10x the crime, can’t create and maintain successful businesses in the area, depend highly on government assistence, the list goes on and on.

    Think about it, blacks have not established one successful country or city ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. A ground ape village that figured out how to make mud huts doesn’t count.

  323. Nighaven says:

    That’s WAY to much arithmetic for a nigger, Anonymous. It’s hard to make out what this degenerate yard-ape is saying, but you have to remember that it’s brain is far too small to understand ratios and proportions. If it’s ‘brutha’ murdered a thousand niggers, and a human finally shot it down, this pile of fecal matter would only say “see witee dun did id to i dun tolded u”. In it’s beloved Africa, they believe that AIDS is caused by the white devil’s magic juju, and that the only way to get rid of it is to have sex with a virgin. So now they’ve gang raped so many virgins, that they’re down to infants. Typical nigger behavior!

  324. Toady says:

    Is this from The Onion?

  325. the14words says:

    ” As a child, my parents took me on anti-apartheid demonstrations, and I knew from an early age that prejudice based on skin color is inherently wrong.”

    you mean to say, your parents drummed into you from early age that racism is wrong. kids have a uncanny way of seeing the truth, even when if offends there lefty, self hating white parents ( who were forced ( took you to rallys fomr childhood ). turth is your daughter is right, nobody likes blacks really, if there honest, of course what peole say and do in private or public varies.


  326. Lexi Lemus says:

    this is kinda sad why dont you like black people cause they look different because they talk funny because your parents didnt.Im hoping your just ignorant and to let you know black people talk about white people the exact same way. I mean i wish you stupid country red necks would throw away your overalls and and get rid of ur fat ol beer bellys. maybe if you turned off cotten eye joe and put down your beer youd hesar that ITS THE 21ST CENTURY YOU STUPID COUNTRY HICKS

  327. NotComingHereAgain says:

    So doesn’t have a comment moderator apparently.

  328. NotComingHereAgain says:

    So doesn’t have a comment moderator apparently.

  329. jj789 says:

    I think its stupid to teach people to be anti-racist. People were made different colors because they ARE different. Pretending like a black person isn’t black is the most retarded thing ever. You can trust how kids observe and react to things. Of course, they have no wisdom to understand why that little black boy has no manners.

    Sure. You can find a white kid who has no manners. But for every one white kid, you can find 50 black ones that have no manners. It’s no secret that blacks still raise their families like heathens. because they cannot conform to society without changing our culture to a rapping one. Right now, they are influencing our culture dramatically. And by no coincidence, people are full of negative attitudes, profanity, dressing like whores and clowns. Blacks never were able to be “normal” in the traditional sense. And they are more racist than a white man ever was.

  330. greg56 says:

    We should all blame our forefathers for this problem. They brought the blacks over here and now we’re stuck with them. Until they are shipped out, the problems will never end.

  331. Richard says:

    Sorry to break the bad news but the child is just drawing perfectly logical conclusions based on the bad behavior which is epidemic with blacks. She just hasn’t been successfully brainwashed by her mother to ignore it. Hopefully the brainwashing won’t take either. Given the rampant amount of crime committed by blacks her very life may well depend on following her instincts, instincts which thus far are serving her well and giving her a perfectly real and accurate assessment of her surroundings.

  332. Richard says:

    Your post is nothing but a desperate attempt to distract that blacks are VASTLY over represented in every single violent offender category including “Crimes against family and children.”

    And, before you make an idiot of yourself, blacks are only 13% of the population and statistically speaking should commit no more than 13% of the crime in any given category. If the number is more than 13% then they are OVERREPRESENTED as offenders in that category.

    Facts suck huh?

  333. Richard says:

    Realist says:
    July 2, 2011 at 10:09 pm

    Face your history
    @your mother Colonial laws regarding statutory rape were not applied to Blacks and Indians. Indians and Blacks, as well as their children, were prohibited by law from defending themselves against abuse, sexual and otherwise, at the hands of Whites.”

    Here’s some history for you: The first person to legally own a slave in the mainland colonies that became America was a BLACK MAN named Anthony Johnson. Yes, a BLACK MAN was the first SLAVE OWNER in the colonies.

    Nothing surprising here since slavery was common place in Africa and in practice still is today.

  334. Richard says:

    reality says:
    July 1, 2011 at 6:35 pm

    “The father of slavery was a black man named john casor.”

    No, John Casor was the 1st slave who became a legal slave, other than as punishment for a crime in the colonies that became America. Anthony Johnson, a black man, was the 1st person to own a slave not made so as punishment for a crime in the colonies that became America. Casor was that slave.

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