Christmas and Children: Spoil Them or Not?


This holiday season isn’t going quite the way I’d planned.

My husband and I were committed to keeping our children’s Christmas gifts to a minimum this year.

We had every intention of placing the focus on the beauty of the season … the lights, music, food, and joy.

Our grand plans included one bigger gift for each of our children and a few little things thrown in for filler.

But, we’re (okay, fine, I’m) losing my grip on that commitment one Polly Pocket at a time.

We’ve been struggling lately with a lack of gratitude on our daughter’s part (you can read the story and our attempt at a solution to the problem here) and though we’re making some progress, it’s taking some time.

I worry that if we don’t address this now, we are setting our daughter up for a lifelong attitude of entitlement.

But …

Well, it’s Christmas and the soft part of me that wants my children to have all of the things that I never did and more has usurped my better judgment.

I’d love to know how you handle the holidays.

Do you go all out or do you keep things under control?

Any words of wisdom for me?

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