Summer in the City. 25 tips for beating heat (and toddler!) exhaustion.


Summer in the City

25 activities to beat the heat

by Lindsay Armstrong, Emily Frost, and Andrea Zimmerman

July 30, 2009



Spending July and August in New York (or Chicago or LA) will give a person a whole new appreciation for the Lovin’ Spoonfuls hit “Summer in the City” – the heat radiates from the sky and the ground and there truly “doesn’t seem to be a shadow” in the whole city. If you’re trying to entertain a sweaty toddler during these months, you can find yourself with a serious case of heat-exhaustion. When you’ve seen every kid-friendly summer movie and trucked it to the mall too many times to count (ahh:sweet air-conditioned bliss), what other options do you have? Here, we offer twenty-five activities to help keep you and your little one nice and cool! – Lindsay Armstrong, Emily Frost and Andrea Zimmerman

1.jpg1. Make Ice Cream

In about the same amount of time it would take you to get the stroller outside and walk to the ice cream shop, you and your favorite kitchen helper can make your own. Even if you’re no Martha Stewart, we promise that this recipe is a breeze and uses materials you probably already have at home. Your kids will love taking turns shaking the bag and watching the ingredients magically change from liquid to ice cream!

2.jpg2. Make Popsicles

If it’s so hot outside that even shaking a bag of ice sounds like a monumental amount of effort, make popsicles instead. You can buy ice pop molds for under $5 at many drugstores. Then, just pour in your child’s favorite juice, pop them in the freezer, and your work is finished. If you feel like being healthy, you can use a mixture of (defrosted) frozen fruit and greek yogurt to make your own yogurt-pops. Yum!

3.jpg3. Invest in Great Bathtub Toys

When it is scorching outside, there is nothing better than playing in nice, cool water. Kids don’t need an Olympic-sized swimming pool; a cool bath will do just fine. To ensure longer-lasting baths, invest in some seriously fun new tub toys. We have some great ideas here, but just about anything plastic and unbreakable will do.

4.jpg4. Everybody in the Pool

Signing your child up for swimming lessons is a great way to keep them cool and safe. Sweeten the deal by joining a parent-child swim class so that you also get to take a dip. These classes are offered at many pools, including the YMCA, where they do lessons for children as young as 6 months (called The Shrimps!)

5.jpg5. Spend the day at a hotel pool

In a city, good public pools can be hard to come by and on the really hot days when you want to go, it seems like everyone else has had the same idea. Nice hotels, however, often have very nice pools and many of them offer day passes. They tend to be pricey ($50/day), but if nothing but a swim will do it could be a nice now-and-then treat. Another, possibly cheaper, way in is to find a few other friends with kids, book a room, and split the cost. Now you have pool access, a private dressing/napping area, and great company.

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