Crazy Dreams and a Vivid Imagination

“MOM. I had a dream last night and I have to tell you about it.”


“So there were this ghosts in this house, and they were kind of monsters because ghosts and monsters are pretty much the same thing and they’re both scary, but anyway, these ghosts were in this house and there was this dad and baby, and they were Ghostbusters. This one ghost came in and pulled out a laser and was lasering the house and he had three toes and chubby bent legs and he was kind of slimy and he had big eyes and a short stubby horn on his nose…I know it sounds funny and wonderful but it wasn’t IT WAS SCARY.”

“Oh yes, very scary.”

“Mom! I’m serious! It was scary! It wasn’t good! It was like a nightmare with all the ghosts and the lasering and you’ll never guess what happened next!”

“What happened next, Addie?”

“The baby! The baby was smaller than Vivi, it walked up to the monster and PUNCHED IT IN THE FACE. And then the baby said sorry, because babies aren’t supposed to punch people in the face and the ghost said “It’s okay.” and left! They didn’t even have to do anything! The dad didn’t even get up! The baby did it all! Hey, why are they called ghostbusters anyway?”

Everyday with this kid is a whole new adventure. I love teaching her about new things and having her run full force with them. Just a few weeks ago the Ghostbusters theme song came on the radio and for a solid 45 minutes Addie quizzed me on every intricacy I could remember about Slimer, Stay Puft and those backpacks they wore. The next day I had her draw what she thought Slimer and Stay Puft looked like, she had Stay Puft spot on but the Slimer in her head looked like a dust bunny with wings.

She still brings Ghostbusters up on occasion, wondering how far they’ll travel and what they do with the ghosts once they catch them, thankfully I was able to pull Cody into the discussion so he could back up my claims that Stay Puft, despite being made of marshmallow, was in fact a bad guy.

Earlier today she did a full on impression of the ghost in her dream, including his walk and how he lasered the entire house.

That little brain of hers, it is marvelous and fascinating and I love that I’m the one that gets to feed it, nurture it and foster its imagination.

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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