Cursing in Front of the Kids - Do you do it?


I am someone who curses. Not constantly and not always in front of my kids but there are few not so nice words that do slip out in front of the kids. I hate that it happens but I grew up hearing the words and then have always just used the words.

But when I do swear in front of my kids, they are really great about assessing me a penalty. They tell me how much money I owe or how many points I have lost for the day.

I have always thought that I was that lone mommy with the potty mouth but that seems not to be true according to recent reports.

I watched a report on Dateline last night that said the majority of children hear and learn swear words between the ages of 2-3. The report further stated that they are learning these words from their parents.

My kids 100% know not the repeat these words and I con honestly say that I have not heard my kids use the words. However, I do want to set a better example so it is something that I am constantly working on.

Check back next week for a follow up post about this topic. I asked mom’s in my circle for their opinion about this same subject and the answers were varied. You might just be surprised.

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