Cutting Her Hair — Update!


A few weeks ago I posted about my daughter wanting to get her hair cut.

SEE: Cutting Her Hair

She wanted to go short and I wanted her to stay long. I love her hair just as it is. I thought that she would just get tired of short hair quickly and frankly, short on her would take much more maintenance as she has very fine hair.

Well I should say I LOVED her hair.

A few days ago, I went on a trip for work (I am a full time writer/blogger) and while I was gone, my husband took the kids to get haircuts. Without me. That is completely another issue itself but it’s done.

Several of you had some great advice/comments for me: So not only did she get her hair cut, she got bangs as well. She looks adorable. I love it.

My husband said that once it was cut, she skipped around the hair place looking in every mirror and smiling at herself. When I got home, she was so excited for me to see it.

She made a good choice. I worried for nothing. But I am her mother and worrying is what I get paid to do, right?

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