Dad Hacks Donkey Kong For Daughter To Play As The Princess


Donkey Kong FeaturedMike Mika is my new hero. Why? Well, he hacked Donkey Kong to make it feminist.

Mika’s 3 year old daughter is a Donkey Kong affiicianado, playing it with her dad since she was 2. About a week ago, she asked him if she could be the princess instead of Mario, something she was able to do while playing the related game Mario Kart. Her dad informed her that classic Donkey Kong doesn’t work that way.

But then Mika, a game designer himself, decided to figure out a way of making his daughter’s request possible:

“I make games for a living, so I realized I should be able to solve this problem,” Mika told NBC News in a recent interview.

Mika is the chief creative officer at Other Ocean Interactive and has worked on games like “Super Street Fighter” and “Rock Band.” After getting some advice from a friend, he found the tools he needed. And so he hacked the 2010 NES “Donkey Kong” ROM and created “Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition.”

He posted a video of his work to YouTube, which you can check out below. (And if you want to read more about the technical tinkering check out Mika’s guest editorial over at Wired.)

That’s right. Techy dad hacked the game and put the princess in the star