Dancing Till 4 AM: The Aftermath

I blogged about dancing until 4 AM with my girlfriends on Saturday night yesterday. Like I mentioned, JD was up at 6 AM. Kill me. I got him some milk and turned on the television. I fake slept until my mom took over, but even then I was up, so I had some coffee and showered. The shower kind of helped. JD and I took Max the dog for a walk and then had lunch. Uncle Carlo was recovering on the couch in his sunglasses. All day.

After lunch I took JD to the beach where we took a long walk (yawn), hunted for shells and drew in the sand. Soon it was time to head back to the condo and shower—a project in itself. After showers, GF Carlo started dinner: Ziti bolognese and broccoli rabe. I picked. Next, I ran around packing up our things. We left for North NJ and hit some traffic. When we got home, I did the beach laundry and got our lunches ready for Monday. I picked out JD’s clothes. We did his routine of cartoons, books and bed. Then I checked emails, wrote out bills and folded the beach laundry (just to get it done and over with). Before I knew it, it was midnight. I turned off the lights and crashed.

The alarm sounded at 5:40 AM, but JD had wandered in at 3 AM, because he had to pee and then needed, needed to sleep in my bed because he was lonely. I was half-asleep and OK’ed it. The morning was a blur and I was out of coffee. Kill me. I was exhausted and had a headache. I think I was still hungover from Saturday night’s festivities. JD ate three mini pancakes while I put his socks on. I showered and threw on black jeans and a black top—because that’s how I was feeling. Naptime bag, purse, lunches and swim bag in hands, we trucked to our Jeep. I yawned the entire way to camp. I rushed JD in, gave him a kiss and ran to my Jeep. I needed coffee … and to not be late for work. Success.

The day moved on. I did my work, but kept to myself. I felt pukey and my friend forced me to eat a banana. It helped. I chugged soda water all day long. I left at 5 PM to pick JD up from school. At that point I was so exhausted all I could think about was his bedtime and how it was 3.5 hours away. If I could have, I would have gone to bed as soon as I got home. But that obviously didn’t happen. JD was wide awake. He wanted to do a glitter glue project that I immediately denied. Then he asked for paint. No.

I put a pot of water on and opened a can of green beans. Mac ‘n cheese via a box and canned veggies with a side of cherry tomatoes and watermelon = dinner for JD. I was too tired and pukey to feel bad. He loved the meal and ate it up. Now it was 6:30 PM and I told him it was bath time. He fought me, but I won. He played in the tub and and I sat on the fuzzy, peach bathmat vowing never to drink and dance till 4 AM again. I was lying to myself. After his bath we sat on the couch and watched a cartoon. When the cartoon ended we were a good half hour / 45 mins away from bedtime. I surrendered. I told JD to pick out two books and to get in my bed.

“I can sleep in your bed, Mama!!!” he squealed. He was so excited.

“Yes,” I said.

I read. I shut the lights off at 8:15 PM. Day over. I needed sleep and sleep I got. We both woke up at 7 AM. Feeling much, much better. And I don’t, for one second, regret dancing till 4 AM.

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