Dessert in 5 Seconds Flat: Our Family Favorite


My grandma is a phenomenal cook. I have so many happy memories from childhood of standing in her kitchen, wrapped in the warmth emanating from the oven, breathing in the scent of cakes, cookies, and pies with my mouth watering in anticipation.

Despite my grandma’s best efforts to impart her wisdom in the kitchen to me, cooking is an art I have not yet mastered. I can follow a recipe if the directions are spelled out, but any steps that include the words “season to taste” or “add a dash” will result in my family eating something so sweet or salty their eyes water. 

My skills with a stove are limited, but I still want my children to have those magic memories of giggling at the kitchen table over a sweet treat and a glass of milk. That means I’ve had to find other ways to make desserts that are not only edible, but delicious.

Simplicity is a major plus and often a necessity when pulling together a dinner with dessert in the limited amount of time between my children’s arrival home from school and the time they crawl into bed. That’s where COOL WHIP Whipped Topping comes into play.

JELL-O is a favorite in our home. It comes in a variety of flavors, it doesn’t require the use of the stove, and the fact that it’s served in cups means no messy dishes. My kids are always excited when I pull it out of the fridge after dinner, but to make it an extra special treat I offer them a dollop of COOL WHIP.

JELL-O is good, but it is the COOL WHIP that makes it great. My kids always ask for a second dollop before they make it to the bottom of the cup. I’m slowly learning that desserts don’t have to be elaborate for my children to enjoy them. The secret is in finding a small way to give something ordinary a special touch.

Do you have any simple dessert ideas? Please share!

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