Say What? Did you call me "Just a Mom?"


When you see a mom in the grocery store battling it out with a screaming kid over a candy bar, what are your thoughts? Especially when she’s got her hair in a pony tail, she’s wearing her daily stretch pants and has a crying baby in her arms? Are you thinking she’s a power horse that can change the world or are you thinking, Lady, control your kids already!?

I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. I’m thinking, boy, I sure do know what that is like. That mother is deep in the trenches right now, just like me. I want to pat her on the back and say, “We can do this!”

Being a mom is hard. But that’s not news to anyone. We all know that. And that’s what’s so baffling to me. We all know how important a mother’s role is and how hard it is and so forth, so why are mothers still discounted sometimes in conversations? Have you stay-at-hom moms ever been asked what you do professionally? What do you say?

In a conversation the other day, my husband asked a new acquaintance of ours if she worked outside the home. She sheepishly replied, “Nope, I’m just a mom.”

I wanted to smack her. But only to wake her up and tell her to say that a little differently and with a little more confidence, please!

I was touchy to that word “just” because I had recently experienced my own “just a mom” moment. And that’s when I decided I wanted that word to be eliminated, at least in that context. No one is “just an” anything.

You know, being a mother does not require a fancy suit, stock ticker symbols or even a resume. It requires a selfless heart and working hands. It’s a dirty job and one that is so incredibly rewarding. I’m proud to be a mother. I do see mothers as power horses that can change the world. Maybe that’s what I’ll say next time someone asks me what I do professionally…

“I’m a power horse that’s changing the world…one kid at a time!”

I love all you mothers! Hope you take pride in what you do!


Have you ever been called, “Just a mom?” What do you say to that?


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