Dinner Diaries: Are You A Short Order Cook?


photoI’m really lucky that my kid is not a picky eater. I am definitely not a short-order cook. I cook or order one meal every night. I tend to ask JD what he wants for dinner and he’s not shy about telling me.

“I think I’ll have filet mignon with red peppers, yellow rice, and broccoli,” he said on our way to school this past Monday.

Filet mignon.

I curse the day my dad and his girlfriend introduced my kid to top cut beef.

Alas, I went to the butcher and bought two pieces of meat … for $21.

We ate. It was a good meal.

This doesn’t mean JD will eat everything that I eat. And I definitely get the itch for sushi at least once a week.

Good news is he loves edamame and miso soup.

My brave little foodie tried a California roll—and promptly spit it out. But I have faith. It took him a good 4 years to go near red meat.

So on the nights I order sushi, I make JD a lazy meal: grilled cheese and tomatoes, ziti with olive oil and peas, or, like last night, dinosaur nuggets with fries, (frozen) broccoli, and cherry tomatoes. (All items I always have on standby.)

What’s your policy when it comes to dinner? Do you make a parent and kid meal? Do you make one meal? Share!

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