Dinner Diaries: Do You Ever Just Let Your Kid Eat ... Whatever


Hit a ton of traffic on the way home from the mag yesterday due to the storm and tornado warning (what!). Got to JD’s school at 6:01 PM. Felt horrible, was wet from the rain, but JD’s excited face when he saw me was enough to change that feeling. We talked the whole way home about his day, sight words, the playground, his best bud *Sean, the cool Smart Board and how he needs to buy his class a pet bunny (um??). We hit more local traffic on the way to our condo and when we walked in I kicked my flats off, poured JD a cup of milk and myself, a glass of Skinny Girl Red (a press gift from the mag). We both landed on the couch. “What do you wanna eat, buddy?” I asked. It was too late to order in (and wait on delivery) and I didn’t want to cook-cook. “I’ll have …

A cookie, a cut up hot dog with extra ketchup, some broccoli and … Pringles. JD said this so matter of fact, I just burst out laughing and then provided him with exactly what he wanted. I microwaved frozen broccoli. He ate in no particular order, but he ate it all. I had another glass of red and some cheese and grapes. Later on I made oatmeal. We chatted. It was a very relaxing, pleasurable meal. I realize it wasn’t the healthiest, but it was one of those nights, ya know? Rainy, tired, dark early, rushed.

However, not making this a habit. I worked from home today and already prepared homemade stir-fry lemon chicken that I’m serving with rice (hopefully not rice with extra arsenic!). I stopped at the Farmer’s market and got some fresh carrots and strings beans to steam up. (And, OK, got some creamsicles for dessert.)




















Do you ever let your kids eat whatever they want for dinner? Are you boycotting rice and other foods due to the arsenic scare? Share! 

Disclosure: I am not paid in any way to name brands in this blog. And yes, my family is horrified by this blog. They know I don’t cook well as is. 

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