Do You Do Your Kids Homework For Them?


Do You Do Your Kids Homework For Them?Speed just started Grade 1 this year and with that comes a bit of homework. It’s nothing like I was expecting with all the talk that’s been happening over the amount of homework kids have, it takes maybe 5 minutes a night going over some French words.

I know that homework will become more of a feature in our lives as the kids increase their grades and it has me wondering how it will change things around here.

When I was growing up, I don’t remember having a whole lot of homework, but did have some. I was not given work to do at home every night, but every week or so there was something I had to do or finish and generally, I did it myself. Not to say that my parents didn’t want to help, but the work I got was generally age-appropriate enough for me to complete myself.

I have had friends of mine who have kids in older grades and have heard them mention and complain over not only the amount of homework their kid gets, but the amount that they have to help with it. Some parents have even admitted to finishing their kids work themselves either to speed the process along or because they don’t want to get in trouble from the teacher for not having the assignment finished.

I don’t know if this is a problem with too much homework, homework that is not age-appropriate or if the pace of life now is too fast to accommodate a longer-term homework assignment. I can’t say ‘never’, but I don’t see myself ever completing my kids homework for them — doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose of the work? But, ask me again in a few years… I may have changed my mind.

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Photo credit: Sara. Nel / Flickr