Do You Get Along With Your Sibs?

My brother, uncle Bri has been crashing here since his winner roommates screwed him over 9 days before they were supposed to sign another year lease.

I love having him here, too. Not only does he chip in with bills, he cooks, cleans and best of all, spends so much time with JD. Brian is to JD, what Uncle Jesse is to Michelle.

He’s the cool uncle. (When he saw some internet site ripping on him, He was like, “Wtf, we are like Full House! No one f*cked with Uncle Jesse!”) He’s an excellent influence on JD, too. For example …

  • I work late on Tuesdays and Brian has that day off, so he picks up JD from school. He brings him to karate, cooks dinner (Pay attention because men cook, JD!), supervises homework and showering, and by the time I get home, JD smells like baby powder and is wearing superhero jammies. So Uncle B proves to JD, I got you kid. 
  • Uncle Bri goes to work everyday and has an important job where he works with corporate clients. He was once the guy who fixed the phone that fell in a toilet bowl (cute!)—those days are over. It’s called working your way up, JD. Just like mommy. My first job was writing obituaries for a small town paper. Now I write for … everyone. More of my work is here.
  • I don’t know how to say this without sounding anti-feminist, because it’s the furthest from who I am, but uncle Bri does down and dirty boy stuff with JD. They “Hulk Smash,” wrestle, watch Superhero cartoons, play video games and ball—yes, this is all stuff I can do and participate in too. But JD really does love it, maybe even more, with his uncle. Guyspeak, I guess. Like, I’m a single mom with an attitude that a little boy needs a dad or at least a special guy in his life and this is because I came from this place. I don’t have to be right, but that’s my personal feeling.
  • So, Hurricane Sandy is here. Uncle Bri spent the better part of this day helping JD assemble a Sponge Bob Lego set he bought for a cool 60 bucks. The two dudes sat in his room, laughing and talking while I did laundry, read, showered … and cooked. Well, semi-cooked.
  • Oh, and Hurricane Sandy? Uncle Bri secured the condo with non-perishable foods, water, batteries, flashlights and new toys for JD. I got the booze (What!) Oh and he also froze containers of water in case the power goes out. This will keep our salami and cheese cold for 48 hrs. #Crucial.
  • Uncle Bri worked at the infamous (RHONJ) Brownstone in Paterson for a few years. Our friend, Tommy Manzo, taught him how to cook. Bri whipped up the meatball mixture and I molded ’em and they are currently simmering on the stove while JD and Uncle Bri watch Funny Farm with Chevy Chase. (He cooked a Taco feast on Saturday, too! Ask Aunt Jemma!)

JD is a very lucky boy to have such an involved, loving uncle and we’re sorry to see him go and move on. But, that’s what family is for. There for ya, cheer for ya!

I fondly remember my father and mother welcoming my mom’s brother into our home. I had just graduated college. He was out of work and down, man. The kindness my parents exhibited to him clearly had an impact on me—only Bri is actually helping me too and he’s not down, far from it.

I’m lucky to have strong sibling relationships. I feel sorry for people who find a brother sleeping over or “crashing” in a 911 situation a negative. Is it more acceptable for a grown employed dad and educated mom with kids to move in with the in-laws to beat tough times? I know people like that, too. Who cares! Do what ya gotta do.

For example, Uncle Carlo’s primary residence is at the Jersey shore (awesome for us!), but if he has work up here, even though the government will put him up in a hotel, he stays with us so that he can hang with his godson = LOVE. Sure makes JD happy!

I see sib hate play out on reality TV and in real life, I’m like, did you just call your sister a %&$^@ Damn.

Even better: Bri got invited to a Hurricane Sandy party. (He would sleepover at this party.) His response?  “I can’t leave my sister and nephew. But thanks. <3” 

What’s your relationship like with your sisters and brothers? Are you a lucky one? 

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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