Do You Let Your Child Dress Themselves for the Day, Even If It's a Weird Choice?


Do You Let Your Child Dress Themselves for the DayMy kids all have this really fun and unique personality. I can even say many of their traits I could “see” from them even when they were not yet born.

Speed has always been uneasy around loud noises, has been interested (and very bothered) by certain textures and does his best when in a full routine.

Raru has what I like to call a true hipster personality. She loves to dance, loves art and to tell interesting and fun stories. She likes to wear her hair long and to have braids and has always picked the most interesting outfits.

Last year with her starting school, some of her interesting clothing choices have made their way into the classroom.

Rarur’s favorite shirt is a blue shirt with a cat who is wearing big hipster glasses and she would wear that shirt every day if she could. She also loves to wear jeans under dresses, a big grey sweater that is her favorite and has a big love for her black boots.

I love this part of her personality though — I think it is one of the most fun things about her, but I do worry about how that will play out for her at school. Do you think it’s okay for kids to dress themselves for school even if their choice is a little quirky?

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness


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