Do You Make Time for You Every Week?


Do You Make Time for You Every Week?I have found a good balance and routine around here. Speed and Raru are in school and I am enjoying the time with Bean. I have work and house chores down to a routine. I make time for cuddles and reading with each child. I make sure I put some time aside to spend with the husband every night and with larger chunks on the weekend. We are busy, but I believe that we have a good balance.

That was until I realized one big thing missing in that delicate balance — me.

I don’t make any time for myself and I think that is something a lot of us struggle with. I put everyone and everything ahead of myself an I know that one day — it may cause some big issues.

There is this saying that a happy mom means a happy house and that we have to take care of ourselves to take care of others. I am really starting to feel the toll of putting myself at the bottom and I am hoping to do better adding me into the priority list.

I struggle with the guilt I feel if I leave something for my husband to do or if I go do something for me I somehow feel the need to justify it beyond just wanting to be with me. My husband has been encouraging me for quite some time to make more time for me and I think that will be a goal of mine that I am going to work on. It may take a while to get it right, but I think it’s important, right?

Tell me in the comments, do you make time for you every week? What do you do and how do you carve out the time?

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