Do Your Kids Have Chores?

I grew up as an only girl, middle child, spoiled, ahem, brat. I did not do chores *cringe*. I think this was horrible. Yes, mother and father you should have made me do dishes and clean on the reg. I went from riches to rags, kinda. I’m not saying I didn’t help out—I did, but there wasn’t a chore list or a bunch of crap I was responsible for doing. I’m not raising JD like this—he is nearly five and already has chores. Sometimes he gets a buck or a shiny coin for his efforts and sometimes his chores are more game orientated: “Clean up all the red blocks first, then the yellow ones! Go, go, go!” This morning, his chores were more hefty and I found the entire ordeal to be nothing less than … awesome. My preschooler cleaned the bathroom floor and scrubbed the veranda (scrubbed). And he loved it! 

My kid is one of those kids that loves to help and be involved with everything. This is a blessing and a curse. One day he’ll load the wet clothes into the dryer and the next day, he’ll play body bowling against a giant mound of clean folded towels. I had the carpets professionally green-cleaned today and since JD gets up at 5 AM, I took it upon myself to clean the entire condo. JD kept, how do I say this nicely … getting in my way. So I gave him things to do. He picked up his toys. He took the magnets off the fridge and washed the doors with soapy water and dried them, then arranged the magnets all over again—this took like 45 minutes (winning). Then he saw me Swiftering the bathroom and grabbed the broom out of my hand and went to work—and I let him! I had some yogurt and coffee. When he was done, I bleached the bathroom while he washed his art table with a damp sponge soaked in only water. (I don’t allow JD to clean with products, FYI)

Everything was coming together. Then I looked out on our deck and it was … gross. Recent rain and wind brought leaves and there was chalk from Mr. JD scribbled everywhere. I filled a beach pail with water and dish soap. I handed JD a sponge and we scrubbed together to dance party music. JD got a huge kick out of this. Lastly, I let him scrub the kitchen counters with a half of lemon. It’s a great way to clean countertops without chemicals and everything ends up smelling fresh and crisp, or “like lemonade” as JD says. Try it!!











I rewarded his efforts with a buck and a hug. Then we had a pool pizza party with our friends. I love how clean and fluffy our carpets are now! I wonder how long JD will allow them to stay that way. HAHA!

Do your kiddos have chores? What kinds? Do you pay them? Share. 

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