Do Your Kids Yell "I Want That" to Every Commercial Too?


Do Your Kids Yell "I Want That" to Every Commercial Too?For the longest time, when my kids were still young, when we would watch tv it was always on the kids channel. It had all their favorite shows and was perfect for kids who were under 5. I would turn it on when I needed a few moments of quiet or to help calm down the dinner time crazy. It gave them something to focus on other than torturing me (or so it seemed).

They are growing now obviously and with that, their interests are changing. Speed is all into the new Ninja Turtles show and Raru can’t get enough Strawberry Shortcake and to see those we have to switch to the older kids channel.

Seems totally harmless and all that but there is one nagging thing about this small change that drives me crazy.

I am not strict when it comes to the kids being able to watch tv. I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world as long as that’s not all they are doing and they have interest in other things. There is something about this new channel that has me rethinking that stance on how much tv watching they have access to.

This channel — has commercials.

Thanks to the huge influx of the “I WANT THAT” every time they see a commercial on their new channel, I don’t allow them to watch it as often as they’d like.  It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of toy it is, if they really think it’s cool or not. Heck, if it’s something they won’t want because they think it’s too young, they will instead shout “[Bean] want’s that!”

I have explained to them that they can say it once about a toy that they really want, but to not yell it. I get the excitement over a new toy and the desire to make it known, but dudes really need to tone it down!

Please, tell me my kids aren’t the only ones who do this!

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