Does Eating Organic Food Make You More Judgmental?


I read an article at Today Health that explains how eating organic food could make you a jerk (their words).

This is so interesting — not just with regards to what we eat and how we behave but within the  context of the parenting issues we talk about all the time here at Babble.

Studies show that when you do something you think is virtuous (exercise, eat locally, avoid junk food, nurse your three-year-old on a footstool) you don’t feel generous. You are not likely to pay it forward. Instead, you are more likely to pat yourself on the back and feel self-righteous. You become more judgmental and less altruistic.

I knew science was good for something. I had no idea it could actually explain comment flame wars.

Why does eating better make us act worse? . . . It probably has to do with “moral licensing.”

People may feel like they’ve done their good deed, that they have permission, or license, to act unethically later on. It’s like when you go to the gym and run a few miles and you feel good about yourself, so you eat a candy bar.

From Does Eating Organic Food Turn People Into Jerks? at Today Health

Just a little food for thought.

Still. You may ask, Is it local?


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