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8 Great Reasons Why Dogs Are Good for Kids

By Katie Allison Granju |

Great Pyrenees

My 16 year old daughter J hanging out in her room with Leo, our Great Pyrenees dog

I am a dog person, no doubt about it. I was raised with dogs – we were never without at least one dog in the family throughout my growing up years – and I’ve always had at least one dog in our family since becoming an adult myself.

Dogs are good folks, and I think my kids are better off for having our canine family members in their lives.

And while I totally respect that dog ownership isn’t right for every family,  for those families who ARE able to take on the care of a canine, I can think of a great many reasons why having dogs around is good for growing kids.

Here are just a few of them….


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Eight Great Reasons Why Dogs Are Good for Kids

Dogs are good listeners

J is 16 now, and like all teenagers, she sometimes feels like her human family members don't really listen as well as we could. But Leo always listens, anytime one of the kids needs to talk.






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Katie Allison Granju

Katie Allison Granju is the married mother of five children, ranging in age from toddler to teenager. In addition to blogging for Babble Voices, she also publishes her own blog, Big Good Thing. Katie also enjoys working in her flower garden, riding her bike, and feeding the chickens she keeps in the backyard of her family's large Victorian house. Read bio and latest posts → Read Katie Allison's latest posts →

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12 thoughts on “8 Great Reasons Why Dogs Are Good for Kids

  1. AmyK says:

    I can’t imagine our lives without a dog (or two). We also have three cats. Did you hear/read the NPR segment yesterday about the benefits of animals?

  2. Eileen says:

    Your dog is drop dead georgeous and amazingly sweet. I am really a cat person, but your blog has given me a crush on this breed. If I had the space here in nyc, I would go for one of you dogs. I was in a store recently and someone pranced in with a Great Pyrenees. I was able to pet the dog and they are every bit as sweet in person.

  3. Clisby says:

    I grew up with dogs, and can’t imagine wanting one. I’d be happy if dogs just disappeared from the planet – now isn’t soon enough.

    If we lived way out in the country like I did as a girl, I might let my kids have a dog, because the dog could live outside and run around free. Since we live in downtown Charleston, SC, I wouldn’t even consider it.

    Cats, now – that’s something else. I love cats, and have always had them. They walk by themselves, and all places are alike to them.

  4. Chrissy says:

    This is so heartwarming, Katie!

    We adopted a 2 year old American Bulldog named Mifflin back in November. She has changed our little family for the better, and our son is a much more relaxed, grounded kid with her around. Same goes for me and my husband, too. Thank you for this sweet post!

  5. mccn says:

    These are all great reasons! I haven’t owned a dog in 13 years, and this made me remember how wonderful my canine buddy was!

  6. J says:

    I could NOT live without at least two dogs. I grew up with them as well, and it sure did teach me a lot about responsibility, death, patience, and love, love, love. Canines deserve a homage; they give so much more back (even when they’re spoiled.)

    “I aspire to be the person my dog thinks I am.”

  7. marisa says:

    i wanted to get a dog…I told my son–let’s go get a rescue dog…(there’s a kill shelter up the street)…he was ~ 7then…at first he was adamant NO! it is TOO much responsibility!!…in a role reversal, I was promising him that *I* would take care of it…then he almost wailed BUT YOU HAVE ME MOMMY!!!…so i never did get that dog…

  8. Moi says:

    A well-behaved, non-insane dog is a great thing. A dog whose behavior issues (or physical characteristics) are more than your family can handle, is not such a great thing. My dogs at present are *just* on the right side of the line … one is a little too aggressive (she’s a great guard dog but I have to be very careful about having company over) and the other is a little too destructive (but extremely friendly, kids love her, strangers want to pet her). Raising up a dog to be a good citizen is a pretty huge achievement.

    Leo is such a gem. :)

  9. L says:

    Dogs are much like children and look to the adults to be the leaders and set boundaries. We love our dog beyond all reason and he is a family member. He is also part Great Pyr and he loves everyone…all animals, all people. He is, however, about 1/3 of the size of Leo. We’ve had the very large breeds before but decided to downsize with this one because as my husband pointed out, “The dog will age, and so will we.” LOL They need to be liftable for me and at 60 pounds, he just makes it.

  10. TJ says:

    Back in my single days, I only would date men that either had a pet or love them but couldn’t have one due to their living situation. To me, if you don’t like animals, something is wrong with you. In today’s world of children that spend so much time inside only communicating with tv’s, computers and video games, they should definitely have a pet so they learn to nurture, to be responsible and respect other living things. Not to mention a dog is a reason to get their behinds off the couch and outside to walk or play. And as Katie mentioned, they are very comforting. They are always willing to listen to your woes and absorb your tears if necessary. Plus, nothing beats coming home to someone who is always thrilled to see you!

  11. Monika says:

    Oh Katie, not that I needed any more convincing, but you’ve convinced me anyway! I’m hopelessly besotted with Leo, and just adore the pictures of him with the kids… I’ve dreamt of having a dog my entire life. We’ve always had cats (some great characters among them!), whom we love dearly, but… but, I’ve always always wanted a dog. Back in Switzerland, we had friends with a Golden Retriever mix (mostly GR, but not quite purebred), and would dog-sit for weeks on end. How we love that dog! Even my husband, who is the reluctant party in our household to commit to a dog (who is going to clean the poop from the garden? Take him for walks in bad weather? Take care of him when we go on vacation?), succumbed to the golden hairy-one’s charms: I would catch him speaking doggy-talk and playing silly doggy games when he thought no one was listening. But here I am, still dog-less. Oh, how I want a nice, calm, well-behaved beginner-level pooch!! And of course, the kids cry for one all the time.

  12. Beth says:

    Our beagle is not always well-behaved but he gets a pass because he’s always in the upstairs window when I get home from work. He waits until the garage door goes up, throws the vertical blinds with his nose and then runs to meet me. Never fails to make me smile. PS….don’t know about E’s six year old buds but it’s possible that his lacrosse pals might give him some grief for those camo-footy-jammies.

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