13 Quick Energy Boosters (From A to M)

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Oh dear energy, where art thou? I miss you so much!

The other day I asked my son if he wanted to play Legos. He said, “Yes, but do you think you can stay awake, mom?”

Oh no, how sad. Unfortunately, I’ve been known to fall asleep playing Legos before, (but I’ve also been known to fall asleep at stoplights and other crazy places.) I’ll admit, my energy crashes right about the time I take my last bite of lunch these days and I find myself staring off at the couch longing to curl up for a few hours.

I’m not used to being so energy deficient. I’m typically a mover and a shaker, so I’m not a fan of being “sleepy mommy” and I gather my kids aren’t too keen on it either. It is possible to have children (be pregnant) and have energy, right? I believe! I believe! I know, because I used to have more energy. That’s it. I’m done! Adios sleepy mommy, I am on an energy quest!

Do you ever feel your energy crash throughout the day and long for a little extra pep in your step?

If so, feel free to join me in these QUICK, energy-boosting secrets that I’m adding to my day. I like the alphabet, so here are the first 13 from A to M…

  • A is for Air 1 of 13
    A is for Air
    Fresh air, it does the body good! If you find yourself in a stuffy office or you haven't left your house yet, stick your face outside and inhale some of Mother Nature's goodness for a quick energy boost.
  • B is for Breakfast 2 of 13
    B is for Breakfast
    It's pretty hard to expect your body to deliver power when there's no fuel. Breakfast is key and a healthy one will keep the body going strong.
  • C is for Cold Shower 3 of 13
    C is for Cold Shower
    If you can brave a cold shower, it will help boost your energy and leave you filling invigorated! This one isn't too hard for me since I feel like I'm a walking furnace now!
  • D is for Deep Breath 4 of 13
    D is for Deep Breath
    That's right, breathe baby breathe! Let those lungs feast on some much needed oxygen when you're feeling sluggish.
    Photo Credit: PhotoXpress & Adam Borkowski
  • E is for Exercise 5 of 13
    E is for Exercise
    When our bodies need a pick-me-up, lacing up some sneakers and taking a walk or doing jumping jacks can do the trick. When we don't have the energy to do it, that's when we need it the most.
  • F is for Fruit 6 of 13
    F is for Fruit
    For an energy quickie, take a whiff of citrus bliss and wake up your senses! Citrus fruits are proven to help boost energy and mood.
  • G is for Get Dressed 7 of 13
    G is for Get Dressed
    Even if it means doing a mid-day wardrobe change, ditch the drab and spice up your day with bright colors and hey, doing your hair and make-up can help too! Who goes back to bed with lip stick on?
  • H is for Healthy Snack 8 of 13
    H is for Healthy Snack
    A handful of nuts can turn a tired body into a ball of energy! Don't have nuts? Reach for any snack loaded with protein.
  • I is for Imitate 9 of 13
    I is for Imitate
    Kids have energy and know how to use it! We just need to follow their lead and do what they do. They can be our best energy guru's.
  • J is for Jump 10 of 13
    J is for Jump
    Get out of the house and do something spontaneous like jump on the tramp (without peeing your pants!) That will definitely wake up the senses!
  • K is for Kiss 11 of 13
    K is for Kiss
    Kiss your little ones over and over again and feel the surge of energy that comes with each one! They'll love it and you will too!
  • L is for Laugh 12 of 13
    L is for Laugh
    Laughter increases blood flow and releases endorphins, share a laugh with someone and you'll forget all about being tired!
  • M is for Music 13 of 13
    M is for Music
    Rock out to a new download and feel your body burst with energy! Music always has an amazing way to quickly alter my mood.
    Photo Credit: MorgueFile and missyredboots

What do you do to give yourself a quick energy boost in the day?

Stay tuned, energy boosters N-Z coming soon…


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