Children: The Solution to the World's Energy Crisis

My son is high energy and high imagination. Sometimes this makes taking him out into public a challenge. Wedding ceremonies, dinners in establishments you don’t leave with a balloon, visits to the home of childless friends–these are situations that bring me to the brink of myocardial infarction. If white furniture or low volume are involved, forget about it. The kid just can’t sit still.

In the beginning I thought this was a boy thing. Who hasn’t heard a rowdy tale or two of the raucous little boys make? Then my daughter (whom we lovingly refer to as “The Destroyer”) came along and I realized it’s in our blood or maybe just my blood. My husband is almost mime-like in his softspokeness.

If we could somehow harness the energy my children possess I’m convinced it would solve the world’s energy crisis, but until science identifies a way to siphon the force of children we instead must find opportunities that allow them to run off some of their energy (and dine only at Red Robin). This weekend’s energy drain came in the form of a fall festival at a local farm.

We had all the hay bale jumping, maze navigating, face painting, pumpkin picking, baby animal petting, pony, train, and tractor rides we could stand and after FIVE hours we packed it up and headed home.

My husband and I high fived, quietly of course, when we pulled into our driveway and spied both kids passed out in their car seats. We had high hopes of transferring them seamlessly from the car to their beds and cracking open a bottle of wine to celebrate a job well done.

Instead their eyes snapped open the moment they were unbuckled and they were totally rejuvenated  by the half hour nap. Next time I’m spending the entire car ride home tickling the both of them.

Now for a few photos of Anders’ adventures. The Spiderman face paint gave him a stoic expression in every photo which made me laugh when I looked through them later.

  • Scoping out the festival 1 of 6
    Scoping out the festival
    Anders' love for climbing things is rivaled only by his love for jumping dramatically off of things.
  • Face painting 2 of 6
    Face painting
    The face painter said she couldn't paint Batman faces. (Shock and outrage.) He opted instead for a Spiderman face.
  • Hay bale jumping 3 of 6
    Hay bale jumping
    Climbing and jumping opportunities were bountiful.
  • Pony riding 4 of 6
    Pony riding
    Spiderman wearing a Batman shirt riding a pony. Now you've seen everything.
  • Pumpkin picking 5 of 6
    Pumpkin picking
    I think he lifted and inspected every pumpkin in this field.
  • The day’s ending 6 of 6
    The day's ending
    We took home four pumpkins. Someone has a lot of carving to do.

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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