Feeling Blue? Cheer Up Mouse! (Video)


On Saturday morning, my four-year-old son Owen was in the worst mood. I forgot what got him started. I vaguely remember my husband telling him to stop pounding a broomstick on the window. Or to stop cutting up a blanket with scissors. Or to put some clothes on. The nerve!

We tried to get Owen out of his funk but nothing worked. I cuddled him. Oscar tried to make him laugh. Ella tried to make him some food. And then we gave up and let him be mad. After awhile, when he was sitting on top of the dining room table, and I was eating with my kids, he perked up. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I’m happy!” And he was. Just like that, Owen decided to get over whatever he was mulling over. I wish he could articulate better what transformed his attitude.

I forgot about this event until I watched a video for the upcoming book entitled Cheer Up Mouse by Jed Henry. The mouse in the story reminds me so much of Owen last Saturday.  We were all trying to cheer him up the ways we knew best. I don’t know how the book ends, but I hope it’s a happy ending! The book will not be published until Fall 2012, so this video will have to hold me over until then. So adorable! Thanks for the tip Becky!


P.S. I just tried throwing Owen into the air while saying, “Cheer up Mouse! Cheer up Mouse!”. It works! It’s been our catch phrase for the day. Try it :)





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