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When Being Bad is Funny: 13 Hilarious Detention Slips

By Devan McGuinness |

My kids are still too young to really get in ‘trouble’ at school. They are just in kindergarten right now, but I know my time will come when I get a phone call or detention slip sent home, even the best behaved kids act out sometimes. I never really got into too much trouble in school though so maybe my kids will be demerit-slip-free throughout their school years.

Some kids (and parents) are not so lucky though. Sometimes, kids will speak up, or speak out or do something totally off the wall that their teachers just don’t have the humor for. They will write up a detention slip, all detailed because that’s what they have to do. Well, we all get to benefit from that because snapshots of those slips become available for us to see and we all get a good laugh out of them… because it wasn’t our class that was being disrupted and it wasn’t our child who was being the pest. Some kids really have a strange sense of humor and some teachers really sound like they don’t put up with anything.

Click through to read 13 real & totally funny reason kids have been given detention:

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Funny Detention Slips


"Another student made the comment, 'you need to push it in further (innocent comment) and Dalton added 'that's what she said'"
Photo credit: Used with permission from Lay-Luh on Flickr

:: What has been the funniest reason you or your child has been given detention for? ::

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Photo credit: Devan McGuinness

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8 thoughts on “When Being Bad is Funny: 13 Hilarious Detention Slips

  1. casey says:

    The 2nd one would make me mad if I was parent. I’d let that teacher know that if they taught the right information then my kid wouldn’t have to correct her. They just need to get over the fact that they got corrected by a kid b/c I’m sure that was their problem to begin with. Moron teacher….

  2. Jasmine says:

    Loved the whore island one LOL and THAT IS MAHOGANY!

  3. Nicole Bowen says:

    My son had detention in 6th grade. His offense? “Garrett was eating his Pop Tart after snack when he came to class. I told him to dispose of it, and he took another bite before he threw it away” !!! My sons response? “You said there are starving people in this world, and that was just WASTEFUL!!!”

  4. Michelle says:

    Some of these are just down right hilarious! Some definitely deserved detention, but stuff like calling your teacher a muggle and correcting her when she was wrong are NOT reasons to have detention. I’m a teacher and I would simply tell these children that maybe the way they handled it was inappropriate (if they were being disrespectful at the time) but would not issue detention. I fully believe the 2nd one where the child was correct (and the teacher admitted it in the letter!) should be offered a formal apology and have any of this incident removed from his file. That is just plain ridiculous!

  5. Pauline says:

    Approx 2 months ago my son came home with a write up slip (as his school calls it) Reason for detention: Your son went to the washroom without permission well he was in there the other child in there dared him to throw him in the garbage can. My son who had been bullied in past by the child took the oppurtunity to get back he picked the boy up and put him head first in the garbage can then left the bathroom with child stuck in the can teachers heard child screaming for help and found child head first in the garbage can covered with garbage My son missed recess for whole week and has promised not to do again. That was one of the hardest times my husband and I had to discipline him with out laughing as we had just told him day before he needed to stand up to the bullies

  6. Janet says:

    I’d be on the phone to the school if my child came home with the second letter. That one is ridiculous. That teacher needs to learn some humility.

  7. Cori Schaeffer says:

    or this teacher can learn the correct answers…oh oh or maybe she could have said,” Oh Alex, you are correct but next time I am wrong please address it with me in private.” Teachers….So are under appreciated and some are just straight up idiots!

  8. Amy says:


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