Get to Know Bean: 7 Fun Facts About My Youngest Daughter


Get to Know Bean: 7 Fun Facts About My Youngest DaughterFor over a year now I have been writing the fun stories of my older kids — Speed and Raru. You’ve heard fun stories about the weird things they say, got to know their personalities and troubles, and see pictures of their cute faces.

Well, there is another little one I would like to formally introduce you to as well — my youngest child. She’s known online as Bean and is about to turn 4-years-old this week, which means she’s out of the toddler stage and officially a kid.

I am looking forward to sharing more of Bean’s adventures here in this space. Bean is the baby of the family and has such a different personality than the older two (who are very similar) and she creates such a fun dynamic in the house. She would spend all day in the water if I let her, she eats gluten-free as well, and she is not afraid to tell you what she is really thinking.

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  • She Love to Play Dress-up 1 of 7
    She Love to Play Dress-up
    Bean has a wonderful spirit and loves to play dress up. One day she'll be a cat, a princess the next and the day after she's running around in a Superman costume.
  • She is Very Independent 2 of 7
    She is Very Independent
    She is the youngest so she looks up to her siblings. She wants to do all things on her own and won't take no for an answer.
  • She Reminds Me of a Cat 3 of 7
    She Reminds Me of a Cat
    She cuddles when she wants to cuddle. She randomly sits in cardboard boxes and laundry baskets and it wouldn't be weird to hear her meow.
  • She’s Best Friends With Her Siblings 4 of 7
    She's Best Friends With Her Siblings
    Her and her sister and brother are really close. She loves to play with them and can't wait until she starts school this fall.
  • She is Strong-Willed 5 of 7
    She is Strong-Willed
    Not only is she amazingly independent, she knows what she wants and sticks to her guns. There are times that is challenging for me as a parent, but it will serve her well in life.
  • She’s So Ready for School 6 of 7
    She's So Ready for School
    She's not been in daycare or preschool like my older kids and spends her day reading and playing with me while her brother and sister are at school. She goes herself this fall and she is so ready -- I'm proud.
  • Her and I Are Very Similar 7 of 7
    Her and I Are Very Similar
    We look the same, act the same and my husband says we have the same facial expressions. She is my only blonde hair, blue eyed child and the only one who is a definite mini-me.

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