Goosing and Gandering


Cody wrote about taking Addie to a therapeutic horse stable where he serves on the board and had volunteered to help clean up one Saturday when I was out of town. By the retelling of his story I’m lucky to have a child without a hoof print in her face. I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember and while Addie is more of a werewolf and wolverine fan, she can appreciate a horse here and there.

It was when Addie was two or three that she first saw that boys were much different than girls. She squatted down to the side of her friend Ethan as he was getting his diaper changed and asked “Whaterdoin’ with a finger on your leg, Ethan?”

So the curiosity was born.

What Cody used an inordinate amount of words to describe, I will use exactly four.

Addie seeks out balls.


On the sculpted horses in Louisville, the pigs at the state fair, the dogs at the humane society and yes, the horses at the horse ranch. Look at that cheeky little grin.

Curiosity is alive and well in this little kid!

Thankfully the curiosity has tapered off a bit but she still has no problem loudly proclaiming the sex of any particular mammal she comes across, living or statue.

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