Hairy Lessons and a Trim


The day Addie’s hair feather fell out was the same day a hair feather Groupon was offered at a salon about 20 minutes away. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADDIE! We went together yesterday and had a new feather put in only she had the stylist try at least a half dozen feathers in her hair before finally deciding on a fluffy white one with a pink and blue accent feather. I still don’t understand them, but they look adorable in Addie’s hair and she had a lot of fun hanging out in the “fancy” salon.

Truth be told? Her latest white feather kind of looks like a spiderweb stuck to her head. *sigh*

What makes me most happy is when I gave her money to tip her stylist, she put it in an envelope, wrote “Thank you Katherine. I like my feather. Love, Addie.” and hand delivered it with a hug.

That kid, she’s a good kid.

Knowing she was going to be getting a new feather I took my own advice and took her to get her hair trimmed, she was looking a little scraggly.

It’s been five years since her first haircut and I’m still shocked how wonderful her curls come back with just the slightest trim.

Seriously, if you have a kid with curly hair that is misbehaving? Get it trimmed.

I waited three weeks too long this last time and had resigned myself to long, wavy, misbehaving hair until the humidity returned.


I had about half an inch to an inch trimmed off (basically the frizzy fuzzy ends) and her curls bounced right back.

  • Pre-Trim Hair 1 of 4
    Pre-Trim Hair
    Addie's hair before a trim, heavy and long.
  • Long, loose curls. 2 of 4
    Long, loose curls.
    Of course it's still adorable, but it's hard to manage and can get a little scraggly (and very hard to comb.)
  • Bouncy curls! 3 of 4
    Bouncy curls!
    One inch trim and they shrunk right back up to chubby ringlets.
  • Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. 4 of 4
    Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.
    I said something about bouncy curls and she actually made them bounce. Go get your curly headed littles a trim!


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