Have You Ever Disciplined Someone Else's Kiddo?

Over the weekend a child bullied JD and the person in charge of him (his grandpa), did nada. I told JD to ignore this boy several times. I told him to be brave and simply, say, “Please leave me alone.” The bullying did not stop. The grandpa did not intervene. We were at a joyous birthday party. There was a hayride, pumpkin picking, freakin’ pig cupcakes, and pizza—it was an oasis of FUN. Well, my child started to cry and wanted to leave. I stepped in. I mean, no one else was … 

In a very gentle tone I said, “Please stop hurting JD’s feelings, OK?” The little boy looked me dead in the eyes. “Let’s all be friends and gobble up these pig cupcakes, OK?” The little boy zipped it. Then the grandpa came over and asked the little boy if he was OK, but he didn’t say anything to me. I smiled at him and wanted to address it more, but he moved back away.

JD’s cheeks were stained in tears. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach. Just when I thought I went too far, another mom told me her son is constantly bullied by this little boy and she wants to pull him out of the classroom! This was very disheartening to hear — I’d like to think bullying at age 4 and 5 doesn’t exist — but it does. On the way home I asked JD about the little boy and how he treats his friends. JD didn’t completely sing like a canary, but he told me about some shoving and name-calling. Seems pretty normal for the age group I guess.

This was the second time I disciplined someone’s kid. The first, was when JD was 3. Some kid bit him. The mom did nada. The kid went to bite him again, I swiped JD up from the wood chips and said “NO!” The mom shot me a look, but still said nothing. Hum. We left the park and disinfected at home. Still, I wondered: Is it ever appropriate to discipline someone else’s kid? via babble,com’s Strollerderby. 

Here’s the thing about me: if JD acts mean or bratty (and hey, sometimes he isn’t the best sharer or kindest cat), I discipline him. If he made someone cry at a bday party, I would have made him apologize and possibly dragged him home after thanking the host. I want him to be kind and to treat people … how he wants to be treated. Like a cool dude nice ninja boy!

Have you ever disciplined someone’s kiddo? Explain. Le sigh.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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